Thread: Well, I've done it...

Well, I've done it...

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    Well, I've done it...

    Today I uninstalled Deus Ex from my computer, freeing room for and in anticipation of DX:IW. I was actually thinking of replaying the original, but figured I wouldn't be done by the time Dec 3 rolled around.

    So what've you guys done to ready yourselves for the Invisible War?

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    I'm watching my wallet to make sure I have enough money for a new video card in case my GF3 struggles too much.

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    Me, I'd try to finish whatever games possible, burn stuff out then delete for space.

    And I'd be collecting to get an original version of
    Deus Ex: Invisible Wars assuming it will comeout here.

    I got a GeForce 4, but it not work that well with DX1, any reasons why?

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    I'm saving my cash because I am absolutely certain that my computer can't handle the game. It's slow enough running MicroSof ("sof" is Dutch for "disaster", donchaknow); DX2 would be frame-a-minute.

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    I'm thinking of replaying DX. My harddrive is new, so it's still mostly empty, and I'm pretty sure my computer can handle it, so I'm just drooling with anticipation...

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    Ya know. This new DX:IW page got me replaying System Shock 2. lol. Man, what I would give to play that game for teh first time again.

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    Im gettin more memory boards for my computer and im keeping an eye on my cash
    Im also replaying DX to get used to L+S effects (light n shadow effect enemy awareness) again as ive not played it for about 3 months been to busy playin other stuff

    JOE: Hey john i cant wait to get this new game
    JOHN: ive got it
    JOE: can i borrow it?
    JOHN: you want me to give it to you
    JOE: yes!
    JOHN ok BANG!!...
    JAMES: what did you do!
    JOHN: i gave it to him! HAHAHAHA!