Thread: Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home!

Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home!

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    Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home!

    Hey muthafackos!

    Bottom line. This game is going to tear the place up.

    Myself and the 50:51 family have been promoting this game and the DVD series over here in the UK for the past few months now and the hype is unbelievable!

    Insane Clown Posse have added another gold nugget to their belts and achievments and I think that is another big "screw you" to all those who ever doubted the powers of the Dark Carnival.

    Peece & MNL

    - Krazy

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    Thumbs Down ***orino

    and people actually like ICP? thats sad and pathetic. im glad there in this game though, just to beat the snot out of those stupid retards and all there "Band" followers. AKA petaphiles.

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    and people actually like ICP, thats sad and pathetic.
    Yup, gives a pretty good synopsis of what we get upto.

    Peece & MNL

    - Krazy

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    Dude i dont know how you can't like a bunch of xtreme clowns!

    I am buying the game so i can do my job on a computer, its gonna be awesome, to capture the reality of shoving a broken bottle into someones bloody face, is cool.

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    I hate clowns because they are just so false man, i bet when they get home they plot to kill all the little kiddies.
    And i agree with you tre_green- Paedophiles

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    Thumbs Down

    Its pretty sad when ignorant people come onto a forum that is about a game that embraces and even gives props to ICP then disses on them. At least if you diss on them, do it in a way that makes sense, going around saying the wicked ones are pedophiles when you dont even know about them (obviously) just shows your limited understanding and your need to start fights. Although, us juggalos know whats up and I cant wait for this game to drop, its gonna be str8 wicked!!!

    MCL ninjas, and I feel sorry for all you mindless haters.

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    silly kidz always dissin tha clowns lol........who cares?! let them.......its funny because when you think about it.......the ONLY reason people hate clowns is because of their past or they are just scared of them.......its true..i dont care what you say or how much you whine, i have proved it. i just cant wait to make feminem in tha create a wrestler section to kill him over and over and over and over whenever i feel like it. MUCH LOVE JUGGALOS and i hope my free dvd comes soon. I GETS WICKED LIKE WONKA IF YOU KILL ME I'LL HAUNT YA.....I LOVE THE FIRE THAT RAINS AND I CAN'T EXPLAIN THE FEELING........