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Thread: Official Defiance Reviews Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Big Grin

    Wow. I finished tonight after an 8 hour block following last night's 5 hour mini-marathon and I have to go do it all again! This game ownes!!!

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    What is this code and what in blazes does Vae Victus mean? Please forgive my ignorance but I'd like to know - I feel so out of the loop.


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    I am at the last battle and.....

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    Lightbulb Re: Questions

    Originally posted by Soulfire
    What is this code and what in blazes does Vae Victus mean? Please forgive my ignorance but I'd like to know - I feel so out of the loop.

    In BO1, Kain defines it as: "Suffering to the Conquered". However some individuals who are fluent in Latin have suggested it actually means something else. Hopefully some of those individuals will be able to shed some more light on the subject for you.

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    My Latin dictionary gives: 'fine provisions'
    e.g 'good food'
    But yeah, Umah's right, in the game it's meant as (I think, you might never know what CD actually means ): 'woe to the conquered'

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    my review

    this is a great game! the graphics are gorgous (sp), they create mood and felling for the gothic style gameplay. the combat system is good too. obviously, the story is mint, as always in a LOK game. character shifting doesnt hinder gameplay, as i thought it may as the controls are similar.
    best of all is the reaver enhancements

    static cameras mean trouble! cd/eidos has done pretty good with them but i would still've liked a 3rd person, free roaming camera.

    my only other complaints about this game is that there are kind-of invisible walls. you can see areas and can't reach them because of invisisble walls.
    also, all the character upgrades(especially kain's combos) are gathered too easily and too quickly for my liking.

    this is still my top xbox game for the moment, and its great to play as the new form of kain. i just thought i'd say what i felt.
    ...the last gift Raziel had given me... the first bitter taste of that... illusion-

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    Smile holy crap

    i beat it this morning (after playing 10 hrs straight last night) and all I have to say is...

    CrystalD did a hell of a bang up job on this one.

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    well, I've gotten this from the best Latin-English dictonary online that I've found:

    vae : (interj.), woe, alas, woe to.

    invictus : unconquer, unconquerable, undefeated.
    victus : living, manner of life / nourishment, food.
    victus : victuals, sustenance.

    So, it would best be translated to:

    Woe to the conquered

    but who knows, Kain COULD be saying "alas! Food!" I mean, he IS a vampire!

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    Now that I've gotten through the game I have to say that the camera didn't end up being such a big deal as I thought it would be at the beginning.
    The entire game rocked and I can't wait for the next one.

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    I remember one of the suggestions someone made I really thought sounded neat was the idea of Raziel's eyes leaving glow trails in Spectral like the sluuagh in SR2. So cool that you guys put that in! I also saw the credits entry for Willow and Umah and all. Again, so cool. ^_^ I'm alternating chapters with my sister so I haven't got to play too awful far yet, so I'll hold off on further comment for now. Excfept for, YAY! this game is so fun!!!

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    I just beat it last night, all I have to say is great game! The only complaint from me is the camera, it got stuck plenty of times, most of which cost me a life or a great deal of time fixing it. I also encountered a few glitches, but those are fun to run into so I dont complain about those, but great game, loved the combat and story. *hopes no one flames me*
    What if the one person who could save you, was the only one who could distroy you? Divided by common enemies, two legendary heroes, must reclaim their destiny. From the wreckage of history, redeemer, destroyer...only one may survive.

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    This is an amazing game, I loved the story the series just becomes more and more intriguing with each installment. I really liked the end sequence, quite cool. As I already mentioned the 2 things I disliked in an earlier post, other than the jumpy camera, I'm not going to get back into that.

    On the whole Vae Victus discussion:

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    I did take two years of latin in high school.
    I am in no way fluent in the language (after all my teacher was crazy and walked out with an A for doing practically nothing), but I did learn something. If you look at a latin word you can ussually find an english word that sounds similar. You then take that word and put in a diffrent synonym.

    ie.. Victus=Victim=Conquered

    I dont know about Vae but yeah.

