View Poll Results: What was your favourite Tomb Raider Game

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  • Tomb Raider 1

    49 17.75%
  • Tomb Raider 1 Gold : Unfinished Business

    7 2.54%
  • Tomb Raider 2: Starring Lara Croft

    71 25.72%
  • Tomb Raider 2 Gold : The Gold Mask

    9 3.26%
  • Tomb Raider 3: The Adventures Of Lara Croft

    72 26.09%
  • Tomb Raider 3 Gold : The Lost Artifact

    12 4.35%
  • Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation

    70 25.36%
  • Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles

    35 12.68%
  • Tomb Raider 6: The Angel Of Darkness

    78 28.26%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: The New Official "What was your favourite Tomb Raider Game?" incl. AOD

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    Cool The New Official "What was your favourite Tomb Raider Game?" incl. AOD

    As originally posted by Catsuit and Ponytail

    Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider Gold

    Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider II Gold

    Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact

    Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation , Tomb Raider: Chronicles

    Or Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness
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    Wink Previously On > What is your favorite Tomb Raider game? Once and for all.

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    such a hard question! good to use the multi-answer option.

    I voted:

    Tomb Raider 1
    A new, original and beautiful game which had a good and strong main character. Not much words for it though, but it's the first of a serie and a game which showed the world a new way of gaming!

    Tomb Raider 2
    It was the time that 3d graphics became compatible with special 3d cards. Tomb Raider 2 had the big step from software to hardware rendering. Lara had a ponytail which lived it's own life and changed outfits. More weapons and come one...China's wall, Venice (not to forget the song Venice Violins...) and the snowmobile (and also here not to forget the snowmobile song)

    Tomb Raider 4
    Tomb Raider looks more refreshing and up-to-date than Tomb Raider 3 (which I really liked though) The lights are well done, though there was no mansion level, there was a real training level in the game itself. A younger Lara and a (new) important character: von Croy. Also here, the story is great and you go to a lot of beautiful location. The Tomb Raider feeling (exploration) was back!

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    I voted for Tomb Raider 3,4 and AOD

    In order it would go:

    Tomb Raider 3
    Tomb Raider 4
    Tomb Raider: AOD

    I have always voted for TR3 when one of these polls comes up. I still think it is a great game and i think it is so original....Now that AOD has been added to the list i have voted for that as well because i think thats a great game as well!

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    That's weird. The poll says 9 votes total, but if you count the number
    of votes for each game you come up with 19 (at the time of this posting)

    I voted Last Rev. I liked the scope of the game, and I liked moving
    back and forth between levels.

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    Catsuit and Ponytail, what did you vote?

    Deekman: 9 people have voted and since you can choose more than one answer you have 9 votes and 19 choices


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    It's still TR3 for me.

    I thought that TR:TLR would be really great, but now that I have it and I think I'm almost done with it, I'm not very impressed with it. The Alexandria levels were the high point of it. City of the Dead levels ruined the game for me.
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    TRLR for me although I'm finding them all quite funky at the moment

    1: TRLR
    2: TR1
    3: TR3
    4: TR2
    5: TRC
    6: AOD

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    The first game I played was a demo of TR3: took me 11 months to get through it, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I finnaly jumped into the tree house, did a handstand, flipped over and... What! It ended!?
    Of course I went out and bought the game and loved it all the way through.! South Wish they would go back to that.

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    1: TR3
    2: TR1
    3: TR2
    4: TRLR
    5: TRC
    6: AOD

    'nuff said.

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    My ranking:

    1 - TRAOD
    2 - TRLR
    3 - TRII
    4 - TRI
    5 - TRIII
    6 - TRC

    I don't understand why so many people heartily disliked AOD. I thoroughly enjoyed Lara's new role as a detective in Paris. To be honest, raiding tombs was starting to bore me, and I was up for the change AOD offered.

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    Yeah i agree...It was time for a change and AOD gave us that change

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    Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft
    > This is my first Tomb Raider game! Love it!


    Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft
    > I like it! Mansion again, better graphics, more levels, ...

