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    This is one of my all time favortie games.........but its not a wrestling game. what i mean is that it plays like Power Stone for Dream cast. its more of a fighting game with grapples. BUT I DONT CARE! ITS AWESEOME!!!!!! but does anyone know how to get the masked horndog? i beat the game on all the difficulties and i dont have him yet.

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    From talking to some of the testers, they say the only way to unlock Masked Horndog is to use the unlock cheat. If you don't have it, I'll get it from the testers.

    Glad you like it!

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    unlock cheat

    what is the unlock cheat? i saw one but it looked fake..seens how you cant put your name into the game on talkshow mode....

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    Give me till tomorrow and I should have it. All the testers for BYW are gone for the day.

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    Ok folks, to unlock Masked Horn Dog play the first level (BackYard) as Masked Mike, defeat Masked Horn dog to unlock him. No code required.


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    how do you unlock jamie madrox from twiztid

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    I don't know off the top of my head. I'll try to find a guide to unlocking or something similar tomorrow. I havn't had a chance to play much yet.

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    thanks man thats really importantto me as a juggalo

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    You Gotta play in TV show mode to unlock!!!

    to as

    Masked Horn dog...............Masked Mike
    Tom Dubb..........................Mad Man Pondo
    El Drunko..........................Karnage
    Demeon Redd...................Evil Dead
    Sally.................................Violent J
    Tyelene............................Shaggy 2 Dope

    there are 2 more people that might be in the game but i have no clue...... the book lists a "Security Guard" and in survival there is a Big biker guy......

    but as far as i know this is the full list **not in order**

    1 Violent J
    2 Shaggy 2 Dope
    3 Madrox
    4 Monoxide
    5 Sabu
    6 Rude Boy
    7 JCW's Evil Dead
    8 Tom Dubb
    9 Sally
    10 Tylene
    11 Hernia
    12 Masked Mike
    13 Masked Horn Dog
    14 El Drunko
    15 Mdogg20
    16 Josh Prohabition
    17 Karnage
    18 The Commisioner
    19 Atrocity xxx
    20 Josh Asbil
    21 Gupta
    22 Mad Man Pondo
    23 Kitana
    24 Jezebel
    25 Ross Lover
    26 Deamon redd
    27 Adriane Pain
    28 El Chicharoon
    29 Da Bone Docter
    30 Rosie

    hope this helps

    Dingo Tha HatchetDawg

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    Thanks much Dingo! I've stickied the post for others to use.

    Happy Gaming!

    ~The Jebus

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    w000t, thanks a load guys. the masked horndog looks so funny i REALLY wanna kick the crap outa him. anyway, is there a way to get some of the finishers that the secret characters have? cause i dont think you can get masked horndogs finisher by picking one of the styles in create a wrestler. so if you can please tell me, but thank you all very much. you rock! w00t smileys

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    How is this "Evil Dead" guy? Does it have something to do with the movies?

    By the way, does any of you guys have the XBox version of this game? Is it good, better than PS2's? I want to buy this game, but I'm not sure yet.

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    Exclamation Hmmm

    Like we said above (or in other forum posts) that this game is AWESOME!........for about a week. So if you want to save some money either A) Rent it. Or B) Buy it used for cheap. But its your money why do i care.....just trying to help out.

    And as for the evil dead guy, no it has nothing to do with the movies. Great movies though, Dead by dawn is still teh best by far though.

    Also, i bought the xbox one the first day my local gaming store got it in stock, and i had soo much fun with it. The Xbox one is fun, but i havent played the PS2 one though, so cant help you out on that one. But normally, the xbox version is better than any PS2 version just due to the graphics and what not. More bells and whistles if you will.

    Well, i think im done....yea......woot!

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    this game sucks, heck the hole series does. I know cuz I'm a jackass. Eidos lied on the official site for BYW. I haTe Liers! They said that Back Yard Wrestling DOnt Try This At Home, won the best fighting game of the year at the spike tv video game awards. Well thats bull . Barbie summer dreamhouse should have won that award! MWAHH!! BYW rocks, the graphics rocks, the chareters (I know I can't spell, I'm a dumbass) look so real, the blood is great, the way they throw people off the roof of a house is so awesome. I'm gay and a fake. the way I do my fake moves and do regular moves is just so gay.


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    I hate liars too

    ~Jebus (El Moderator)

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    Actually..... the site just said it was NOMINATED for best fighting game of the year on Spike TV and thats not a lie. It was one of the 6 games on the list for people to vote for favorite Fighting game. But as any station owned by MTV does... it went for the cash....... isn't amazing how 2 WWE games won awards when they have wresters from that promotion wrestle during the show.

    Spike Tv traded an award for name recognition of the wrestlers. They got well known wrestlers to do it for cheap, and in exchange Spike gave them the award. It's amazing what you can buy yourself into.

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    Got this game new a while bak, and it rules so much! Really fun in multiplayer. thanks.

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    please make another backyard wrestling game...
    i wanna kick some more ass