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Thread: Kingdom Hearts III on the Wii U (Petition)

Kingdom Hearts III on the Wii U (Petition)

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    The Wii U simply isn't powerful enough, unfortunately.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Christian
    Okay so let me start off by saying I personally don't mind buying a PS4 to play Kingdom Hearts III, but Wii U owners and Nintendo fans have been getting the short end of the stick lately from 3rd party developers (and there are arguments for that), but I still feel that the Wii U deserves its own version as much as the XB ONE and there is to consider the rich library of KH games that have been released on Nintendo. I support KH III going multi-platform, hey the more the merrier. So if your a Nintendo fan, Wii U owner, multi-platform supporter or just sympathizing with the Nintendo fans, and Wii U owners please add your signature to my petition and if possibly spread the word about this petition on twitter, facebook or any other social media site. It might be a long shot, but its worth a try.

    Thank you and have a nice morning, afternoon or evening.

    I also have a twitter and fb for this petition (new w/ social media):!/profile.php?id=2095803...
    I just did.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Kyle
    I bloody hope not the Wii U is barely more powerful then then current gen systems meaning if they develop with the Wii U in mind the quality of the entire game will be brought down

    The PS4 and XBOX One are much closer in power 1.84 TFLOPS vs 1.24 TFLOPS vs the Wii U crappy current gen power of 0.35 TFLOPS

    Do you really think what the development team has in mind for an epic final quest in the Xeanort Saga can really run on the Wii U's pathetic Hardware? Do you really think the Wii U can run this ingame @ 1080p and 60 FPS


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    Man I need to make a counter petition for this I DO NOT want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be ruined by the stupid Wii U fanboys just buy a PS4 and stop being cheap

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    I can see your going to be a thorn in my flesh, honestly why don't you just ignor this thread just let be. In case your wondering or do any assumptions, I do not own a Wii U and if Kingdom Hearts III were to ever come out on Wii U that wouldn't change the fact that I'm still getting the PS4.

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    We will trade you Zora and Lightning for Link and Mario. Lol. Were gonna feed Mario to the Xbox One and reboot Zelda. Holy cow can you imagine Zelda on the PS4? Anyhow... they would have to chop out so much of the games to be able to get it on the WiiU that it'd just be a shame to even consider doing it. And I hope they never make another Xbox game, ever. That was a huge mistake. Xbox can keep that mess they called FF10 and any sequels to it. And btw, were still waiting for KHDD on the PS Vita.... heh.

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    Might as well make one to get Halo on PlayStation 4.

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    Originally Posted by Gemmie12_Blansive

    why not, SE aready is releasing Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director Cut, once a PS3 game, onto the Wii U pretty soon. Trust me, I'm pre-ordering the PS4, I have a PS3, but also the Wii U. So I think this is a great Idea.

    Keyword PS3. The PS3 and Wii U are simillar in power which is why I have no problem with cross platform games that began on the Playstation 3

    HOWEVER The Playstation 4 is 5 times more powerful then the Wii U (maybe more) so like I mentioned prevously if they develop with the Wii U in mind the ENTIRE quality of the exerperience will be brought down to current gen level because you have to develop wth the lowest system in mind.

    The worlds would be tiny and linear due to ram size and ram speed limitations (1 GB DDR3 running @ 12.8 GB/S vs 7GB running @ 176 GB/S) 1 GB is reserved to both systems

    What you're going to see with the PS4 AND Xbox One is more open worlds higher frame rates better graphics higher resolution with better effects and with a game like Kingdom Hearts this means EVERYTHING

    For those like myself who have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts in a truly next gen experience we must not let this get on to the Wii U

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    Oh boy, here we go. Look, can we just agree that people have the right to petition for stuff, but it really won't get them anywhere unless they get at least a million people to sign it? Once they get half a million people to sign the petition, then we can argue about it, but until then, I doubt that SE will even notice. Anyway, to me, graphics don't mean anything, it's just the content that matters, so if the game came out on the Wii U with PS2 KH graphics, but with all the same gameplay and stuff included, I wouldn't have any problem playing it (I'd still buy it for the PS4, because that's the system it's meant to be played on, but apart from playing it on a controller that it wasn't made for, I wouldn't have a problem with playing it on the Wii U, just as long as it didn't lower the quality or cut any of the content from the PS4 version, like you said.). Anyway, does anyone else think that the only reason why SE agreed to release KH3 on the Xbox One was because Microsoft bribed them to do it?

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    Hey you took my response. Your not the only, well either that or Square Enix had a bad revanue of late and thought releasing KHIII on XBOX ONE would make them a profit.

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    Playstation was my first real console and whenever the PS2 came out and Kingdom Hearts was introduced, I fell in love. Seriously? Seeing Kingdom Hearts come out for every console just doesn't fell right. They already are releasing it for Xbox One, I'm happy for that because it is a really good system with high capabilities, but releasing it for the Wii U isn't the same thing. No offense to Nintendo, but they are just not up to par with Microsoft and Sony. I just feel like if they were to release it for every console it would just make it lose its genuine antiquity of the game.

