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Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Discussions

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    So i bit and got the RotG DLC so far. Deal was too good, plus I like that she'll be in my party for my second play through. I was.going to try a "no monster" run to give the game some extra difficulty, but.. Lightning ^_^

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    Seeing how all the DLC is on sale I would like to buy some but I would like to know 3 things from the XIII-2 audience:

    List which character DLC (Snow, Lightning and Sahz) from best to worst.

    List the character costumes from best to worst.

    List the DLC weapons from best to worst.

    List the DLC arena bosses from best to worst.


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    Character Story DLC: Lightning>Sahz>Snow
    I wouldn't bother with costumes, but in my opinion the Beach one for Serah and N7 or Guardian one for Noel. The free one for Serah is pretty cute too.
    Definitely don't waste money on weapons. The ones you get off of the easy monsters at Archylte Steppe are so much better
    DLC Bosses: Lightning/Amodar>Jihl Nabaat>Gilgamesh>Typon/Ultros>Pupu>Omega

    Snow's DLC is mostly a colloseum battle. There's a teensy bit of story too though.

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    I was under the impression that add-ons (some not all) were marked 50% off untl Oct. 3rd?
    I just attempted to purchase the add-ons on the PSN for FFXIII-2 and it has all of them listed at regular price?

    Am I too late or is something not adding up??

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    I'd say the sale ended when the PlayStation Store was updated in North America.

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    I missed the sale by a day. Still ended up picking up the last of the monster and episode DLC I was missing.

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    Well... seeing as how this is my first post about this I may as well make it a really good one.

    I have been playing the Coluseum level of Final Fantasy 13-2 and I have to say I am impressed with the battles and the characters chossen for this event for this game.

    However I do want to add a few suggestions to this to make it better mainly for the Characters Roles and Combat Options made available to them.

    Firstly, The Coluseum can stand to have a few more DLC entries made for it, I personally would love to see more characters from passed Final Fantasy games enter so heres who I would love to see enter the arena. Most can be tameable or not.

    Final Fantasy 1
    Black Belt
    White Mage
    Back Mage

    Final Fantasy 4
    Cecil (Have his Dark Knight and Paladin forms as seperate battles)

    Final Fantasy 5

    Final Fantasy 6

    Final Fantasy 7
    Cait Sith
    Red XIII

    Final Fantasy 8

    Final Fantasy 9

    Final Fantasy 10

    Final Fantasy 12

    Final Fantasy 13
    Because we havent had them announced
    Fang and Vanielle

    As you may see many of these characters fill multiple roles and finding one may be a bit difficult while trying to stay within their normal scope of how they are used in battle. For an example Terra from Final Fantasy 6 can be a great Ravager, Commando or Medic because of her magical and Physical abilities in that game so here is what I would suggest.

    For Humanoid tameable characters ONLY pick a role for them and have that as their primary role Okay so Lets use Terra again as an example.

    Lets say They did make Terra a DLC character and you win her in the coluseum match Now lets say her role is Ravager.

    Lets say after fully leveling up Terra has learned the Following:

    Fire, Fira, Firaga
    Blizzard, Blizzara
    Thunder, Thundera
    Aero, Aera, Aeraga
    Sparkstrike, Flamestrike, Galestrike, Frost strike
    Overwhelm, Vigor, Ravager role Bonus II, Ravager role Bonus III

    Okay so Terra would be pretty skilled as a stand alone granted her abilities do complement what she was in Final fantasy 6 but what about the fact she also had a great Physical ability in Final Fantasy 6 as well?

    well why not let her learn a few other abilities via monster infusion?

    I know you can already but hear me out on this, When it came to the DLC of the characters from Final Fantasy 13 into the sequal I knew that they would be locked in their main role, I accept that and worked around it. BUT when it came to characters Like Sazh, Snow and Lightning they were professient in other roles as well, Lightning was a great Ravager, Commando and Medic Sahz was a great synergyest, commando and ravager while Snow was a great Sentinal and Commando.

    So what I suggest is for the Humanoid characters only, is have them only learn a set number of command abilities from the ther roles, None of the support or auto abilities but a select few of the command abilities from the other roles.

