oddly enough i discovered this cheat about 10 minutes after i unlocked the last of the characters and only had one video left

but yes .... it is time for the atom bomb of all news a working Backyard Wresting cheat for the ps2

*edit -about an hour after posting*
so since i discovered a ps2 cheat a couple of friends with an xbox were little sad that they still had to unlock everything the hard way.... after a couple minutes i told em to just try the same thing cept with the xbox controls IT WORKED!!!!

so now here's a working Backyard Wrestling cheat for the XBOX!!

**end edit**

yep.... that's all you have to do to unlock every character and every movie....

pretty simple

well as always hope my post helps and ROCK ON fellow gamers..juggalo's... and juggalo gamers

Dingo the HatchetDawg

**second edit- lets see... about 12+ hours after posting**
aparently someone else found tha cheat too and mailed it into realjuggalos.com wuzn't me and i didn't rip him off and he didn't rip me of.....i might have been 2 days later than him but i have a good excuse...... i don't own a ps2 or and XBOX i just play the game at a friends house after we go out drinkin... so i only play it once a week....the joys of being broke
**end edit numbuh 2**