    The phrase Vae Victus was used by a gual general when the romans accused them of using false weights to measure gold which they owed in defeat. In response to the complaint the general took his sword and added it to the scale then used the specific phrase we are talking about meaning. we kicked your (explicitive deleted) and now we make the rules now.

    Anyway I beat the game a couple of days ago and I must say. I am impressed. The combat is addictive, I love nightmare hammer. and The story is addicting as ever. I got used to the camera angles and what not. I love the new corpse shift.

    I thought it was funny when I shifted one time at a marker mind you in to material realm, but raziel did not posses a corpse for some reason. What I saw was a stick figure Raziel come out of the ground and his limbs then blew up like a ballon into their normal shape.
    needless to say I could not stop laughing.

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    Re: I am at the last battle and.....

    Originally posted by Lady_D

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    My thoughts on LoK: Defiance

    I am sad to say I've only enjoyed one game in this whole series, that being Blood Omen 1. I really liked Defiance until I started playing Raziel's chapters. The puzzles in this game aren't bad, it's how many times you have to do the same thing over and over. Fighting those statues is horribly boring and having to switch to the spectral realm to get through a gate becomes annoying. I don't even need to say how bad the camera work is in the game.

    What hit me the hardest in this game is the collision detection. Normally I could care less if an enemy's body falls halfway into a wall or through stairs. But when they fall through the wall still alive, they would disappear and the game would not register them as being dead so barriers would not open.

    Crystal Dynamics, please get it together or let someone with more ideas develop the series. Repetition is not bad, the level of repitition you put into Defiance is. Please don't take this as a flame against the game, just put a level of gameplay into the game that is up to par with the awesome story line...

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    I absolutely adore the entire game......except the part that takes place in the pit. Come on.........CD, I know we have been hollering about
    for some time now, but was this the best way to incorporate that bit of story into the grand scheme? I mean,

    Other than that, I was soundly impressed, what with the lack of of all of BO2's ............oversights, the playable Dark Chronicle, everything was better......oh...great job on closing up the
    plot hole in BO2, but what about
    ? Still working on that one? Good to hear.
    All in all, great work. Only minor qualms from me, and I'm sure that most of those willbe addressed in the next installment, as most of them are story elements/flaws/holes.

    I appreciate everyone's hard work, throughout the series. Keep up the good work!

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    i agree with you santana that the repitition on raziels levels was pretty ridiculous, i mean doin the practically same exact level 4 or 5 times in a row is just boring... doing raziels levels is when i had to put the controller down to take a break just so i dont go insane from being sent from one place to another place that looked exactly the same just a different color... sheesh

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    Big Grin

    I have to break this up into a whopping three posts so forgive me.

    Once again, I reaffirm my adoration for the entire Crystal Dynamics team. Defiance was just about everything I prayed it would be. The ending didn't go at all as I expected but I am still immensely thankful, satisfied and very eager for the next game.


    Characters: Initially, I was disappointed when I heard there would be no FMV sequences but after watching trailer five and playing for less than a minute, it was easy to concede and agree that FMVs would be almost redundant. I have never seen such fabulous in-game graphics, particularly in regards to the realism in fabric, hair, and body movements. I gave myself the giggles just making Kain dash around and watching his hair flop from one shoulder to the other and

    Settings: I thought the land-scape was breath-taking in Soul Reaver 2 but Defiance is even more amazing. Whether in a snowy winter in a stark fortress or on an autumn romp in a cemetary, all of the settings are realistic and delicious. In particular my husband enjoyed running Raziel through leaf piles by the Pillars and seeing how many he could disrupt at once. I believe he was inspired by my making Raziel hide in snow drifts in Soul Reaver 2, though.