    Again lets Look at Terra from Final Fantasy 6 Having the following skills:

    Fire, Fira, Firaga
    Blizzard, Blizzara
    Thunder, Thundera
    Aero, Aera, Aeraga
    Sparkstrike, Flamestrike, Galestrike, Frost strike
    Overwhelm, Vigor, Ravager role Bonus II, Ravager role Bonus III

    Now lets say we add the following:

    Commando: Attack, Ruin, Ruinaga
    Medic: Cure, Cura, Raise, Esuna

    Note this will complement Terra's normal battle style from Final Fantasy 6 as well as make her a pretty effective party member.

    Now then you all might say:

    "well that makes ---Insert character name here--- Too powerful and wont make the game fun."

    True I can accept that arguement But heres what I have to say.

    The added role abilities wont be enhanced because they will not have the bonus' from thoughs roles helping them, the added abilities will only be as effective as the stat they gain power from wich will make players think more as how they want that character developed. secondly the AI would have to "think" more as to what skills to use at what time to make the most of their skills.

    I think this would make the characters more diffucult to use and might bring more fun into the gameplay myself.

    My reasoning for bringing this up is because I noticed with the Human characters DLC many just seemed to suffer from being Role locked.

    Sahz, Nabaat, Amodor I can see because Shaz is no longer L'cie and the latter two were not given a l'cie brand or powers (Course I could be wrong about that so please correct me if I am) however Snow and Lightning were rebranded as L'cie (Again Snow we know for sure is after you have him as a guest in your party Lightning I could be wrong on) and should have access to the other role abilities even a few of the command abilities from other Roles for an example Lets look at Snow:

    He will have all his sentinal abilities But also let him have Attack, Blitz, Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga andFrost strike just to round out his abilities It would make sence because he would have access to thoughs abilites.

    anywho thats my suggestion for this game.

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    DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 came to an end after the release of "Requiem of the Goddess". Therefore, there won't be new content.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    and... this is how the crystalis Fabulas team fails...

    seriously no more DLC?! thats a lot of lost potental >_<

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    The team is now working on Lightning Returns. Besides, if you want to have many characters from different FF games, then play Dissidia/Dissidia 012.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    There will be DLC for LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII. Thanks for your great suggestions!

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    Is Valfodr like Valefore from FF10 cause the names got me curious, cause Valfodr seems like a typo...

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    One thing for sure - DON'T BUY WEAPONS!

    Here it is:

    Buy Lightning DLC, Get the free Serah outfit, Buy ALL colisuem opponents, Get Serah's bikini and Noel's Ezio.

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    XIII-2 story is sad, but a good story no matter what ending lol. It touches your heart, and brings that emotion out of you, I have to say its a sucessful game with excellent story.

    It will be much better if SE put another XIII-3 or some 3d animation short film to bring the final resolve to the story. At least this will ease all of our minds.

    there is obvious a large cry out for more to the lightning saga and people wants to find out what's hapening next, it is certain that SE will bring us the "light".

    Lets all voice up, the greater the market demands, the sooner SE will release the "light".

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    PSN Release?

    Are these 2 games ever gonna be available as downloads from the PSN store?

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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 should already be on the PSN, I remember there being an announcement that it was part of a Digital Download sale and I know it's been on XboxLive for ages. I thought it went up on both services at about the same time. Final Fantasy XIII is a pretty big game, though, (37.6GB on PS3) and I'm not sure what restrictions there are (if any) regarding the size of downloadable games. It's possible the game won't see a digital release because of that.

    EDIT: Just checked, and nope. Looks like it's only up on XboxLive, and the sale thing is for a mailed copy of the disc version from SE's eShop. Maybe it's because XIII-2 is around 15GB of space on the PS3? I dunno, seems weird to me.

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    FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 available for download on 360 and PS3

    Lots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 updates for you today. First up, the full game is now available on demand for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, priced 1800MSP/£14.99/&euro;19.99.

