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Thread: Final Fantasy X-2 one of the best

Final Fantasy X-2 one of the best

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    I love games that center around a unique and fun job system! FF1, 5, and 10-2 are just awesome!

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    Why the fan of Final Fantasy, always like FFX more than X-2?

    Ok, the story is more immersive, there are great summoning, but....i think that, with some corrections, the Final Fantasy X-2

    can pledge to a more interesting battle system (similiar to FFXIII saga).

    Square made an HD version for FFX, WHY NOT A MODERN VERSION FOR FFX-2???

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    Some people won't play an RPG if they don't like the story. I think that's the reason.

    In my opinion, the gameplay is far more important than anything else, and that's where FFX-2 shines.

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    This is yet another thank you to Square-Enix for making the best games I have ever played over and over.

    I have over 30 Final Fantasy titles in my collection, and I have been playing video games for over 20 years.

    I will break this down to into sections for clarity.

    **This will contain spoilers***WARNING*this will contain spoilers**

    *Battle System
    *Characters (Models/voices/acting)
    *NF (Aka Nostalgia Factor) (Please refer to "Final Fantasy In My Opinion" post for more depth on this subject, By yours truly Daniolaut)

    Final Fantasy X-2 has a very emotion gripping story. I enjoyed more than enjoyed the depth found in this game. It has so much freedom in regards to the main story, and the additional "side stories."
    Trying not to reveal too much and stick to the things I enjoyed most particular about this game I'll say with the ability to travel to each area from the beginning the game it allowed the player true freedom to move at their own pace, and gave a feeling of freedom. I also enjoyed how collecting items tied into revealing the more hidden parts. The character interactions felt personal and gave a feeling of realism.

    As this was a continuation from Final Fantasy X it could have easily felt like the story was pulled out of thin air, but it didnt feel that way at all. The story fell right into place with the world and made sense the entire plot through. It explained the parts not focused on in FFX and brought new light to areas and "ways of life" not known in FFX.

    The atmosphere really set the tone for the story as well, since the Calm was brought to Spira, yet another threat loomed, it felt exactly as it should. Some residents seemed thrilled and excited while others were bound in conflict. It was a fantastic touch.

    *Battle System

    Might I say the battle system was amazing, and truly screamed Final Fantasy.

    With the "job" system seeing a come back it was certainly welcomed. Not only did they bring back a Final Fantasy staple but improved on it. The three girls werent just limited to the FF trademark jobs, but also had access to an additional "power" sphere. floral fallal for Yuna, Machina Maw for Rikku, and Full Throttle for Pain. These gave an added feature on top of the garmet grid which gave battle bonuses (per battle.)

    This feature (both the garmet grid and the special Dress spheres) were phenominal. When a player is given that kind of customization it is extremely fun. A system that allows for too much customization can be a bit overboard, I felt this system was perfect. The girls leveled up normally through normal combat but with the jobs/grids you could gain your own battle strategy.

    The battles were also quick and seemed very active since after a very short time the girls would seem to attack at different times. The feel of the 3D type environment also was great. Just amazing all accross the board. If this was given a limit break system with action button features it would be flawless.

    I cannot say enough about the three main characters in FFX-2

    Yuna: Yuna is a strong yet gentle character. She has a very solid determination that influences the player, but with her gentleness she appears realistic and feminine. Her voice actor very effectively brought Yuna to life and gave her the perfect voice to portray each and every emotion in FFX-2. I really felt closer to Yuna in X-2 because she seemed to have more emotion and allowed herself to be happy. There is a reason she might not have in the original game and I wont touch on that subject for reasons of spoilers.

    Rikku: I can never get enough of the loveable Rikku. I absolutely adored Rikku in X-2. She is the perfect best friend for Yuna. She is very helpful in every situation, and brings a very welcomed appeal that only a girl of her features can bring to the series. She appears as a very "clean" "attractive" girl. Her interactions with other characters were certainly humorus, speaking of Gippal of course. Tara Strong was the absolute perfect person to voice Rikku. I am very glad they chose her. Her default job also complimented her attitude since thiefs in FF always seem to give off that aura as cheerful and focused. (Vaan and Zidane to name a few.)

