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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Discussions

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Discussions

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    If someone could let me know please that would be great. Most of the time I will get replies after the sale..

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    Originally Posted by MegaToxic
    So Square Enix is having a nice sale on their games and FF 13-2 is among those games on sale. I played the first one and loved it, however I heard some odd stuff about this one. About the real ending being DLC? But that is part of my question. The DLC Lighting: Requiem of the Goddess, Snow: Perpetual Battlefield, and Sazh: Heads or Tails. Does one need to buy them? Though Lighting one is the only one that says FF13-2 spoilers if played. Could one get 100% Achievement/trophy without said DLC? I am thinking of getting the game but DLC like this really puts me off.

    You don't need the DLC to get 100%. But, "Requiem of the Goddess" 'does' fill in the blanks about what happens at the end of 13-2. Personally, I don't like what SE did with their DLC. All of it originally added up to about $54. If one were to have bought the collector's edition at around $80+, then ALL of the DLC when it was 1st available, that's over $130 for FF13-2 including the soundtrack. It isn't that expensive now, of course. But, it bugs me anyway.

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    It's a shame more of the dlc hasn't been made free to download for newer players.
    The games has been out for at least 2 years now and people still need to pay extra to enjoy the complete game.
    Uncharted 3 made all it's multiplayer maps free as a celebration of the game's 3rd birthday. It's that kind of special events that square's dlc is missing. Especially since most fans are still upset over the way the dlc has been handled.

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