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  • Tomb Raider 1

    49 17.75%
  • Tomb Raider 1 Gold : Unfinished Business

    7 2.54%
  • Tomb Raider 2: Starring Lara Croft

    71 25.72%
  • Tomb Raider 2 Gold : The Gold Mask

    9 3.26%
  • Tomb Raider 3: The Adventures Of Lara Croft

    72 26.09%
  • Tomb Raider 3 Gold : The Lost Artifact

    12 4.35%
  • Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation

    70 25.36%
  • Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles

    35 12.68%
  • Tomb Raider 6: The Angel Of Darkness

    78 28.26%
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Thread: The New Official "What was your favourite Tomb Raider Game?" incl. AOD

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    Originally posted by Black Angel
    However, I have a question. I believe that I own all of the Tomb Raider games released for the Playstation and the Playstation Two, but are the Gold Versions of Tomb Raider I, Tomb Raider II, and Tomb Raider III only available on the PC?
    Originally posted by AnUbIs985
    Here was my idea long ago:

    Tomb Raider: Golden Legacy

    Remember, at the time, there was only the one TR adventure for Nintendo Gameboy (Color, I think)


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    Big Grin

    The Last Revelation no contest for me!!!

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    I admit I haven't played all the games but I love the storyline in AOD. That has to be my favourite, until I get all the games...which would mean having money...which I don't have...

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    I can't believe that TR1 has such a few votes!

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    Originally posted by Tipsko
    I can't believe that TR1 has so few votes!
    Take into account that most of the new users haven't been alive that long, and those that have been, have only been on a computer since perhaps Windows98....maybe even Millenium. The new users are judging it by today's standards of graphics, and don't even try to play it, what with the very installation being something of an adventure.

    It will be always a classic now, but fewer and fewer people here will have actually played it, so it can't keep getting the popular vote. Feel old, Tipsko, hehehe.

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    I've played TR1...Nice game but couldn't appreciate it at that time cuz I was 10...I'm starting to feel old as well!
    *Drops her dentures out of her mouth(Oh NO! nOT AGAIN!')*
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    Big Grin

    Originally posted by AnUbIs985
    ...I'm starting to feel old as well!
    *Drops her dentures out of her mouth(Oh NO! nOT AGAIN!')*
    So U'r 18 and call9ng yourself an 0ld bag.HAHAHA.Good 1 Anubis,I feel sorry for ya.
    Anywho,I'll have to go with Chronicles,THEN Adventures with Lara Croft,Revelation,Angel,TR,TR2.
    Gold ones:Lost Artifact,TRGold(Haven't played it but I'm sure ANYTING is better then TR2 Gold,that's fo' so!!),Times Level in Revelation.

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    Tomb Raider 4 Although Tomb Raider 3 is equally great, due to the variety of locations and adventures. I love it because you have to fight four separate bosses

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    Lightbulb Have you noticed ...

    ... how evenly distributed the votes are? Of course most people posting here are "fans" of the series but anyway: what about the theory that the quality games has been decreasing from episode from episode? It doesn't seem to apply here, does it? The fans seem to be quite happy with the development of the games series. Makes me think (again) about those "reviewers". Bah. Oh, BTW I voted TRLR .

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    Big Grin my fav???

    i had to vote for TR4 AND TR5 my reason being is that i'm still trying to finish them 2 years after buying them, they're soooo hard to do. i finished TR AOD in 3 weeks which really dissappointed me as i love a challenge. non the less i still looooove TR so i hope the next TR will be as graphically good as TRAOD but as hard as the previous TR'S.

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    It was hard for me to decide which game I liked best.
    I picked Tomb Raider 2. The storyline was great! I loved being chased by the screaming Yetis and the Monastery was fun to play.
    I haven't played TR Gold or Unfinished business, because I can't play games on my computer. It would be cool if Eidos decides to redo the computer games for PS2.
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    I have cute memories from the original game because it was my first one, but The Last Revelation is my best!! After two episodes (or four, including the gold editions), Lara decided to raid the tombs again!

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    TR1: Never Played It...
    TR2: Too boring...
    TR3: ABSOLUTE Tomb Raider... (Voted)
    TR4: Good but still something was missing...
    TRC: Good but short...
    TRAOD: Nice Graphs, Good Plot, Numerous Bugs... (Voted)

    As for the three expansions... i can't really say a thing because they are the same as the TRs they expanded... I can't quite figure out why expansions and not two-CD games where released in higher prices...


    Actually i found out what was missing from TR4... I never felt good for finishing this game... Didn't like the end...

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    It has to be


    TR2- Lara suddenly became more athletic, aesthetic, she was now scripted by the definitive Vicky Arnold, and voiced by Judith Gibbins -the TR1 girl was okay, but TR2 and 3's was funnier and more demure.

