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Thread: Website Layout: Feedback

Website Layout: Feedback

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    A Change for the Worse

    Hi, I used to use this site all the time maybe a year or two ago then just kinda stopped coming and now I come back and everything is all weird and totally different. What happened to the avatars and the groups?
    >MFW This entire site now

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    im guessing they don't like it either because I am not seeing any answers to any questions that have to be asked in forums because the "support" area is lacking any real support just more frustration.

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    this web site is so complicated it takes me a day to find a simple order invoice

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    SE... Well i've been a supportive fan through all their garbage. Because i grew up playing their games when they were actually good... Same as their website... They insist on adding stupid crap like qte's to their games... And making it difficult to just relax and enjoy what should be an amazing experience. se always produces great quality games then ruins them by adding stupid annoying garbage lol... Just spent 60$ on ps4 tomb raider and ended up shutting the game down after getting owned by the same annoying wte repeatedly. Want my damn money back lol

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