Thread: How to play the movies?

How to play the movies?

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    How to play the movies?

    Hello. I was going through my old collection of games, and decided to play this classic again. However, I recently upgraded to windows xp, and now the game is unplayable! When I start it up, it is just black, and then if I press enter than the "NEW GAME" and "CONTINUE" menu comes up...however, after that, everything is black and nothing comes up...I'm still able to quit out using ctrl-Q, however. When I tried to play the movies straight from the cd, I got an error saying unknown file type? I installed the windows xp patch, but to no avail. I have a GeForce FX 5200, WIN XP PRO service pack 1, AMD Athlon 800 mhz, 384 mb RAM...any and all help appreciated...oh yea, and I have updated all my drivers

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    Sounds like you don't have the movie codecs installed. The Codecs should be in the install menu of FF7, called movieplayer or something close to that.

    If that doesn't work, install the "upsidedown movie patch".

    Once it starts working in Software mode, you can start tweaking it, to run in hardware mode.

    You need the TNTpatch, just use the FF7config.exe from the patch, and configure it...and don't check any of the Riva options. Although I haven't tested it on the newer drivers....You may have to downgrade to another driver, if you notice problems in colors or lines, until you find one that works. I think the 41.09 work...but I really can't remember. I'm sure the 44.03 will be fine.

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    I'm assuming you mean the drivers for my GeForce? Anyways, thanks alot, the upside down movie patch did the trick...I was missing the Duck True Motion codec it works like a charm (just alot uglier than I remembered)

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    ...yeah....I think it would be better just getting a PS2, or PS1.

    Or....using "epsxe".

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    yea, but I'm in my dorm room, and my PS2 is at home with my sis...:-(

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    Look at all the hacking fun you'd miss if you used the PSX.

    everbody loves a good challenge...