    Whoever does the voice of Lara for TLR, Chronicles and AOL simply sounded petulant and she had a secret lisp >:/

    TR2 also had awesome levels, save for the underwater levels going on maybe a Living Quarters and Thousand Fathoms too long. Once you reach the beautiful Cian levels though, the journey is worth it.

    TR1 is great for the whole innocence aspect, remeber wetting yourself when the T-rex appeared? I could only stare and be eaten. Or finding out Natla used to rule Atlantis?

    TR3 had the best script, several laugh out loud moments, a feisty and sophisticated Lara, great levels (save for London) and a Scottish villain! She even mentions The Fly!

    TR AOL had some great bits (the Samitarium, Hall Of Seasons) and innovations (let's chat), but the controls were awkward and the villains uninspiring.

    TR TLR, was okay, but not enough variety of location. In the end the City of the Dead levels drove me mad, I actually never completed the damn game. Plus the new saving system ment I saved before inbescapable death THREE times. That's 3 restarts!

    TR Chronicles, the first level was okay, and the sub was alright, but Ireland and the Tower block just weren't on. BORING.

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    It's hard to split TR 3, 4 and 2 because they're so similar really and all nice in their own way, but TR3 is the one I always have time for. It has loads and loads of exploration, interesting locations (from Antartica to the London Underground), lots of secrets, well thought out baddies and opponents, excellent script and acting by everyone - especially Judith, and it's a good length too.

    TR1 is showing it's age now (I just replayed it again last week), but it has a cleverness to the way the puzzles, environments, scenery, music and enemies in each level all fit together which is amazing. It feels like really smart people put this one together with a lot of care .

    AoD I wasn't impressed with. It's looks great - Lara and the scenery - but the puzzles are weak and because of constant re-loading the level design is poor. Even without the problems of poor control and buggy system this is a mediocre game imo.

    My final order: TR3, TR4, TR2/TR1, TR5, AoD.

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    TR2 is and always will be the BEST TR game.

    AOD was CRAP and the very reason Core lost the rights to Tomb Raider.

    Good Job i say.

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    The only one I've been able to play, TR3.

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    Here are my opinions

    TR1 still is a great game and for 1996 was a credit to its designers!
    TR2 the most technically challenging game, last parts in China are very good
    TR3 very good
    TR4 great story challenging and wonderful scenery
    TR5 OK submarine section was good
    TR6 AOD very difficult control of character PS2,no variation available
    of control logic - inexcusable considering the previous TR games,
    linear story, crashes annoyingly.

    if i had to put them in order I would go Tr4 TR1 TR2 TR3 TR5 and AOD

    The best control logic was TR3 , 4 and 5. If you dont mind the character
    moving slowly TR1 is also very good. TR2 control logic was OK but
    limited for the scenery available- in grabbing walls not being able to
    go round corners, it at the same time interestingly had the best technical challenges.

    Cheers / Chris

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    I voted for TR3 because India and South Pacific are my favorite level sets. I love the pretty environments

    TR1-Was very good. I liked it a lot.
    TR2-Also very good.
    TR3-Also very good (I voted for it because of the scenery)
    TR4-It was a decent game but parts of it were drawn out (why did I have to back-track to a previous level just to get a darn beetle?)
    TR5-I liked the level in Ireland because the environment was pretty and it was a nice change to have a purely-athletic level with no weapons. The other level sets were nice too but the very last level was incredibly buggy
    TR6-I liked it on its own as a normal game (it was worth the bargin-bin price I paid for it). As a tomb raider game, it had so much potential and didn't deliver. I didn't like Lara's new look or attitude. The controls were awkward and the only pretty environment I can think of was the garden towards the end. I played it with both patches applied and I didn't experience any real bugs or glitches.

    As far as the expansion packs go, I've only played the expansion pack for TR1 and it was fun but I was at least expecting an ending animation or something (unless it just didn't work on my computer).

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    Call me a sentimental sap, but TRI will always be #1 with me in every respect. The graphics now seem primitive (until you go back and play through a couple of levels, at which point you no longer notice,) but the music does some strange things to my synapses that's an awful lot like homesickness. And you just can't top the way the predatory animals (lions, gorillas, wolves, even the Atlanteans,) all start that little "frolic" dance whenever they sense Lara's presence - a riot!

    I really miss her battles against wild animals and hope they bring them back for Legend - they're less predictable in their behavior than baddies with guns, and they have to get up close and personal to damage you (rather than just shooting you anonymously from across the room,) which always ratchets up the panic factor, at least for me.

    The games follow a slightly descending order for II and III. II seemed like an extension of the debut. Again, the music wove an irresistible, addicting web, and the shift to more "outdoors" activities - the sound of the wind that you could almost feel - gives a sense of "happy solitude," as the Rush song goes... I still think TRII had the best menu setup for weapons, tools and items of all the games so far. That "three level wheel" setup was simple to access with a minimum of clicks, it was graphically appealing and easily inventoried. Or was that the menu in TRIII? Jeez, I can't remember. Given the fact that AOD has once again crashed into my graphics card (more on that in a minute,) and I'm stalled at the moment, I may just have to go back and see...

