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Graphic prob

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    DivineRight Guest

    Graphic prob

    Anyone getting bad pixelation when using FSAA, AF or the ingame Multisampling?

    When I enable one or the other and both I get horrible pixel problems. Like missing pixels.

    Anyone else?

    AMD Athlon 2000+
    Radeon 9800 XT 256
    Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

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    Your not alone! I have the same problem (in fact I came here to see if anyone else had the prolem too). The game itself runs just fine all, graphical settings are maxed and I have a very high fps. Its just that the random pixels missing is very annoying. It doesn't happen all the time but enough that I'd like to get ride of it.

    We have the same video card and I think that the Radeon 9800 is the common link here. So far I've seen it with all of the Radeon 9800 chipsets, standard, pro, etc. The amount of video ram is not a factor.

    Try setting your anti-aliasing settings to application default under the 3D tab in your display settings for windows. Then go to video options in the game and use the sample rate setting to set the ant-aliasing level that you want. I haven't tried this yet but I will. The problem could also be with the pixel shaders. I am wondering if other Radeon chipsets suffer from this problem as well. Keep me posted if you find the solution.

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    RTF README (this was actually the first time I did it :-)

    RADEONS and AA don't work.
    Hopefully ATI's next driver release will fix it.


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    Ok, here's an update: While not the answer I want, it should help. Try turning the bloom effect off or reduce your AA to 1x. The problem is caused by the combination of anti-aliasing and bloom.

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    DivineRight Guest
    I can get rid of the bad pixelation by turning multisampling to 1x and having FSAA/AF set to application preference.

    While bloom is still ticked on.