Whiplash has shipped today and should be in most stores tomorrow 11/19. Here is the press release for the game.

San Francisco, CA (November 18, 2003) – Eidos plc (NASDAQ: EIDSY), one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced that it has shipped Whiplash for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Xbox® video game system to retailers in North America.

Developed by Crystal Dynamics, Whiplash delivers an innovative approach to the character-based action genre by combining a unique “chain” gameplay mechanic with in-depth enemy and environment interaction, rich combat and slapstick humor. The result is an action-packed game where player choice triggers an unscripted chain of chaotic, humorous events.

Whiplash is set in a high-tech product testing facility where questionable experiments are conducted on animals. This madcap adventure stars two animal fugitives, Spanx and Redmond, with two very different personalities. As a result of extensive electric-shock testing, Spanx is a loose cannon with a crazy streak. Redmond is a smart-alecky rabbit who has been the subject of some embarrassing cosmetics testing. Both characters are trying to escape the lab. There's one problem however – they're chained together.

As Spanx, you will use Redmond (much to his dismay), as your tool and weapon to not only escape, but also to free other enslaved animals and bankrupt the corporation by destroying their property. For example, dip Redmond in toxic waste to poison enemies (Radioactive Rabbit), shock him to zap attackers (Electro-Static Rabbit), or stuff him in a toilet creating a foul flood to ward off foes (Hare Clog).

“Whiplash’s comically mismatched heroes, side-splitting humor, clever game mechanics and non-stop frenetic action provides a completely fresh and insanely fun experience for gamers of all ages,” says Renee Pletka, Product Manager, Eidos.

For additional information, access the game’s web site at www.WhiplashGame.com.