    I think I liked TRIII least of all thus far, despite the improvements in graphics, vehicles and elaborateness. For me it was far too "industrial" with no letup, and I got the sense at several points during play that the designers were running out of interesting ideas and just going through the motions - like it was soulless, if that makes any sense.

    Last Revelation was a nice withdrawal from trying to make TR into a different (i.e., industrial shoot-'em-up,) game and a refreshing return to the great outdoors and raiding tombs - though I too hated the entire set of Cairo levels which were needlessly confusing and frustrating rather than challenging. Note to TR design team: Please don't make me traverse back and forth between past levels and present ones - "been there, done that" is a concept to live by.

    Call me out-to-lunch, but I skipped over Chronicles because I'd heard it was too short - so I have a late purchase coming in the mail as I write this (had to get it from Ebay 'cause no one else has it.) I'm nearly finished with AOD - pending another horrific bug-workthrough, something called "D3D_Create_Device" - so Chronicles is next!

    AOD has been a great game undercut by a multitude of serious bugs. I could handle the occasional graphics spaz-out like in the early games where recently-slain foes would lounge peacefully in mid-air off the edges of rocks and bridges, and even AOD's music-box-dancer pirouette on stairs. But when a game causes me to have to spend literally weeks doing extensive online research into the engineering specifications of my sound card, my video card, and the exciting inner workings of something called "Direct X," the concept of "fun" has been long since replaced with an overwhelming desire to fire-bomb my PC and never venture beyond checkers ever again. Not the desired result. And we won't even go into the horribly mucked-up controls.

    That rant aside, AOD was a near-perfect mix of urban/industrial settings and arcana and storytelling; its graphics, music and visual production were all awesome.

    The only other general comment is to agree with something Mrgrim posted earlier: They need to get back the original voice actor (Judith Gibbins) for LC. By AOD her voice has morphed into the artificially hard, masculine drone of a drill sergeant or the forced puffiness of a self-conscious politician. It's OK for Lara to be feminine IMO, seeing that she's a female character and all - and the subtle, understated strength of the original Lara kicks the butt of the strained, unnatural husk of the AOD character effortlessly.

    [Brevity! Oyeah! I never remember...]

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    Hi KasigiYabuSama, good luck with playing Chronicles and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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    Thanks Mum - I'm hoping it will keep me busy right up to the point of Legend's release. Tinkering with the level editor sounds like it could be fun too - but having to become a de facto computer engineer just to get through AOD has soured me on tinkering for the moment. I'm still in limbo on the "D3D_Create_Device" error - I can't even get into the game any more.

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    I don't want Judith Gibbins back. Though I must say, that the original voice actor was worse. She was awful! She had no sense of acting; she just talked, she had no feel of what Lara was saying. Compared to her, Judith Gibbins was quite good, but the present-day Lara is way better.

    Anyhow, my favourite game is The Last revelation. It was so wonderfully different from the previous Tomb raiders, and I have always been fascinated by Egyptian mythology, especially Set and Anubis. Though I should say that Set was originally the god of the winds and the sand storms. He was made 'evil' when the worshippin of Osiris and Horus became popular. Don't think corruption and bending a belief system to one's conveniences is something recent - humans have always been doing it. Anyhow, I particularly loved Set in The last revelation. Don't ask me why, if you can help it.

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    * only vote to Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation

    TR1 : i have not orginal CD
    TR2 : i have not orginal CD
    TR3 : very best background music all through game (finished in 1.5 month)
    *TRTLR : i love it so much (finished in 13 month)
    TRC : very very short (finished in 1 month)
    TRAOD : i don't like it...

    i have qustion, Did you know anything about persepolis ancient?
    PERSEPOLIS IS OLD GREAT ANCIENT FROM IRAN and i love Tomb Raider for ancient...

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    I'm one of those guys who wants to have as many Tomb Raider-games as possible. The ones I have right now are:

    TRI and TRI: UB
    TRII and TRII: TGM
    TRIV: The Times - Exclusive Tomb Raider-level
    TRIV: The Last Revelation
    TRV: Chronicles

    To me the first one is still the best. The first introduction of Lara Croft, Jacqueline Natla (the very best villain of the entire TR-saga), Larson (so funny) and Pierre. The incredibly beautiful music and scenery. The creepy atmosphere of danger lurking behind every corner and being all alone in a Godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere ..... I LOVE IT!!

    Even though the action in TRII .... the gameplay in TRIII ...... the story and booby traps in TRIV ..... the flashbacks in TRV and the graphics in TRAOD are all very, very, very, very, very interesting ...................... Tomb Raider 1 is the single most complete Tomb Raider-game ever made and thé single most important videogame of all times as well!

    Bye for now

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