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Thread: No more Star Ocean ???

No more Star Ocean ???

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    No more Star Ocean ???

    Is it true that square enix will not make any more Star Ocean titles?
    I hope that the team of Star Ocean will keep making similar games even if they didn't name them Star Ocean!

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    last i saw online was the director/creator was done with sar ocean only cuz he wants to do somethin diffrent but along the same lines as star ocean (sci-fy type game) sorry i dont remember the link been months since i read the article with it

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    Good news THANK YOU

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    Originally Posted by Lumina
    Good news THANK YOU
    this tech tech demo & news should make you happy

    star ocean ex drama cd's are on youtube plus have star ocean: blue sphere lets play planned for next year still hope for 3DS or vita localization

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    I really want new saga of star Ocean in ps4, can you all think this is possible?

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    I would love to see another star ocean. I don't think 4 games are enough. They should be able to make a ton of those games. Only 4 games across infinite space? Yes, they've told a story with a beginning and an ending. But, we're talking about "space" here. Square-Enix and Tri-Ace can take the "Star Ocean" title anywhere. They need to hook up again, make some more Star Oceans, and promote them like crazy.

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    I would like to bump this thread, for two reasons, one to clear up a misconception here, and two to avoid making a thread aboutthis very same subject.

    star Ocean was mostly developed by Tri-Ace, and even though Square Enix did probably help with the game, the main development was by Tri-Ace, because Tri-Ace spawned from Wolf Team after system disagreements on the games, which is also why the Star Ocean series is so close to the Tales of series.

    Second, I also hope that there' s another Star Ocean, and sadly, that Tech Demo was stated "Has nothing to do with a future Star Ocean or anything planmed for the future". If Star Ocean 5 is going to be released, it's probably going to come out this year, or for the generation of consoles. Hopefully this time, they fix the numerous problems Star Ocean 4 had. It sucks that Tri-Ace doesn't release any information.


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    No more Suikoden. No more Wild Arms. No more Chrono games. No more Star Ocean. What's next? No more RPG Genre? lol I know there are some good RPGs out there. I just hate to see such great RPGs disappear. If they don't make anymore new Star Oceans, then I'd like to see a collection of the entire series available for the leading consoles in the future. I'd never leave my house. Well, except for family, food, and work, of course.

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    I wish we get another one!

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    I read an article from, some time ago, that stated that the producer of Star Ocean had accomplished all he set out to do with the series. Whether or not that means the end of the series, I sure hope not.

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    I hope they at least release SO1 & 2 on the PSN, I no longer have a PSP, would like to play them on Vita...

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    I absolutely would love those two on the PSN, among others. But, Star Ocean 1 & 2 are definately ones I would pick up off there. Since the PS1 i've enjoyed the series rather thoroughly. I'd like to see Til The End of Time on there as well, being as if you do have a Backwards Compatible PS3, it only works up to a certain point.

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    It's sad to see so many great rpg series' just fade away like this. Are there any rpg fans amongst the "Suits" and the "Shareholders" of these companies? Let the good times keep rolling. Don't roll over them, dangit.

    End Gripe.... For now. lol

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    Producer: New Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Romancing Saga Not Being Made Now

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    I heard the same type of news where the producer feels he has accomplished everything for the Star Ocean universe. But that news was like a year ago, I really wish they would change their mind. I didn't find the latest Star Ocean game so satisfying in terms of the story - game play was fun, and graphics were nice but I wasn't too impressed with the character cast.

    I would be very happy if they considered maybe releasing an HD remix of the PS2 Star Ocean 3!

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    Star Ocean 3 was better.

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    I want a Star Ocean done like Star Ocean: Second Story, its my favorite...

    I know in today's age they had to go and change it, but I miss the past Playstation era feel...

    Valkyrie Profile, Parasite Eve 3, Star Ocean remade to feel like Second Story, and Final Fantasy 13 Versus are all games I really wish for...

    Also, I would want a game thatplays like Crisis Core, man that is some seriously fun gameplay...

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    Chrono Cross 2 would be so awesome... *sigh* Alas... its been mostly boring waiting to see how long Square takes to release Final Fantasy 13 Versus and are we never going to get Type 0?

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire

    Producer: New Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Romancing Saga Not Being Made Now

    This is the worst thing I've read in a long time.

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    Just passing to say that I want new Star Ocean titles too. But, as said on previous posts, many great series disappeared already, and our favorite series can do the same. happens, unfortunately.

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    They are making a new mmo version of star ocean, Star Galaxy. I don't like how rpg's are being made into mmo's, but I realize I'm a minority on this.

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    Square Enix Files New 'Star Ocean' Trademark

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    Brad, I hope they do not think of Star Galaxy as a replacement for Star Ocean.

    Grimoire, thanks for the news. Let's sit and wait without any excitement.

    By the way, I think that a localization of Blue Sphere would be great.

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    Given the five year delay between 3 and 4, it is a bit premature to fear for the series. ^_^; It will take a while for them just to blue print the thing.

  25. #25 Watch this vid. No question about it SO5 is on the way!!!!!

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