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    Welcome to The Bouncer thread! Feel free to discuss your thoughts, memories, strategies, and everything else The Bouncer with fellow players on this thread, but remember to consider the opinions of others and keep all conversations civil and respectful. If you haven’t already, please read the official guidelines for the forum before posting.

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    I loved that game I used to rent it all the time

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    Me too it was epic Square Enix make a remake

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    This was one of the first PS2 games I ever bought. It was truly awesome, the only problem I had with it was that the story was way too short. I could beat it easily in a couple of hours. Great game and the gameplay was super awesome. Please make a Bouncer 2 or an HD edition for the PS3.

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    My first PS2 title! I haven't played in upwards of seven years, but back when I first bought it, it got played a lot.

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    It's one of my all time favorite PS2 game frome Square Enix ^_^

    I'll do a review for it pretty soon to you guys ^.^

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    Hello SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS! how are you today everyone? I hope everything is just fine with you and all, you can always send friend requests or messeges to me at anytime and ask anything you want help with or to know about, you're always warmly welcome! ^_^

    In this thread, we're going to talk about a beat 'em up game, which is "The Bouncer" from Square Enix (Square Soft and DreamFactory), The game was released in 2001 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2), it considered as the first title from Square Enix on the system. ^.^

    This is my review of "The Bouncer" in the 5 main game elements: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Overall Rank Title. ^_^

    >.< !May Contain Spoilers! >.<

    1- Story: The story revolves around three bouncers; Sion Barzahd, Volt Krueger and Kou Leifoh, and their friend, Dominique Cross. On the night of Sion's first anniversary as a bouncer, special forces from the Mikado corporation attack the bar they work at and kidnap Dominique. Consequentially, the three embark on a mission to rescue their friend. With each bouncer having their own motive for rescuing Dominique, how the story is revealed depends on which characters are selected during each level. For example, selecting Kou on certain levels reveals phone conversations that are unheard when playing as other characters. Only by playing through the game as all three characters can the complete story be revealed. ^_^

    2- Graphics: The envioroments are in a nice 3D arcade style, it is very detailed and smooth, but they're some unneeded blur with the colors and lighting effects, as for the visuals, backgrounds, and especially characters are pretty nice, they illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura. ^.^

    3- Sound: The sound effects are pretty focus, but they're a little low at volume level, the english voise acting is not bad, the noises of punches and kicks are awesome, the music is quite cool with the techno style, it scored by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi. ^_^

    4- Gameplay: The controls in "The Bouncer" are similar to those in the "Tobal No. 1" series. Certain buttons denote high, middle, and low attacks, jumping, blocking, and special attacks. One aspect of the game's combat is the use of ragdoll physics which allows characters to be launched several feet into the air as a result of attacks, making it possible to juggle enemies by striking them in the air repeatedly. Enemies can also be thrown or otherwise knocked into one another, causing them all to take damage at once. "The Bouncer" is structured as a series of short gameplay segments interspersed with cinematic sequences that tell the game's story. With the Active Character Selection (ACS) System, a story sequence concludes to give the player the choice between one of the three protagonists to control and proceed into the next gameplay segment. The player then controls this character for the level, whilst the other two characters are controlled by the computer. At the conclusion of each gameplay segment, the player is able to spend Bouncer Points (BP), the game's equivalent of experience points, using the Point Exchange System to boost that character's statistics and unlock new fighting moves. Boosting a character's stats eventually causes that character to grow in rank, which is graded on a letter scale ranging from G to A, and finally, an S-Rank. Typical gameplay in "The Bouncer" consists of the player fighting against groups of enemies using hand-to-hand combat techniques. Occasionally, one of the computer controlled players will do a taunt, prompting a button-press to activate a team attack on an enemy, although it is ineffective against some bosses. In some instances, the player will also be tasked with other activities, such as running through a series of hallways to avoid being caught in a flood. In general, a gameplay segment ends when the player has either defeated all of the enemies in the area, or has defeated a boss enemy. In addition to the main Story Mode, there is also a single-player survival mode in which the player must fight off as many enemies as possible. Spanning ten stages, everytime the player survives a round, the gameplay gets progressively harder. The game's multiplayer Versus Mode supports up to four player simultaneous play in the Battle Royal option that allows the players to fight each other using many of the game's characters.

    5- Overall Rank Title: For me personally, that will be {EPIC} ^.^ Here's a video:

    ^.^ This is the end of my review thread, thank you so much for reading and feel free to add your posts ^.^

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    The Bouncer: Been missing this game since 2000

    When are they going to make another The Bouncer game? They got me addicted years ago with the characters, and amazing graphics that were way before they're time. The story went to fast and you could win the game in hours, but that could be easily fix. It's about time to get this game back! And I miss Kou