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What the ****

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    Rolleyes What the ****

    It seems the easiest game in C.-series!
    I've finished it in a day so,i think,as many other commandos players!!!!

    So boring,a lot of bugs with A.I.!

    What for ,in the last mission in normandy ,i need a squad of soldiers, if i masacred all nazis by one crazy "Tiny" with knife and rifle?????????????????

    The first mission in stalingrad can be finished in 1 min and five sniper rifle bullets! How?
    JUst run bihind burned house,kill 2 nazis near the box then kill 2 nazis near the house with a tower on it (!At that time enemy sniper will be on the other side of that house!)then sit near it and wait till en.sniper will run towards the fountain,you just have to kill him!!!! During my run nobody even saw me!!!!


    Also such things happen in al missions!I wrote about 2 most awfull i've found during playing this game!!!!


    I'm big commandos fan,but such things as in C3 make me sad!!!!!

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    If somebody got problems with missions I CAN HELP to finish it in the fatiest way!!!

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    need some help on the traitor level

    its pretty difficult not being seen when most of the guards can detect the spy even when hes in an officers uniform. i have no clue as to where the traitor is or how to kill him...any tips?
    much appreciated.

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    The easiest way to complete this task is bomb !!!!

    As i did it

    1-You should get out of sewers where are just 3 nazis neare this plase is exactly near the "building place" where are boxes with the bombs .To find this place,just make one of your commandos look out of the sewers in order to see the map of Birlin.
    So when you've found the place corectly take soldiers uniform on the spy and you can freely leave sewers with him!then there will be 3 nazis at first:first is staying at the end of the road/map ,second is patrolling along this street and the third is wathing the second patrolling!
    Firstly,distract nazi at the end of the road,and with beret use knife to kill nazi!nobody will see it!!!then distract patrolling soldier so that green beret could get into the house and there at first kill simple soldier,then soldier with m.g. and then officer!WItH KNIFE!!
    SO ,all commandos can get in the house!then spy could obtain officers uniform ,wich is completely unusefull!then clean out all first flour of the house in order to get outside at the main entrence!there will be two gestapo soldiers.eliminate themwith beret and his knife!also nobody will see it....

    I know that it seems to be awfull when you see the map ,so thought i at first,but mission is really easy!

    .....this house is exect place where "comander" will arrive!

    Now you can freely kill 2 nazis i have said abou before ,1 is patrolling ,other is wathing!Distract the patrolling one and kill the wathing one ,then kill the second,WITH KNIFE! and also nobody will see it!


    now part 2

    2-with the spy try two get to the "building place" where are boxes with the bombs.There will be leutennant,hi will not be pleased to you.There will be post wich eill hide you from him !use poison to kill him and then 2 soldiers willsee his dead body inject them 2 times each and tie them!Then there will be two more soldiers one should be hited by knife ,othe ,near the box,distracted ,and then hited by knife!



    3-when you obtain 2 bombs you will have time in the corner of the screen!plenty of it!!!Near the house there marching soldiers with the comander,soldier and officer ,which is staing on the corner of the street and is looking at the truck!use spby to distract soldier ,avoid officer.and when marchig soldiers will go in the way you need just put 2 bombs on the road near the gates!Easy!


    part 4 ending.

    Now you should get to the kubelwagen-a small car in the other corner of the map!it is easy to!just by distracting and killing with knife ,move there through the back side of BRANDNBOURGER GATES!Tank is in front of them!lastly kill nazi on the roof near the kubelwagen!

    Save,(save every time on different saves)!!!

    Yo can stop time and watch how car with "comander" will slowly move to the house ,when comander will get out of the car DETONATE!!!!!

    GET in the car and .......

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    or you can, place the bombs outside the door where the traitor comes out of and when hes between the door and the car, blow him up instead of waiting for him to get into the car then driving to the commander. Much faster and easier and closer to the wagon.

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    it worked...thanks...
    though i still didnt figure out where to get the sniper rifle and all the other stuff...i want to play that mission again with the sniper.
    right now im in the train mission...trying to infiltrate...and its a bummer...
    other than that...been reading a lotta negative comments about the game...sure i guess the resolution sucks but enjoying it. its a bit sad that theres no ending movie or something.

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    Simply throw a grenade onto the car from the balcony of the central hall when the car arrives.
    Nothing else is needed.

    But yeah, this game is too easy compares to C2
    and it's next to impossible, if not impossible (with current control interface), if you try to play it without killing.

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    im in the level where i gotta clear this truck from the railtrack in order for the train to pass...ive got a few minutes left and i move the truck...destroy the other 2 trucks before time runs up...but it still says mission failed...what gives?

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    A short explanation from my other post - the solution is simple. Kill everybody and move the truck on the rails - that is all.

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    true true

    yeh you were right..finished that. it took a while though.
    anyway, i managed to finish the train level and now im in a level where i have to clear a village...its tough...any hints?