    Voice Acting: The LoK games have always had some of the greatest audio elements. Anyone that knows me from the NR boards knows how enamored I am with Simon Templeman so at this point I am probably somewhat biased. Nonetheless, LoK continues to have THE BEST voice acting, hands down, no questions asked, and not just because I could listen to Simon Templeman read the dictionary and still be entertained. *laughs* The entire cast brings all of the characters to life, from the protagonists to the ever-embittered Vorador, melencholy Janos, devious Moebius, even the vampire hunters and undead.

    Effects: Once again, great. There were some minor things that I missed from Soul Reaver 2, though, such as the delightfully realistic crunch of snow underfoot or echoes of footsteps in areas where an echo might be present (I heard this in a number of areas in SR2, which is why I'm being nitpicky and pointing it out =P ). For some reason, I was really glad to hear the same water sound effects from SR2. Something about the sploosh sounds Raziel makes in water in SR2 and Defiance just kinda makes me giggle. ^_^

    I love the new and old (particularly Air and Fire) Reaver sound effects, although I miss the tormented scream/roar heard in Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 1 when the non-elemental Soul Reaver is fully charged.

    The new atmosphere of the spectral realm is intriguing and fitting but was a bit too obtrusive, almost over-done. I liked the previous background sound of the spectral plane just fine, with the music the same as in the material realm but distorted and eerie. The moaning and crying and whatnot make it much more hellish however and less like limbo or the shadow plane than in SR1 and SR2.


    Plot: I love it. THIS is where the heart of all the Legacy of Kain games lie and like the previous games (not counting Blood Omen 2 o_o ), Defiance is hard to tear yourself away from. It is thought-provoking, mature without being dry or boring, witty, and just damn entertaining.

    Dialogue/Monologue: The writing was excellent but seemed a bit short on Kain monologues. I'm not sure if I say that because Kain really did have less narration than Raziel or because I am pathetically obsessed with Kain and Simon Templeman so I'll leave that up to interpretation.

    I really liked having an inventory for the first time since Blood Omen 1 but I wish the items had had little explanations in the same way instead of just the names. I asked for a LOT of stuff to happen in Defiance and I got almost everything I wanted plus more so I shouldn't be this picky. =P


    The best fanservice in the history of fandom:

    Fraternal love at its best:

    Everyone's favorite time-streaming old git:

    Not only not gone, but not forgotten either:

    A new theory on his identity every week:

    Everyone's favorite "sadohedonist:"

    The only altruistic character ever to exist in Nosgoth?

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    Thumbs Up

    I picked up my copy of Defiance on the day it came out, and I finished it today. I just have to say, my God, I love this series!

    As far as my comments on this game specifically, I have some glowing praise and one complaint. So here goes:

    I adore the combat system--it's perfect! So utterly intuitive; all the moves are not only simple to perform, they all look really cool as well. And the freedom to improvise is great, I mean:

    The scenery and settings are gorgeous, too. I kind of want to live in Vorador's mansion, personally(!) Only, must hire exterminators first to get rid of all the pesky critters... I also got a real kick out of the interactive environments, not just the combat-related stuff mentioned above (in that blue box there) but the rest as well--as much as I like Vorador's mansion, I rather gleefully trashed a fair amount of his posh furniture. *sheepish grin*

    The camera in Defiance was my only real bane--there were times when I found myself in a fight with some nasty thing(s) and unable to see either the thing(s) or myself--just an extreme close-up of a tree or pillar or what have you. Annoying. It also made the jumps difficult, bad angles made depth and angle hard to judge.

    Also, the direction swap-around every time you enter a new area...same problem with Devil May Cry run into a room only to find yourself running right back out again, because foward is now backward and vice versa. Finally, there were times when I would have liked to zoom out to get a better view of things when trying to work out what to do next or where to go, the look-around mode in SR2 was something I used a lot and while it was present here, it was a lot more limited, especially when you wanted to look upward. Harder to orient yourself. Still, I got used to it, and managed pretty well, obviously.