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    can any one help without thinking that i am crazy name is mohammed ...from EGYPT......i have a story ..written in english..that can be made as an interisting game....anyone knows who can i contact to help me to make my dream true

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    TRAOS! Cool!!

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    I voted TR3 for the variety in locale, enemies and toys (I will always miss the Desert Eagle) and the added moves. *Finally* she can crawl! The monkey swing was nice, but somewhat unrealistic in the amount of hangtime allowed. That was a nice addition in AOD.

    TR2 would be my second choice. The final levels in Nepal and China really kick a** and make up for the entire Venice ho-hum.

    The problem with AOD was the lack of progressively more difficult levels and enemies and the absence of secrets. Why are we still battling SKELETONS in the second to last level? Also, some of the design wasn't fully fleshed out. She's collecting all this money, but it never *really* becomes a big factor in the game.

    I'm looking forward to the next installment and hope they build on successes and avoid the failures.

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    i voted 4 Tr3.That's was my first Tr,so probably that's why is my favourite.. ..btw,i'm new here,so hello everybody...

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    1= TR1
    1= TR4
    3 TR2
    4 TR3
    5 TR5
    6 TRAOD

    this doesnt mean i dont like the lower TRs (eg i loved TR3), i just liked the higher placed ones even more, cause theyre SO good

    i liked TR1 + 4 most probably because it was a lot more MENTALLY challenging than the others, whereas i felt they lacked in that area and concerntrated more on blasting people + animals + other random stuff to smithereens (plus i liked the exploding Atlanteans)

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    I didn't realize I could vote for more than one until after I actually voted

    But love the Tomb Raider series in this order:

    1: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

    2: Tomb Raider 1/Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness -- I'm really having such a tough time deciding. In fact, I had a hard time putting the Last Revelation over these two. Its very hard for me to decide right now. So I'm just gonna consider them a tie right now.

    3: Tomb Raider II

    4: Tomb Raider Chronicles

    5: Tomb Raider III

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    If I had to choose one and only one, it would be Last Revelation. I liked the fact that even though it took place entirely in Egypt, the locations and TOMBS all had their own flare, making each one unique. The graphics were amazinigly beautiful considering the technology available (for me, PSOne) at the time the game was released. It was also the most complex and involved game in the series. I have played all of them countless times, but I will probably never get tired of playing TR:LR.
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    Tomb Raider 2..........puzzles are awesomely clever

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    Big Grin So hard to decide:)

    So I randomly vote 4 TRAOD+TRLR In tr4,I loved the valley of the kings&kv5 driving the jeep and running over the enemies was sooo funI chose traod-well, no special reason I just enjoyed playing it
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    My favorite Level of all time had to be the Crash Site level in Tomb Raider III. I liked the T-Rex in that level, and it was arguably the most fun to toy around with. In fact do you know that if you don't make any voluntary movements, the AI will simply sniff you a couple of times and leave you alone and move until you make some sort of movement, at which point it will come back onscreen and repeat the process. It was so fun.

    However, I have a question. I believe that I own all of the Tomb Raider games released for the Playstation and the Playstation Two, but are the Gold Versions of Tomb Raider I, Tomb Raider II, and Tomb Raider III only available on the PC?

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    Originally posted by Black Angel
    However, I have a question. I believe that I own all of the Tomb Raider games released for the Playstation and the Playstation Two, but are the Gold Versions of Tomb Raider I, Tomb Raider II, and Tomb Raider III only available on the PC?
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    My order:

    1. TR2:SLC-China, Italy, Sunken Ship, Tibet...all the best.

    2. TR:TLR-Egypt...THE place to raid tombs.

    3. TR-Peru, Rome, Egypt, Atlantis...A variety of good places to raid tombs...Plus, gotta give props to the game that started it all.

    4. TR3:AOLC-India, London, South Pacific, Nevada, Antarctica...Once again a good variety of locations to raid

    5. TRC-Great game, but much too short.

    In all fairness, have not played TRG:UB, TR2G:GM, TR:TLA, or TR:AOD.

    Where can I get the the Gold versions at a good price?


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