My specs: Dell 3.8 ghz, ATI Radeon 9800, 256 meg memory

Technical issues I ran into. The character models get speckly at times, as though the texture maps didn't knit properly. My game settings (mouse invert, resolution, key assignments) didn't stay set when I exited the game. Also, in one of the character dialogue sequences, one of the words was misspelled, and I _hate_ that. (It's spelled "reckoning," NOT "reconning.")

On the whole, the demo is kind of small: I would have preferred a self-contained segment in a large, complex area, like the Liberty Island sequence from the first game. I hope the final release has some maps with a larger scope, because the demo consists of two small, confined, twisty little maps that felt smaller than a _Quake 2_ engine's limits.

The new interface took some getting used to. I'll have to experiment with the color assignments, because it _was_ sort of distracting-- sort of like a cataract on one's lens. Personally, I loved the old interface, and if there was an option to use something similar in this game, it'd be great. (Seems to me that the areas like inventory, toolbelt, etc. could easily be placed at the screen's edges, perhaps with key-assignments nearby so we can remember them.)

I'm also disappointed that I didn't have as much control over key assignments as I'd wanted. I'd really like to be able to use my space bar as an all-purpose "Use" key, but the game kept forcing me to use my right-mouse button.

I'd also suggest allowing users to tweak things like the font size in conversations.

Liked the female Alex. The male models tended to be a bit broad in the shoulders. Combat was OK, but nothing special.