Thread: problem on level 4- train station

problem on level 4- train station

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    problem on level 4- train station

    i worked hard for about an hour to get the theif up to the house in front of the station on the right hand side.

    but now i have found a bug in the game. as you know trucks come in and out of the station perodically. well i have saved my game at a point where a soldier is standing in the path of the truck, and gets run over!!!!!! when the other soldiers see that he is dead they go nuts and sound the alarm....that means mission over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is the soldier on the right hand side of the train station. it happens when the truck stops and goes into reverse to park.

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    what can i do??

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    That sucks. I would just restart the mission. It's doesn't take very long to get up to the house.

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    well i got past it by throwing a cigarette near the guard before he could get run over. still a pain in the neck though.

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    I used to love to see the AI run over goons by accident in C2. It often did it when the Japs were alerted in Haiphong and the tank squished them. LOL!!