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Bugs and Patches

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    Mr. Hankey Guest

    Bugs and Patches

    I have been hearing a lot about bugs and glitches in the full version of the game. I bought the game Wednesday, but have only had the time to install it, not actually play it. I have played the demo, and that works just fine on my PC (1.7 P4, 512 RAM, 128 MB Radeon 8500le, Windows XP).

    Can you guys who have the full game explain the bug issues? Are they major bugs, or just graphical issues and other minor things like that?

    And has anyone heard anything about patches?


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    Only problem i had last night playing the game for the first time were a few crashes to the desktop after playing for a few hours. Rebooting my machine fixed the problem until an hour later when the game crashed again. Other than that seems great.


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    Game crashes once and awhile.

    Also the performance should be much better since the areas are soooooo small.

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    Digital Ruin Guest
    I get horrible graphics corruption, the AA is borked and bad FPS with my 473/840 9800 Pro and 2.5ghz Athlon. With that I can run ANY other game at 6x16x and get over 60fps. This game is so horribly corrupted I'm not playing it until they get some patches out. I'm so ticked right now.