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Commandos 3 FAQ

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    Commandos 3 FAQ

    For all the questions concerning Commandos 3 I've put up a faq in the TAFN forums. This faq is now also to be found right here.

    (This file was last updated January 5 2005.)

    Installation and Application

    Q: The game doesnt work!

    A: Check so you have directx9 installed and that your computer meets the system requirements (from readme):

    The Minimum system requirements are as follows:

    Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP (Admin rights required)
    Pentium® III 700 Mhz (or Athlon(tm) equivalent)
    128 MB on Windows 98SE, 256 on Windows 2000/XP
    32 MB DirectX 9 compatible 3D Graphics card (nVidia GeForce or Ati Radeon Chipset)
    Windows 98SE/2000/XP-compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9-compatible)
    Quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
    2 GB free disk space
    100% Windows 98SE/2000/XP -compatible mouse and keyboard

    The Minimum Network play requirements are:

    Pentium® III 1.0 GHz (or Athlon(tm) equivalent)
    256 MB
    64 MB GeForce or ATI Radeon equivalent
    LAN, ADSL or Cable Modem

    The Recommended system requirements are as follows:

    Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz (or Athlon(tm) XP equivalent)
    512 MB
    128 MB GeForce 4ti or ATI Radeon 9xxx equivalent
    Q: How do I make the game run in a higher resolution (instead of 800x600)?

    A: This change is not possible, the game can only be run in 800x600.

    Q: How do I run the game in a window?

    A: solution unknown

    Q: How do I change the hotkeys?

    A: Changing the hotkeys is not possible.

    Q: My savegames disappear, what do I do?

    A: Download the patch.

    Q: Will there be a patch for the game?

    A: Yes, get it at TAFN's download center:

    The patch updates the game to version 1.42

    Q: What does the patch change?

    A: From the patch readme:

    Commandos 3 Patch. V1.42: List of fixes (2003-11-20)

    General fixes.

    · The game would sometimes crash when either a Commando or Allied Soldier tried to enter a vehicle when seen by a guard dog.

    · In the load/save menus some key sequences were causing the game to freeze and the music to loop.

    · Some tool tips of 1 character length were not being drawn. It was most noticeable in the Asian (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) versions.

    · Players were able to call themselves 'EMPTY', making it difficult for other players to know who's who both in character selection and in the game.

    · In the Central Europe Mission "Ambush Convoy", the armoured vehicles were stopping when they detected a Commando or Allied Soldier; this prevented the art trucks from entering the map when it happened near the western border. Now they will remember their true objective, and will try to escape even if they see an allied unit.

    · The timer in some missions was over-running the objectives window, making it difficult to read the objectives.

    · In missions such as "Stalingrad: Berlin", the tool tips for some Gestapo soldiers were not showing as "GESTAPO" but "SOLDIER", which would be confusing because it appeared that soldiers of lesser ranks could see through a higher ranking officers uniform when worn by the spy.

    · Now every "Gestapo" soldier tool tip will be displayed correctly.

    · When a crash occurs the profiles would frequently be wiped out and the saved games could not be read.

    · The F6 key inconsistency has been addressed. During the "Normandy: Omaha Beach" mission, the F6 key (when pressed), wouldn't highlight any of the Allied Soldiers.

    · When using a submachine gun, the bullets were sometimes hitting enemies in a different room, and were not hitting enemies in the right one.

    · When the following action was carried out (while climbing a ladder, interrupt the action) it would Sometimes cause the controlled characters to crawl at twice the normal speed.

    · It was possible to exceed the amount of pages used for saves/load files.

    · During the "Stalingrad: Protect The General" mission, if at least one of the Commandos was already inside the plane, and all the others were killed outside, the "Mission Complete" text was triggered as if the mission was correctly finished.

    · An issue would occur during a multiplayer game using Allied Troops they, could be ordered to dive into the water, although they are not intended to do so. They are then not able to resurface,and quickly drown.

    · Text corrections have been made in the Polish, Russian and Czech versions.

    · An issue with killing or stunning some soldiers who were sitting in a chair has been addressed.

    · During the Central Europe mission "Steal the Train", the Thief would warp to a mismatching location when entering through certain windows of a train carriage.

    Multiplayer fixes.

    · Players crashing sometimes from chat room when players were being kicked from a game.

    · Occasionally when a co-op game is created, someone would be kicked on the 'Configure Game' screen once a game was started by the host.

    · Once in-game, if the game statistics were activated, this would sometimes cause the game to crash back to the desktop.

    · Characters were able to move before recovering from being knocked out.

    · When restarting a multiplayer game, sometimes some characters were shown as dead, although they were alive.

    · Users could not see other people’s chat depending on the order in which they joined the server.

    · When showing multiplayer scores, the names were not matching the colours and score.

    · Multiplayer chat function was overflowing in some menus.

    Q: Are there any cheats for Commandos 3?

    A: Here are the known cheats:

    Type "SOYINCAPAZ" as a name to enable cheat mode. Then, press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat. Cheat mode can also be activated during a mission by typing "SOYINCAPAZ" after selecting a commando.

