Thread: oi! i kinda need some help >.<

oi! i kinda need some help >.<

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    oi! i kinda need some help >.<

    i read alot about this game, and i bought it as soon as i saw it in store. thing is, the manual is as mysterious as ever, and i dont have a clue how to do stuff. i made an avatar, and now the game wants me to go find myself a few henchmen. the only actions i got are Investigate and Headhunt.

    so.. how can i make my avatar to go look for people instead of info?

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    Click on your avatar then then you'll see all the actions you can do. Tthen click on one of the characters faces you'll see on the map, click the noteblock to see what the people can do when you made up your mind who you want recruit, select the headhunt action, click the face press the green ok button

    Also you might want to check out:

    it has some nice tutorials of the actions

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    that helped alot