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Thread: Blood Omen 1 Remake Discussion

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    Originally for Chris@Crystal, but everyone else can read, too:

    Thanks for your time, offering advice with my Movement dilemma; I guess, however, I'm still stuck, just tap-tap-tapping the forward button -- and try to be careful not to fall into the drink when setting up a leap.

    But that's not what on my mind right now -- and forgive the PM, but I want to make sure you see this:

    To keep things simple, you guys should do a remake of BO1.

    Why? Two reasons:

    1) The original does not look, visually, like a part of the who rest of the BO/SR series. It looks like some crummy, little DOS program that's trying to be something it's not (this is all aesthetically speaking; I'm not attacking the storyline, just the way it's visually presented). Anyway, it just doesn't look like it fits in with the great presentation of the rest of the joint series. And I've heard a lot of other people complain about how bad it looks and wish that it could be remade to look as good as the resend BO2 (which, along with SR2) is, presentation-wise, the best.

    2) It is darned well near impossible to find BO1 anyway. I know, I've looked. Nothing. The original seems to have become an extinct rare item.

    So, please, for all us paying fans of the LoK series out there, get your people to remake BO1 so that it looks like it fits and so that we fans can actually find it.


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    well i second that i too would love a remake for BO1 it deserves it.
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    bad news then.

    the BO1 remake a team including myself were doing has recently died due to the tools we were using (the Aurora editor delivered with the game Neverwinter Nights). these tools allow no custom models, sounds, movies, or tilesets, which makes it impossible to do.


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    Question Huh?

    That doesn't make any particular sense. What's so hard about making a new BO game, using today's technology, but following the the orignal's script? Just do what you've done with BO2, only use BO1's script? Is this such a problem ... ?

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    Lady Minerva, I think you're addressing two seperate people here.
    Azuriel is a fellow fan of the series, and he and some other people were going to remake the game using the tools that come with NWN. I would personally recommend something that has a more versatile editor, like Baldur's Gate or whatever.
    OTOH, your original post was directed to Crystal Dynamics. They get asked this question a lot, and their answer has always been that they'd rather move forward with new games in the series rather than remake old ones. People who ask about a "special edition" of Soul Reaver with the original ending get the same answer =).
    Another part of the issue here is the sheer size of BO1. IMO it would take on the order of 4-6 years to remake in 3D. That would cost a *ton* of money, more than would be justified for a remake (at least at this time).
    Personally, I love the original game. The graphics are a bit dated, but it's still a lot of fun to play.
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    Man, if I hear one more complaint about BO1, I'll explode.

    The game was made in freaking 1996!!!

    And, whenever I go to a game store, I always see it for sale. Of course, it's used.
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    which game stores are these???
    i want it, but i cant find it here in this crummy country!!!!!!

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    Hell, I'm in the US, and I can't find it anywhere, either. And believe me, I've looked...

    I'd just be content with a second publishing run. Sure, it would be great to see it in 3D (that's what the defunct project was for ) but it would make my day just to be able to buy it. I can't understand why games go out of print so fast, anyway... Plenty of books published in 1996 are still printed, and givent he popularity of the new games, it really surprises me that no one has figured they could make a few bucks selling BO again at 20 bucks a pop or something... Eidos needs to get it's head out of... the sand and realize some marketing potentials here...
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    Well, there are a couple of problems with a reissue too:

    - The game *does* look very dated. Most people who see it on the shelf are not going to buy it.

    - The original Blood Omen wasn't published by Eidos, but by Activision. It's possible that they still own the distribution rights, and they don't have any reason to reissue it since they'd just be helping one of their competitors make money from the newer games.
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    Hmmm... good point about the licensing thing. As for shelf life, they could at least make it available for ordering... for instance, you can't even order the original Thief from Eidos anymore...
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    Well, I live in North Carolina.

    Perhaps in NC we get more copies?

    Whenever I go to Babbages, Funcoland or Electronics Boutique, there's always at least one used copy in stock.