    [Ctrl]+I - God mode
    [Ctrl]+V - Invisibility
    [Shift]+X - Place commandos under pointer
    [Ctrl]+[-] - Show frame rate
    [Ctrl]+[Shift]+N - Skip mission
    [Ctrl]+[Shift]+X - Destroy all opponents

    There is also a mission unlocker: Be aware though that cheats are not recommended and may spoil your gaming experience.

    Q: How do I distract with the spy?

    A: Make sure the spy has a uniform on and then check the action button to the right. One of the icons is of two guys shaking hands and a little talk bubble in between, that's the distract button.
    See Screenshot

    Q: What does the small red shirt icon for uniforms mean? (there are two different numbers associated with the enemy uniforms)

    A: Apart from the spy, the commandos can wear enemy uniforms for a certain amount of time only, this time is represented by the number by the small red shirt icon. This means you can transfer the "time" only and you dont have to transfer the whole uniform.

    Q: I can't find the multiplayer coop mode in Commandos 3, where is it hiding?

    A: There is no coop mode in Commandos 3.

    Q: How can I trade only 1 set of clothes to someone if I have 2 or more in my inventory?

    A: Holding the shift button when doing the transaction will only move one of the sets of clothes.

    Q: How do I drop an item?

    A: First of all make sure the item you want to drop is not in use. Open your inventory, then drag the item from your inventory (out of the inventory) to a spot on the ground.

    Q: What type of uniform do I need to wear to be disguised against officers and Gestapo soldiers? I am using an officer uniform and they see right threw it. Is this supposed to be like this?

    A: Other officers & SS soldiers/officers are un-foolable. No disguises work on them...and as Wade put it: they're like the Spanish Inquisition.

    Q: When I enter a vehicle the steering wheel icon is disaplayed but I cant drived the vehicle.

    A: The only vehicles that work in the game are the truck in Stop Bomb Deployment and the cannon in the second Stalingrad mission.

    Multiplayer and Gamespy

    Q: What do I need to play multiplayer?

    A: You need Gamespy arcade, delivered with the game.

    Q: When trying to join a multiplayer game, gamespy minimizes, and then Commandos 3 starts loading up, black screen, then all of a sudden freezes, for about 30 seconds or so. It then closes back to windows and Gamespy comes back up. No error msgs or anything.

    A: solution unknown

    Q: How do I connect through IP instead of gamespy?

    A: solution unknown

    Q: Is it possible to recover lost save games?

    A: See this thread

    Q: Is there a way to remove C3 without actually running Uninstall?

    A: Yes. Check out this guide

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    FYI, I'll include the whole or parts of this faq to the proper faq of the ng also.

    With proper credits of course.

    "May the Lords of Light wish you well"

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    If I didn't already know what exactly?

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    You mean you are the strange scruffy looking little Rufus?
    Boy you changed...

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    From the patch:

    · An issue with killing or stunning some soldiers who were sitting in a chair has been addressed.

    I found this to be untrue.In the stalingrad campaign 2nd mission 'protect the general' I was unable to punch or stab the bloke sitting on the chair in a small room with my GreenBaret.This was still the case after installing the patch before starting the campaign.

    Also on the same mission the cannon can become stuck & you cannot move it again meaning that you cannot use it as part of your strategy.

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    Hello again,

    I managed to find some free time and updated the faq on Commandos for the newsgroup of Commandos.

    Should I post it here in order to be archived?

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    Sure if you wish, I'll edit the first post afterwards to include the new stuff.

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    Hey iakovos,

    Seeing as I found it not very useful to browse through such a list (and having to much time on my hand), I created a html version of it which should make it easier for people to browse through. Made some minor changes such as adding the bonus book location guide of Xcom, removal of Clan section,..

    The adress:

    Feel free make use of it in the future, and maybe you can remove your posts?

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    Sure thing. Thanks.

    Besides the faq is an informational file on a need to get basis.
    I have removed my posts from the faq.

    I'll just remind everybody that if they want the faq as a whole they can always e-mail me for it.

    "May the Lords of Light wish you well"

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    Hello all,
    This is the first time i play Commandos III, when i was in the toutorials and in mision 2 i can't distract the soldier with the Spy
    and also there is no icons appear as you say, i didn't know why?
    may i should prees any key to show this icon?!

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    Originally Posted by Snowden
    Q: How do I make the game run in a higher resolution (instead of 800x600)?
    A: It's possible -> read this

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    hm, not bad! although there is the C3 on C2 pack which you can enjoy the C3 maps in in higher resolution, however, the faboulus weather effects will be available first time with this modification!

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    hi, my game is french language.I want it to English . How can i do?
    plz help me.thanks.

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    Smile Windows 7 and 8

    This games works perfectly on my system....But when i choose sniper or any aiming guns the magnoscope of the gun appears reddish which spoils my target

    Windows Os-8
    Ram-6 GB
    Processor-i3 -3.1 GHz
    GPU- GTS 450

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    rohankunwer, If I understand you correctly for what exactly you are talking about and If I remember right, that's not a bug if you mean that.