Thread: how can I buy or move to a new house?

how can I buy or move to a new house?

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    Question how can I buy or move to a new house?

    Hi all! I just bought the game Thursday and I love it! Only thing is it's real difficult TOok me an hour to get one recruit!
    but aside from that, all is really good. I have two questions tough:

    1- How can I buy a new house to be able to recruit more people?

    2- How can I raise my public profile in some districts? Do I put on posters and do survey?

    Thanks in advance!

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    In answer to n° 1, I don't know I'm currently at day 23 and haven't been able to do so, my brother is further in the game so I asked him to post here how to do it.

    In answer to n° 2, yes use the poster action and canvass action (if the characters that you recruited have that ability). However if you're going to make use of the canvass action make sure you don't use it to much in the same district or else you're going to have people complaining about it

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    moving to a new hq only goes when u have at least 25% in every wealth erea of town, wealth areas are the yellow ones on the sattelite map

    then u must have at least 80% in vostok green (upper left area)
    u must maintain this

    with the 80% u have control of the prison (the star on the map)

    then u must use the new action u get to convince the 2 people in the area (prison guard)

    then u can have a new hq

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    Yeah, thanks guys. I moved to my new house after bribing the guards. And yes, using canvass to much will anoy people so much that they'll post news articles about it. But hey! I'm still the largest political party in the city having about 50% of all the city's support!