    For those who didn&rsquo;t experience the incredible story expansions for Lightning, Snow and Sazh, they've all been bundled together as one add-on, so if there&rsquo;s only one expansion you can check out, it should definitely be this one. The Bundle Pack, priced 1360 MSP/£10.99/&euro;13.99, includes the following items:

    <ul>[*]Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess[*]Snow: Perpetual Battlefield[*]Sazh: Heads or Tails?[*]Serah's Outfit: White Mage[*]Serah's Outfit: N7 Armor[*]Serah's Outfit: Beachwear[*]Noel's Outfit: Black Mage[*]Noel's Outfit: Assassin's Creed[*]Noel's Outfit: Spacetime Guardian[*]Noel's Outfit: N7 Armor[*]Mog's Outfits: A Wondrous Wardrobe[*]Opponent: Gilgamesh[*]Opponent: PuPu[*]Opponent: Ultros & Typhon[*]Opponent: Nabaat[*]Opponent: Lightning & Amodar[*]FFXIII-2 Pack: Fight In Style[/list]

    Looking for a new outfit for Noel or Serah? All individual add-on content is now permanently reduced, half the original price, with the exception of a few weapons.

    All content is now available on the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

    Stay tuned for more details, Kupo!

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    Dear FF Community!

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 : missing DLCs

    I have got a very frustrating problem and I'm hesitating what to do, no one could help me so far, I hope someone will able to lend a hand to me finally.

    I have seen all the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLCs, the enemy DLCs, the costume DLCs (for Serah, for Noel, for the Moogle), the weapon DLCs highlighted with different kind of colors, red, green, purple until about March, since March when I enter the "Downloadable Content" from the main menu, then "Connecting... Please wait.", "Updating content information. Please wait", but I don't see the DLCs, only a few enemy DLCs which are highlighted with red, I'm able to see the following DLCs only:

    Opponent: PuPu
    Opponent: Ultros & Typhon
    Opponent: Gilgamesh
    Opponent: Lightning & Amodar
    Opponent: Nabaat

    and that's all.

    then in may every single DLC became visible again, but only for two days.

    I wanted to reinstall the entire whole game and then re-update anything but then I remembered that I have downloaded the free "Style and Steel" costume for my favorite FF character to Serah and I don't want to lose it at least, I have bought a PSN Card just to get my favorite DLC, Serah's "Beachwear" Bikini DLC

    does someone have any recommendation or rather suggestion to me?
    any advices are welcome!

    Thank you very much forward to all of you and have a nice day!

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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Discussions

    Okay, so i bought XIII-2 last year, but didn't get around to playing it till now, i bought and downloaded some DLC for it, the three "story" DLC's, Light's, Snow's and Sazh's, i also Downloaded Serah's "Style & Steel" and one or two others, no weapons. But i did that back in february, i just started the game over the week, on tues/wed June 18/19, 2013. I am in chapter 3 pt.1, but i can't access ANY DLC as of right now, what gives? It's on my hard drive, my 360 says so. ANy help would be appreciated.

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    Originally Posted by dxgirly

    I bought literally every piece of DLC for this game, which means I spent close to $67 on it. That's kinda nuts! And I didn't even realize it, because it was spread out over such a long period of time. Geez, SE made a lot of money off of people like me!

    How do you access it? I'm past chapter 2, but the DLC isn't showing, and my 360 harddrive says the DLC is downloaded.

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    Contact [FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Customer Service]

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    Okay, cuz it's the Ltd. XBOX 360 edition. Might it be since i lost internet, and access to XBL?

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    Hey Can anyone help? I Bought the Dlc Muramasa But the weapon Is not at Chocolina > Where is the weapon ?

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    Originally Posted by Syamaail
    Hey Can anyone help? I Bought the Dlc Muramasa But the weapon Is not at Chocolina > Where is the weapon ?
    I think it's with Chocolina in Bresha Ruins 005, or something like that. If not, then, I tried. lol

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    Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC question

    So Square Enix is having a nice sale on their games and FF 13-2 is among those games on sale. I played the first one and loved it, however I heard some odd stuff about this one. About the real ending being DLC? But that is part of my question. The DLC Lighting: Requiem of the Goddess, Snow: Perpetual Battlefield, and Sazh: Heads or Tails. Does one need to buy them? Though Lighting one is the only one that says FF13-2 spoilers if played. Could one get 100% Achievement/trophy without said DLC? I am thinking of getting the game but DLC like this really puts me off.


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