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Thread: Commandos 3 Patch!!!!!

Commandos 3 Patch!!!!!

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    Originally posted by Thorup
    why haven't u played it ziili? why do you buy the game if you don't want to play it? just start to play it and u'll love it!
    trust me mate!
    Oh sure! :doh:

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    Still no meat I see... just a plate full of mashed potatoes

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    wow... slow boards today.

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    High testosteron levels here, it appears...

    Is there anything else to do on this forum than flex your muscles and brag about how long you've been playing this game and how stupid other peoples questions are?


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    lol ive been around Commandos since 2001 as well.. i remember going over to my local store to check out the game like a million times.. never bought it tho.... not at the time.. i got em all now! HAHAH!!!! lol.. sorry ;D

    anyhow a while ago in 02-03 i met david around.. hung around TAFN..

    also.. for all of you who actually think that 'mission 15' of Commandos 1 is really ALL THAT HARD and 'IMPOSSIBLE' .. its called End of the Butcher or whatever... i beat it in 3 tries.. piece of cake, easiest one ive come across since the first 3 missions actually.

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    Ok, so i Got C3

    As I said before that I wouldn't buy this game unless they fixed the major issues (mostly the gameplay and controls) that I would never buy this game.

    True to my word I haven't but I bought a new Graphics card and this game was bundled with all the software crap I Got as well.
    Boy ohh boy am I glad I didn't buy this crap, this tarnishes the series name. I'm astonished as to why they even botherd to release this p.o.s.

    They better release a REAL patch and not some table scraps if they want the Commandos series to be rememberd well.

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    [PAK]Krwawy Lew- Waahahahahah! I know what you mean! The patch addressed a few minor issues aimed at "see we made a patch and they still don't like C3" cover your ass stuff from the corporate world. If one has major install problems to start with how does a patch help if one can't install it? I took mine back to the store. Do yourself a favor though and get Commandos 2 if you do not have it. Hey Zoo Tycoon is better. You can clean zoo animal poop without cycling through one key a zillion times at least. Animal poop and C3?.......Hmm?

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    Lets hope pyro will deliver some very good work with that "tactical shooter." Commandos 3 proved that top developers make mistakes. Many ppl overexpected C3 and didnt liked the game after playing it.
    I think the game is good, but not great. But hey, making a game better then c:BEL or C2 is almost impossible!

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    Yes sick, I agree. If the next commandos-type title is released in the hazy future we'll see how it is. From my time in the gaming indusrty I know that developers have actually conversed with fans for desires, ideas and what they'd like to see. Sure, often some of them want impossible stuff. I never saw anyone on the forums in anticipation of C3 remarking that they'd like something that would have been too expensive or complex to do. It was just simple stuff mostly. New scenarios, long missions, some new equipment was about it. The fans buy the games and know what they'd like to see. Some companies have worked closely in pre-beta with some of them. Has anyone every heard from any gamer that actually did that concerning C3?

    We all wanted the touted "20 missions" right? Hey we would have settled for the number that were actually in the game if they'd been comprehensive on par with C2. Except for a couple most were C2 bonus mission length.

    Hey if almost all of us can think up storylines and mission scenarios that would be interesting what happened to the "pros"? It's just too bad.

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    sometimes i wish that commandos would have stopepd with c2.. you know the reasons why i think so

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    Long Term Fan

    I have all the previous Commandos games. I bought Commandos 1, 1½ and 2 when they all got released. C3 I got bundled with My FX card so I technically didn't buy it (Didn't even know it was in there until i Opend the box). It's pretty sad to see when developers kill their own creations by releaseing sequals of poo.

    And this tactiacal shooter thing?!? What the hell are they thinking........there are already like a dozen WW2 FPS's out there so I can't see how this will be any good (C&C:Renegade anyone?).

    All I can say is wow and good luck trying to sell Commandos as a tactical shooter.

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    hmm,i wouldnt call c'n'c renegade a tactical shooter....rather a regular fps
    i think it might lok something like hidden and dangerous, or one of those 3rd action games

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    Well, what i meant was that they turned C&C into a shooter and it flopped compleately. That was my point even though I didn't make it that clear.

    If they are going to make it like H&D then I hope they'll make it real good and customizeble. H&D2 was so buggy when it came out I almost got so mad and returned it.

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    These boards are dead.

    R.I.P Commandos.

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    it;s a rule with this game.....getting dead

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    Hi Guys

    I just downloaded the patch, but it won't install. He says that he found the game, but can't make up what language it is...

    How can I fix this?


    Never mind, I just saw my game was already 1.42... :P

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    Distract for Spy

    I have downloaded the 12/03/03 update but still the distract icon is not present for the spy during the tutorial. I had to just skip that portion and bring my thief in wearing a uniform and knock the guard out even though I had been shot about 6 times.

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    1.when i'm trying to install the patch for commandos 3, the following error pops up:

    The commandos 3 game was found, but it was impossible to find out which language is installed.

    2. when i play commandos 3, after a couple of minutes, the game freezes and the music (voices) loops. I'm sure i've the right configuration for playing the game....

    Can someone help me out?


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    hi thanks

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    The commandos 3 game was found, but it was impossible to find out which language is installed
    how to fix this?

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    Originally Posted by David
    The long awaited patch has been finalle released!!! here is a list of changes:

    Now get it at:
    I have a problem can`t install the game.

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    i the last stage black spots apear on the screen and u cant see what is going on there....... ...can some one tell me how to fix this problem

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    when i am trying to patch then this is showing
    "Commandos 3 game was not found.,but it was impossible to find out which language is installed"
    now wat should i do?????????????????

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    Originally Posted by sahib071
    when i am trying to patch then this is showing
    "Commandos 3 game was not found.,but it was impossible to find out which language is installed"
    now wat should i do?????????????????
    I too have just purchased a C3 edition which will not accept the 1.42 patch due to "language"
    conflicts.I cannot save games or profiles.....This has been going on since 2005 going on submissions to
    this and numerous other web sites...I have been to numerous sites and downloaded "the" patch trying
    every recommendation short of exorcism but still no fix...I would ask ...who is minding the shop???
    I was once a truly early supporter of Commando's "BOYS" but my tolerance is running thin...Does
    anyone know of a site which actually has a usable fix.

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