    Finally, the story: Phemonenal. Great cutscenes, awesome ending. The writers did a spectacular job, and the voice actors were amazing as always. This it why I bought the game the day it came out, why I love the series, why I'll probably buy anything even remotely LoK-related for the rest of my life. It's not often you see character development in a video game, and if you do it's never of this scope. It has a level of subtlety in the writing unlike anything I've ever seen in a (non-LoK) game, for example:

    Somewhat related, I also was delighted by the change in the Dark Chronicle--the written summaries were nice, but now I can rewatch a favorite scene anytime I like, without having to keep a save file just prior to it. Good thing, too, because out of habit I made a new file anytime I saw a scene I thought I might like to view again, and ended up with seven--vs. 3 each for BO2 and SR2. Defiance is that good.

    I honestly hope there's a movie (or two) made of this series, provided they remain faithful to the story and characters and don't Hollywood the heck out of it. Maybe unlikely, but then, they've made movies of games with far less depth and, frankly, merit. *cough*Mario Brothers*cough cough*
    (apologies to anyone who actually liked that movie, btw.)

    Oh, I also tripped a glitch just inside the front door of Vorador's mansion, very odd, I made the jump off the wall but got caught on the chandelier, then fell through the wall and couldn't get back inside or see myself; I ran forward (and the footstep sound changed at one point, like I walked from indoors to out) and Raz reappeared, but in this blue field half in, half out of the floor. Kind of under it. Very odd. I had to quit and restart. But I'm not sure I could do that again if I tried--so, less annoying than the Reaver door in the Dark Forge in SR2 that half the time won't open and then disappears entirely, trapping me there...
    I've had to redo the Dark Forge so many times due to that bug that I can solve it in my sleep!

    Another thing I really liked was the attention to detail. From the way the game referred back to all the others, with settings and characters from BO and SR as well as SR2... (not too many references to BO2, at least not that I noticed. I'm actually not certain chronologically where that one fits in with the rest.) Still--NEAT. Ditto the visual details, a favorite one for me being:

    Okay, I've now written more than anyone else in the thread. Good lord, it's an essay! I hope no one hates me for it; actually I hope everyone enjoys reading it. I could say a lot more, gush really, about the game in general and the story in particular, but instead I'll wrap up by saying, Defiance is easily the best game I've played, since...hrm...Soul Reaver 2?
    Go get it, guys. I can't imagine anyone being sorry they did...

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    Big Grin

    I don't even need to say how bad the camera work is in the game.
    Wow. Compared to what, exactly? Sure, there is the potential for problems with scenery hiding the combat, but that only happened to me a couple of times. Defiance's camera is like sleeping on a featherbed after ten years of sleeping on nails compared to the camera angles of ANY action game made by Capcom (Resident Evil, Onimusha, Devil May Cry Over a Total Lack of Plot, etc.) or any game similar to that horrific static camera in an action game.

    Overall, I found the camera work to be a pretty big improvment over all of the other games in the series. I particularly enjoy the freedom of being able to go first person and stufy various background tidbits as much as I like.

    What hit me the hardest in this game is the collision detection. Normally I could care less if an enemy's body falls halfway into a wall or through stairs. But when they fall through the wall still alive, they would disappear and the game would not register them as being dead so barriers would not open.
    Wow, that kinda sucks. I had only one instance of collision detection acting up, though.

    Random note: I always end up sounding like some kind of overenthusiastic fruitcake when it comes to LoK because I never seem to experience any bugs or gameplay issues (except in BO2). I wrote this ludicrously ecstatic review for SR2 for some newsletter or something two years ago and almost got mobbed by angry people ranting about how bugged it was for them. Two years and I still have had no issues with SR2.

    Eidos, please get it together or let someone with more ideas develop the series.
    I'm pretty sure Eidos is merely the publisher. Anyway, I wouldn't want anyone but Crystal Dynamics -- specifically Amy Hennig's team -- to do the Legacy of Kain games at this point. And FYI, the first game of the series I played was Blood Omen 1 so don't bother chocking it up to my being new to the series.

