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Thread: No more Star Ocean ???

No more Star Ocean ???

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  2. #27 link to new so?

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    That video was made for the xbox360/ps3 generation but we still can call it a hint.

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    Yea it's a tech demo! But has all the makings of a sequel.

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    Square Enix Registers Occult Maiden And Star Ocean Trademarks

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    That article reminds me of how much I hated the plot twist in SO3. I really felt like they phoned it in on that one.

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    I didn't really get angry about SO3. Quantum physics supposes exactly what SO3 says, so they have base to write such an unusual story. Indeed, this is exactly what I like in Star Ocean: they do not get stuck in the middle age and explore interesting topics.

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    What the heck? Star Ocean was freakin' amazing--the first "action" rpg game, with a free-movement battle system-type game I ever played. No complaints, well...because I love Square Enix...and Tri-Ace....nothing but positive from this gamer.

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    Unhappy STAR OCEAN "no more?"

    no more star ocean stories?

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    I was introduced to the series by "Star Ocean: The 2nd Story". I knew right then and there that this series had some incredible potential. As crazy as this sounds, I feel that the Star Ocean series itself has been disrespected. I honestly thought we'd be seeing a 6th or 7th title by this point in time. I really hope that someone with the heart, the vision, and the money comes forth to breathe life back into this series some day.

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    The last info I heard about Star Ocean was a Social media game for the phone but I would still hope for a PS4 of Star Ocean or a remake of SO3 with lots of dlc but the chances of that are very small

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    Star Ocean

    Are there any plans to continue the Star Ocean IP? Do yall still have the rights?

    Or did that beautiful pipe dream disappear with tri-Ace's sell-out to mobile?

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