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    hi this goes out to those who played the demo. (or haven't) what is the power of flowmotion? can it be handled? i would like some opinions.

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    Flowmotion is using magic/Matrix schiz to pull off crazy stunts. You can use it for insane mobility and do pretty much whatever you want with it. You activate it by holding Y while moving toward something that you can use flowmotion on (walls, rails, poles, large enemies, pretty much anything solid). In flowmotion mode (while you are glowing pink) you can press Y for a burst of speed and go flying forward, B to do an insane jump, or A to do a variety of attacks depending on what you are doing at the time. The attacks are extremely powerful at first, though I've heard they are nearly useless by the end of the game in comparison to the powerful commands you get. From my practice in the demo it is difficult to do at first, but as of my ninth demo play I have wall-to-wall jumping and wall scaling mastered. Flinging around on poles is still tricky for me to handle, though. That answer your questions? lol

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    most of them. how does wall-scaling work exactly?

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    Flomo into a wall. Instead of pressing Y to launch off, press B to jump up. Then after you reach the top of your jump press Y to launch back towards the wall you just kicked off of and repeat, you can climb pretty much any wall using this. Note that this is hampered by anything that sticks out of the wall. It's great for exploring just how high they put the ceilings , also I would expect that you will need to use it to find a chest or two in the game.

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    hmmm... nice!^^ thanks. now that answers my questions.

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    Personally, I hate Flowmotion. It's just a random element that was added to a KH game that I feel is unnecessary.
    Moreover, it did screw over me on quite a few (like every) boss fight because I would accidentally dodge roll into a wall and yup.

    What are all your thoughts on Flowmotion?

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    I actually liked it, although there were a few glitches that needed to be ironed out, like not being able to quickly switch between flowmotion and commands, and the fact that the flowmotion was a bit too touchy (dodge rolling into a wall is only one example), and there's also the fact that it made areas seem way too small compared to the speed that we could travel via flowmotion, so it was a bit too overpowering mobility-wise.