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Help Please

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    Help Please

    I'm having trouble running the game. I have needed to copy the movies onto my HD, and apply the 'upside-down' patch to get even this far...
    When the game starts, and I click 'new-game', the intro runs with no problem, then, as soon as the first fight scene starts, the game quits out on me. No error report, just quits out
    I am running Windows 2k on a 1.7Gb Athlon, with a GF4Ti4800 and 512Mb DDR RAM.
    I am at a loss I have played this game on the PS2, but now want to play it on the PC. Regarding the video codec fix, being that i'm running w2k i can't seem to find any of the video codec options, not that my problem fits into that exactly.
    Hope you guys can help, thanks...

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    I'd say that it's hopeless to get it to run in Win2000. Winxp maybe...Win 98/Me, a greater maybe.

    I think you need to download some kind of compatibility patch for Win2000 or something. But I don't know the steps.

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    Yeah, you see, Win2k runs on what's called the NT kernel, and for all intents and purposes, its a completly diffrent OS than win95/98/etc... they jusy amke it look teh same. You'd have just as good luck trying to run it in a mac or linux.

    However, there IS a work around: You can set up your computer to have dual-boot OS, whcih means on start up, you can select either win 98 or win2k to start up, so that you don't have to get rid of win2k, but you can still run 98 to run ff7 (and most other games at that). Though you'll need the win98 cd to do this.. i suggest borrowing one from a friend and doing a minimum install (make sure you select the dual-boot" option durring instal, it would suck to write over win2k and mess up your comp and lsoe everything.

    I'll go into more detail if this is a doable option. Reply back with any questions =)
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    Enhances the music not only of Final Fantasy VII, but also Divi-Dead and Nocturnal Illusion as well as many more games! Then this is the solution to all your problems
    That statement tells me it modifies something in windows... If you can accept that, then I guess you can try it... But Win2000 is not WinXP. And I don't like patches that modify files in the Windows directory.

    Besides this was discused at Qhimm's site a while back, and most of the guys there said they had problems with this patch, and to stay away from it.

    If you look at the Reviews most of they people say it made the Chocobo Race work again.....well Eidos has a link to the Chocobo patch (related to Qhimm's site) And that patch is very small compared to the 8.7megs of this XP patch. And it fixes the Chocobo Race.