    What's strange though, is that they really started to pop up just after the release of Soul Reaver 2. After that I could always find one. Of course, I've bought a copy myself(duh).
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    It would be easy for me to get a copy, if I didn't already have two =). Ebay is good, so is gamestop, and I see the PC version used at EBX every so often.

    darien_specter: I'm sure if they had any copies left they'd probably do direct orders. The problem is almost certainly that it's just not profitable to reprint in order to do so. Most people don't buy games that are more than a few years old (unlike books) - that's why you can get stuff from a year or two ago for super cheap at most stores. Lady Minerva's original post in this thread is a good illustration of why: generally, consumers are not interested in buying something that looks dated. Thief, the original Blood Omen, etc., all show their age, even if they're great games.
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    I think that remaking BO1 would be a bad idea for a number of reasons.

    1. We already know how the storyline goes, so plotwise, there would be very few spurpises.

    2. Because of this, the amount of time that goes into this remake would be better spend by making a whole new game in the LoK series.

    3. What's wrong with the original anyway ? So what if it looks dated. Let's not forget, it was the technology these days, and 3D gaming was still gaining momentum.
    Fact of the matter is, BO1 is a fantastic game as it is right now, so why remake it ?

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    Ill have something

    Using the Aurora I will, make something of a remake, in time. It cant be done at them moment but Im certain in time Aurora will become more flexible.

    Blinc mentioned Baldurs Gates Infinity engine, which is very powerful but clearly it took campaign makers quite some time to build some of the more original creations made with that toolset, NWN will be the same.

    I will have something rest assured of that, just dont expect by the end of the week.

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    Well, I have a reason - and only one reason - why the original should be remade (I like it the way it is). That is: I found it quite hard to actually make the game to run! I had a bit of problems making it run on my usual computer and eventually I actually dug out an older, slower one from my basement and played the game on it.

    I don't care if a game looks dated, but not being able to play it is a difficult thing to bear...

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    That's why I recommend people with 2k/XP just pick up the Playstation version and run it under ePSXe or another emulator.
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    Darien Spec, if you are ever in St. Louis (where I live) then I can give you a copy, I also have 2 copies of BO1 and Babbages and Funcoland seem to always have them but just email me if you ever go to St. Louis.
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    Need A Copy:

    Originally posted by keepittrue
    Darien Spec, if you are ever in St. Louis (where I live) then I can give you a copy, I also have 2 copies of BO1 and Babbages and Funcoland seem to always have them but just email me if you ever go to St. Louis.
    Could you mail me one ... ?

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    keepittrue, that is fantastic! I will indeed be in St. Louis in the near future; I'm coming up to see Camelot at the Muny, if nothing else. I will certainly be in touch...
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    Remaking Blood Omen 1

    It's so ironic that blood omen 1 is taking me longer to finish than the other three legacy of kain games combined. I finally found the blood fountain that enhances kain's strength and allowed me to move the gray boulders. I was on my way to vorodor's mansion but I took a detour. Using mist I crossed a wide stream and discovered an area where I found the fire sword and other goodies. I too wish they would remake the game but you have to remember that blood omen 1 is much more elaborate geographically than sr1, sr2 or bo2, as a result, this project would take a lot of time. When Capcom remade Resident Evil for Nintendo's Gamecube they didn't just enhance the graphics, they changed about 70% of the puzzles. What's to be expected if blood omen 1 developers were asked to remake their game? What would be changed besides 2D settings, slow loading times and graphics?

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    Cool, just give me a shout when you get here.

    Lady M I may be able to but I prefer giving it.
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    I hope they never remake the game, I want to play new games not remade old ones. Not even remade with different puzzles. it you change the puzzles and make it 3-d it wouldnt even be a remake IMO, it'd be a completely differet game.

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    I hear that, ... but I am sort of out of options.

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    Why not? They should do it for the story alone, then, even if they have to alter the puzzles. Especially when you consider how hard the original is to find ...

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    The original is easy to find =). Look on eBay, it shows up all of the time.
    When the entire story is told, then it might be cool if a few remakes were done, but that is very far in the future anyway.
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