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  • More Islands

    1 50.00%
  • More Attractions/vending stalls

    1 50.00%
  • Less deterioration in buildings

    1 50.00%
  • More scenarios

    2 100.00%
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    Question Updates

    Okay so i really really really love this game! I've conquered all levels (with help from the forum here). And I've played through all the sandbox levels several times. It's been a year now and this forum seems to be dying out. Originally there was a lot of talk about add-ons or new versions. So whats up? Is Eidos gonna do anything more with this game? I'd love an expansion pack so I could continue playing in sandbox mode without all the deterioration of the buildings and the guests complaining about the prices. Hey Bahama Mama are ya out there. I wanna know if i should throw it out or if there will be anything for it. Is anybody else interested in being able to play this game without restrictions? What does anybody want? i would like more islands and the ability to construct my own islands.

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    wow nice post: i just got this game 2 weeks ago i won it on ebay new in i am already up to island 7 but was wondering all of the samre things u expressed,,,its a shame that a game like this which has a nice arrangement of entertainment for guests doesnt have more to it so when im done with it does it become a coaster??? they also needed to add a way to be able to turn the island around for different views like in rollercoaster suprised no one has written more senerios an booths like they do in tycoon.thats whats missing..

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    i to am in to all those kinds of games i have all the roolercoaster tycoon games i have railroad tycoon 1,2, an conquer 3 continents version, i have mall tycoon, i have tropico i have big bussiness tycoon, monopoly tycoon,, car tycoon,,,, hotel giant,, demo of hollywood moguel,,,sims origanial, hot date, vacation,,,zoo tycoon,an now spring break love them all need more.