    Paine: Paine is another great character in the trio that is the Gullwings. Paine is very personal and realistic. Many people who share traits "visually" seen in Paine also share her personality. This was a great character design. She isnt "shy" as much as she is someone who enjoy's their solitude. She isnt "boring" either. She has real life in her, as all people do. On the surface she is cold and distanced, but once you get to know her (especially via the Crimson sphere/squad story lines.) A great character that certainly helped with the side story content.

    After touching on the battle system the mechanics in this game have been touched on a bit.
    Everything about FFX-2 was so much fun. I enjoyed the sphere break game was a great touch. The new blitzball game was also enjoyable. Although we lost control of the players, the gain of the quick matches was welcomed. I would like to see a bit of a median between X-2 and X to reach what I would consider ideal. Regardless both X and X-2 saw plenty of blitzball action from my standpoint. You can never go wrong with adding mini games and side features. I enjoyed the treasure hunting/mission mini game also. I spent many hours trying to best the gunners gautlet.

    One last and most important piece of information relating to mechanics is the absolutely loved perfect amazing "New game plus!" Man did i love this feature. It was exactly what it says. Its a new game, start at level 1, yet you keep all your items. You dont have to worry about the full grind up to the top again with the Lady Luck sphere since the double exp feature. You keep every dress sphere and all the notiable items. It is literally a new game, relating to story, but all the goodies are kept. You possibly cannot make a better feature for a video game, with the one found in FFX-2

    I already touched on this topic pretty well, but to just touch on it again I'll go into it a little more specifically.
    Being able to travel to any location from the start of the game was very fun. It was a thrill to see the entire list, and have access to the airship from after the first few story points. I was able to go straight to the story content with the "hot spot" feature, or I could go to a place not listed just to explore, farm items or just have fun doing whatever i wanted.

    At first the music doesnt feel very "Final Fantasy" related (minus the main theme, that song was exactly what FF would feel like) but after a time the songs grew on you. I very much enjoyed the battle theme and certainly could listen to it over and over. The fact they added additional themes only made it that much more enjoyable.

    The songs gave the game a lighter feel, which also was welcomed. Other songs gave an impacting feel that no other FF song has so far. Certain songs worth mentioning are definitely "1000 words" and "Real Emotion"
    "Y R P in position, its showtime girls!!" (ok must do something manly after typing that LOL.)

    The menus were very well put together. With the Garmet Grids, and dressspheres which could easily become confusing and difficult to manage they menus were put together in a way where you could find each grid and sphere very quickely and put together your strategy very quickely.

    The item menu was also quick and easy. An absolutely fantastic job.

    I loved the difficulty of this game. I know of plenty of people who never could beat Trema. I struggled with Paragon over and over, and finally reached Trema and was blown away by the strategy needed for both enemies. Again, Final Fantasy providing a fun game, and if given time certainly a challange. One of the reasons I love Final Fantasy so much is that the more time you put into the game the more difficult it can become, and the more story you can reveal, and the option after even more time than that the game can be mastered. I love Final Fantasy for these very reasons.

    There was not much NF to be found in FFX-2. As it being the first real sequel to a numbered title I dont blame SE for this.
    The simple act of bringing the job system back in Final Fantasy was enough NF I could ever ask for.

    Thank you again Square-Enix for providing me for such wonderful games to play.

    I hope to see more games like Final Fantasy X-2 in the future. I have well over hundreds of hours of gameplay for Final Fantasy X-2 and it is because of New Game Plus and its wonderful story and items worth collecting. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope other players try FFX-2 if they never have after reading this.

    TLDR: (there is no TLDR, read the next line as to what I want you to see.)

    *(This thread is not up for debate. This is my opinion and my thank you to Square-Enix for this game if you have nasty things to say take it elsewhere. Make your own thread talk your crap there, do not burden me or SE with your complaints on this thread. I thank you in advance.)***

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    I think it has the most fun battle system in the series.

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    I too loved this game, i may have put more hours into X-2 than I did X. I just had to get that 100 percent.

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