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Mouse Problems

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    Mouse Problems

    Anyone else have a jumpy mouse? Seems to accelerate way too much, at least much more than any other games.

    The mouse seems fine in the menus, but when it gets in the game i cant aim for crap.

    I have a logitech optical wheel mouse, and I had this same exact problem with the original Deus Ex, as I tried to play it last week to play it before the release, but i couldnt stand the mouse.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem

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    have you tried:

    -mouselag fix in default.ini

    -lowering mouse sensitivity in control menu

    -adjusting windows mouse acceleration threshold


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    I have an MX700 as well, and had no problems, except for the initial mouse lag problem that was easily fixed by tweaking the default.ini. No problems at all.

    Did you install the software that came with your mouse? I never have, and I've never had a problem with it in almost a year of using it.

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    I am having the exact same problem. The mouse lag is freakin horrible! Green Tea, could you tell me what settings to use for the fixes? The game is unplayable for me right now and I would really like to play. The demo was fine after the DX DI "tweaker". Thanks.

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    There's a thread with tweaks over at the Ion Storm Forums.