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Thread: Thief III Video 40mb in german

Thief III Video 40mb in german

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    Thief III Video 40mb in german

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    Fantastic video and what an improvements on lockpicking, climbing, torch/fight combination, light/shadow effects...

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    Looks great, and seems to indicate first quarter 2004!
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    Me L I K E! Sheesh, it looks better than the first two.

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    Well I'd hope it does. Downloading now!

    BTW, the Thief 3 promo that came out with the DE2 demo felt a lot like the Lookingglass(two gs?) ones.

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    Just watched it and it seems to have similar type selections for weapons as DEII and also for ammo counts??? Not individually shown as in the originals but more like the console type as they did in DEII I sure hope they change that to accomodate the PC and not cross combine the two platforms!!!!! They are different machines that use different interfaces, etc. and I don't want to play a console version on my PC!!!! Ta and Good Hunting!
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    Oooh man I just can't wait. Im like a kid in a candy store. I am so sick of playing mediocre games just to pass the time until a real game like Thief is out.

    I see in the Trailer that you can see Garretts hands and feet in the game. I love that realism. I also love that there still is Benny's Voice for guards, Classic!

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    the video isnt on there anymore

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    Does anybody know another place where one could see it? I would love to see some more Thief 3-videos than just the one on the official site. Thanks
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    Could those of you, who have seen this video, care to share it with the rest of us?

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    I would like to see it also...very much! If some1 can share it with the rest of us it would be the good deed of the day, thx

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    Why has no one come forward with a link yet?

    I was told that posting a request on the forums was the best way to see this video... What a joke!
    So far, there hasn't been a peep from any of the ppl who claim to have seen it.

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    Chill there, Are you new to forums, and how they operate? Your starting to flame, for not getting what you want, let's not accuse now, mmKay.. Have you stopped to think that no one may have the video? They don't know where the link is? Someone usually does respond on this forum, maybe not as fast as you would like them to.

    Sorry, don't know where the link is. Hopefully someone else will come along that DOES know.

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    Ive done some research,
    The 40 meg gamestar video's name is (was)

    and all the links (that I can find on Google)
    point to the original KOMAG link, where
    the file was removed.

    Perhaps p2p programs are the next real
    hope for seeing this video.

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    Doesn't anyone have it? Is seems as though some people do, if you just look at the top of the page.........

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    This Video? Is it ingame footage or is it the trailer where garrett steals the bag of gold?
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    It's a high quality ingame video which seems to have vanished from the web altogether. So far, not a peep from those who've seen it.

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    Well I still have it, but it was eating up too much bandwidth so I took it offline. It was indeed the best Thief 3 gameplay video of them all so far.

    It IS still available on FMDVD 2 if you want it. That's the only way I can make it available at this point, sorry

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    I'll tell you what Komag, send it to me privately and I'll upload it to three other people on this forum. I can even share it on winmx for a few days.

    OR, (AND)

    you can post it on USENET for us all !

    Please do, PLEASE

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    Okay, it's back up for maybe a week or so, get it while you can...

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    DUDE, where can I kiss ya?

    Seeing this video has reassured me somewhat about Thief 3.
    also available on alt.binaries.mpeg

    A huge thanks to Komag

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    This movie reassures me that Thief 3 will at least be as good as the other games, and maybe even better. The only thing that worries me is the AI.

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    Wow, as much as I am impressed with the video, I am equally appalled.

    The lock picking is fantastic. I have been a recreational lock pickers myself for sometime now, and while its not exactly right, (althought locks may have been different then!) its pretty neat to see them take the time to be original with it.

    The dynamic lighting and shadows are brilliant and will make the feel of the game incredible. Hopefully, it all the other things don't ruin it.

    But then there are moments where I see big huge failure written all over it.

    The HUD is horrendous. It totally feels like a console game and I pray to god they get rid of it for the pc version. I don't want those big distracting wheels flying past when I'm trying to equip myself.

    The ragdoll physics of characters are clearly not setup right. When the player kills the servant, did you see how he falls? How unnatural is that?! It looked flat out ridiculous.

    And the actual game physics. From what I've seen, it looks just like the silly, floaty physics from Max Payne 2. Did you see the loaf of bread bounce!? And those barrels reacted like a beach ball when he ran into them.

    Oh yeah, and last but not least when you collect the loot, don't tell me how much PERCENTAGE of total loot I've gotten thus far! Keep it how it was. I'm not a console monkey, I can think for myself!

    The good thing about the 3rd person mode is that it is optional! I will refuse to use it, its as simple as that. There is no need to go off on Ion Storm for that. There are more important things to focus your hate on.

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    One thing with that video clip, it was made last *June*
    You know how fast things change. I would like to hope they have gone past that, and improved it, made it better.

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