    This it why I bought the game the day it came out, why I love the series, why I'll probably buy anything even remotely LoK-related for the rest of my life. It's not often you see character development in a video game, and if you do it's never of this scope.
    Well put. I wish I could have said something as meaningful (and brief, heh) as that, because it certainly sums up my feelings on the series.

    Okay, I've now written more than anyone else in the thread. Good lord, it's an essay! I hope no one hates me for it; actually I hope everyone enjoys reading it.
    I am easily THE most long-winded dork of the LoK fandom, so I certainly don't hate you. *laughs* And I did enjoy reading it. ^_^

    Did you not eat or are you all jobless/out of school?
    Just obsessed, in my case. XD We got our copy at about 6pm Wednesday and stayed up till 12am that night, then played from like 9pm to 1am Thur, and 8pm to 4am Friday. We both slept in REALLY late this morning.

    Blood Omen was my favorite of all the games. I have to say of all the Legacy of Kain games Blood Omen 2 was by far the worst.
    I have to agree. I just try to pretend BO2 is some kind of alternate universe game or something. Besides the technical issues, Blood Omen 2 wasn't really a BAD game -- unless you compared it to the rest of the series. That's because the other LoK games have been so outstanding.

    I would be less disgruntled and irate about BO2 if it hadn't

    * A. Hadn't had such a moronic marketing scheme. Sorry but Defiance is just more proof that Kain is not evil and never HAS been evil. The whole point of Blood Omen 1 was that good and evil are all relative terms and that there is really only darker and lighter shades of grey. Crap like, "Take on the role of the most EVIL video game villain in history" was downright offensive to me as an LoK fan.

    * B. Didn't seem chock full of plot holes, like Kain's missing scar for a majority of the promo images and the game itself and Vorador still being alive. It's been a year and a half and I still don't understand how Vorador was alive.

    * C. Wasn't so shamefully buggy.

    Other than that, I was soundly impressed, what with... the playable Dark Chronicle...
    The playable Dark Chronicle makes me SO HAPPY. That has got to be the only thing missing from SR2.

    Okay, that's enough out of me for now, I'm sure.

    Lastly: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Crystal Dynamics for all your time and effort at bringing us this absolutely wonderful game. It's stuff like Defiance that make me thank God for for the ability to enjoy and comprehend and see and hear.

    Go cheese.

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    Big Grin

    I forgot to mention the extras in my actual review post and I think if I make it any longer, no one is going to read it so here goes.

    As those familiar with me know, I have an almost unhealthy adoration for Simon Templeman. I'm not sure when or how I moved from the "Wow, this guy has great voice," stage to the "Wow, this is the most mellifulous voice I've ever heard," stage to "I NEED TO SEE MORE SIMON O_O What is he REALLY like?" stage but I do know that I am irrevocably infatuated. I actually feel the need to apologize, although I don't know why.

    I've tracked down a number of his stage performances on audio and managed to catch a couple of his guest appearences on TV shows (that's normal, right? People go to see movies that their favorite actor is in, right? ) but nothing beats getting to see him as a normal guy instead of another character. For this, I extend my heartiest thanks.

    Simon Templeman obsession aside, I can't be the only person that has always wondered how actors feel about their roles and LoK is no different. I LOVE to see Michael Bell, Renè Auberjonois, Richard Doyle, and Tony Jay goof off and do their stuff. Amy Hennig and whomever else came up with the idea to give the fans a chance at seeing the voice actors we love, you have my undying gratitude.

    Defiance has made me one hell of a happy camper.

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    Originally posted by LauraOrganaSolo
    I've tracked down a number of his stage performances on audio and managed to catch a couple of his guest appearences on TV shows (that's normal, right? People go to see movies that their favorite actor is in, right? ) but nothing beats getting to see him as a normal guy instead of another character. For this, I extend my heartiest thanks.
    I remeber overhearing an episode of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" that had Simon Templeman in it that my parents were watching. I ran into room and was like "Holy , that's Kain!" I agree, it's cool to see the actors goofing off and messing up lines.

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    Thumbs Up Divinely Inspired

    Without a doubt, experiencing LOK: Defiance was among the best 14 hours of my life. Beyond the breathtaking aesthetics of the game, LOK: Defiance is story telling at its absolute finest. In a day and age when intelligent, substantive stories are rarely found, scarcely appreciated, and so desperately needed, The Legacy of Kain is a shinning example of what contemporary myth making can be. As a graduate student of theology at Yale I am convinced that the Legacy of Kain series is Divinely Inspired. I have recently exposed a colleague to the series starting with the first Blood Omen and he is on his way to making the same conclusion. Revelation is within my friends.

    As I understand that criticism does get passed along for future use, I will make two minor murmurings:

    The first concerns the new camera. I quite disliked it. There were times when it made timed puzzles in the game take an hour longer than they should have because the camera would take an awkward view that did not show the place where Raziel needed to jump. Other times the camera would get stuck in a wall and you could not see Kain in the middle of combat. Needless to say this was a distracting element in the game.

    Second, what happened to Moebius’ trademark voice? It wasn’t nearly as “whiny” this time around. Although he slowly got it back as the game progressed, at first I was not sure if the character was supposed to be an imposter. I also found this distracting.

    Beyond these two critiques, LOK: Defiance was, for me, a welcomed and exhilarating break from what had once been a promising graduate study carrier Just kidding, I think I can make up the time I am looking forward to the next chapter in this extraordinary epic.

    P.S. The worship ceremony of Hash’Ak’Gik at Avernus Cathedral; what more could the High Priest of Avernus ask for?
    And Hash'ak'gik spoke unto the world and all who heard trembled- Book of the Unspoken 1:1

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    I, in no way have such an education as yours, nor am I in your feild. But I must say that I do agree with your point, High preist, about the lack of intelligent stories now a day. I have played a number of games, and seen a number of films, all with the same used up plot (kill the bad guys and save the day, or something to that extent), and rarely is there character development. But this series does break that barrier, and I wish to see more from the series as well as more stories of this type. I do hope not to see an end some time soon, as for I would not be able to feed my want for such a type of story for a decent time.

    I have told friends who don't agree with my obsession that this series is my equivalent of their Star Wars.
    Hi I'm Ralph
    This is my personality
    Since my personality is a figment of my imagination
    Then I am a figment of my imagination
    Seeing as I am only a thought of my own mind
    Which makes me little more than an Idea
    I can only exist by projecting my existance into your mind
    Therefore I control your mind
    And I control you

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    And I thought they couldn't beat the end of SR2

    Hello Everyone

    I have finished. What a wonderfully bittersweet feeling.

    I already knew after the ending of SR2 that the Legacy of Kain series was of an Epic status. My friends and I agreed (we're all huge game, comic, and sci-fi buffs) that the Kain series is easily in the top five game storylines of all time (I put it in number 1 for me, but I'm slightly biased. I also extend that distinction to the top five stories PERIOD. Even in books and movies).

    My official opinion? Loved it. All of it. I do want to clairify ahead of time that I have the utmost respect for Kain and he is one of my favorite charecters out there. How can he not be? But I like Raziel just a *bit* more.

    That being said, here we go. (Spoilers blotted out where appropriate)

    The story was amazing. I didn't think they could top the twist at the end of SR2, the way they placed Mobieus and Malek at the end, the way Raziel ended his own life and started himself on this path, the way everything unfolded, even Kain's miscalculation when pulling the reaver from Raziel.

    I was wrong. These twists blew the last games away IMO.

    I do have two story-related questions:

    From story to graphics and gameplay. What a beautiful game. I have a personal dislike for the X-box system (more moral than anything), but when faced with a choice between my favorite Epic story and my own petty dislike for a system, LoK won out. I needed the system that would do this story justice. The fighting system was so improved over every othe LoK game, it brought a tear to my eye. It's not perfect, but just about.

    I have one gripe. And it's imporant for people who've played the previous games to know if they're going to play this game, so no spoiler. In previous instalments of the Soul Reaver series - they made the issue that Raziel cannot affect anything in the spectral realm. He can walk, jump, and that's it. No moving, swimming, or CLIMBING! Really, it was a thing. It was used in puzzles previously forcing you to find other ways around. I've played these games several times over, knowing that Raziel cannot climb in spectral. So I was more that a bit peeved when I was running around for 30 minutes trying to find out where I needed to go next, when I just happened to jump up, and land on a climbable wall I had passed up a dozen times before in spectral (one that could not be reached in material). It must not have bothered many other people, but I figure when you're messing with traditional controls established in TWO previous installments, you might mention the change somewhere. Maybe they did, but I surely missed it.

    And the camera was a nice addition. I was through several hours of the game before my friend figured out you could pushed the right stick and get a free-view (something I had complained about all night when playing). It made life a LOT easier after that. It was hard to control at times too, such as the running throught doors/switching camera angles issue that caused you to run in and out of the same door a few times. My friends who watched me play said the cinematic effect made it more enjoyable to watch.
    Slightly annoying, but the cinematic effect the camera had really added to the wonderful story and graphics of the LoK series.

    I'm sure some of you out there are in a similar position that I am in this respect. I love the games and have played them many times over. The puzzles can sometimes be obtuse and leave you running around a while (not so much this time, but definately in previous installments). And until Defiance, the combat system hadn't been the selling point of any of the games. But being such a huge fan of the story and as much as I loved the characters, I could do nothing but forge ahead and work my way to the next beloved jewel in the story. I have (now after Defiance) 4 other friends who live the Legacy of Kain series vicariously through me. The second largest Kain fan I know hasn't even played more than a few hours of the first two games - yet he speaks of the Kain Epic with such admiration and respect. The other 3 have never even played the game, but love or respect the game for what it is. Because of the difficult puzzles and frustrating fighting mechanics, they themselves would never delve into a LoK game, but they want to watch the story unfold and will sit and watch me play for hours (which is no small feat when many of those hours are running around figuring out where to go next) just so they can enjoy the enriching storyline. I think it says a lot for a series when you can play this one player game in the company of friends. Not since Final Fantasy have you been able to entertain a group of people with a game's story like this.

    And that's why we love the new change to the Dark Chronicles so much. If they had to leave, or if they missed any moment in the story, they could now view it at their leisure, and not have to worry about missing out on it. How wonderful is this? I wish all the games had this feature.

    I didn't enjoy the invisible wall issue that was there, and there was a glitch I ran into where I had been traversing the lower level of a forge while in spectral and ran right through a huge bolder blocking a door I needed. Granted, I hoped it was a plan and that I was supposed to have done that, but needless to say I could not make my way back out and had to restart when there was no other exit. Minor issues really. Not enough to detract from the game.

    My own thoughts on the story (review, not prediction):

    As I stated in the beginning, I am definately a huge fan of Raziel (I got the Razielium clan tatoo on my left wrist just a few months ago....not obsessed, I just have huge respect for such a great story). So I loved the evolution of the story.

    Did I mention how much I loved the story yet? God, how am I going to make it to the next game?

    Anyways, to wrap up (Kudos if you've made it through my drival this long. One of the longest threads I have ever written, but what can I say - it is a passion of mine) I could not have been more pleased with the game. It was vastly improved upon from the previous installment in every way except story. But really, how can you improve upon something that has already reached perfection?

    I cannot wait for the next installment.

    A shout out to all the LoK fans out there, Double to the Raziel fans,


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