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    I said this in the other thread but apparently I need to say it here too. Hopefully this will give you guys a better reasoning as to why this isn't coming to Wii U and how it would be more detrimental to the game then being a positive thing (both from a business perspective and game quality perspective):

    I'll help explain this the best way I can.

    Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are both being developed using the coding toolset DirectX 11.

    DirectX is a powerful toolset that helps programmers program games better and more efficiently. It also helps the games run better.

    Unfortunately, Wii U doesn't support DirectX 11 because of its PowerPC architecture. It would be extremely difficult to port the game. Not only that but a lot of money and resources would be put into a port that wouldn't run very well because it wasn't built natively for said platforms. PS4 and One both support PC like architectures that support many development toolsets like DirectX 11.

    Also resource allocation would further divide the team up. With more and more of the team making more ports it would affect the overall quality of the game. There is no inherent reward to porting the game to the Wii U.

    I hope that helped clear things up for you guys.

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    I love nintendo but the wii u was not made right. It could not run arkham city right and people to expect ps4 and xbox one titles to run right on this new system are just joking them selves. Kingdom hearts is on ps4 and xbox one and it is going to be much for the wii u.

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    I don't think your statement is an end all, be all for these threads. Firstly, I'd like to clarify that DirectX is a API used to handle multimedia, and would be more related to GPU features rather than CPU architecture (PowerPC vs x86 - though there will be work in moving from x86 to PowerPC). Now from my understanding the Wii U doesn't directly support DirectX due to Nintendo not liscensing the API.

    Now I'm not a game developer, but I do have some background in computer science, so I believe there to be some truth to these claims I'm going to make. As an API, DirectX's job is to handle rendering details with the hardware as an abstraction for programmers. A well designed game should separate rendering from the actual game, so DirectX could be replaced with an equivalent (like OpenGL, or whatever the Wii U supports). Of course, it isn't as simple as that, and some effort would be needed in making the game run smoothly (probably running at 720p and less intensive particles, to say the least).

    Now from a business perspective this does demand more cost and resource allocation, but there are several things to consider. Firstly, some of the middleware solutions the Luminous Engine uses come from Silicon Studios, which have provided a solution for Wii U as well. And as others have said, Square Enix has established a following of the franchise on Nintendo platforms before, and the audience on the Wii U quite ideal for Kingdom Hearts. Porting an engine over only needs to happen once - then games like Final Fantasy XV and whatever else runs on Luminous Engine will be easier to bring over. The big issue for Squre, I think, is whether there is a big enough userbase of the Wii U for that to happen. Though with what Nintendo will be bringing this holiday season onwards, I have reason to believe there will be a strong userbase.

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    I agree with you there, Nintendo has made some really big mistakes with not having a decent game lineup at release (and to be fair, Sony hasn't been doing much better, the Vita looks awsome, but there just aren't enough good games to justify buying it yet), but with the games that have been confirmed for the Wii U so far (Super Smash Bros., the Legend of Zelda, and so on), it's guaranteed to bounce back.

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    you guys get two kingdom heart titiles and you suddenly feel like you deserve to get more? petteions does nothing you never get anywere no one ever has in the gameing community but on the flip side if i had to decide who should get the kingdom hearts say nintindo over any xbox product

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    It's actually 4: Chain of Memories, 358/2, Re:Coded, and DDD. I'd say that most of those were pretty crucial to the story save for Re:Coded. I'd think after creating a base of fans on the Nintendo platform, they should support that fan base, that's all. And petitioning seemed to change how the Xbox One works, though that was a totally different situation :O

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    Everyone deserves to play whatever games they so choose, and Kingdom Hearts definitely has the feeling of whimsy that comes from playing a game on a Nintendo console. Though the fact that the WiiU doesn't have the technology necessary to run the game, I'm sure serious thought was put into releasing it on the WiiU, and I'm sure that serious thought will continue to be put into it. There's plenty of time before the game's release, and Nintendo fans certainly have as much a chance as anyone to play Kingdom Hearts 3. I know if Kingdom Hearts 3 were going to be released on the WiiU, I'd go out and buy a WiiU right now.

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    DirectX 11 is so much more then an API. It's also a library of commands and functions programmers use to code games. If they are using DirectX 11 it means they are building it from the ground up with DirectX 11. It's literally the foundation the game is built on and is hard coded in.

    Wii U does not have the hardware nor the software built into the system to run the libraries that are built into DirectX 11.

    In simpler terms, in order for them to port it they would have to rebuild the game from basically scratch (they would have to recode the entire game and engine). That isn't a viable business or creative option at all. That doesn't have the best interest of the game in mind nor the consumer in mind as it would divert way to much of the team to port and would cost way too much money for most likely a small return. This is high risk, low reward. Something that a lot of company's would not risk. Especially given SE's current fragile finances at the moment it would be a poor decision any way you look at it.

    Nomura already said if the system can't run DirectX 11 then it's not being considered. It's foolish to think otherwise.

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    Originally Posted by PshycoNinja

    That doesn't have the best interest of the game in mind nor the consumer in mind as it would divert way to much of the team to port and would cost way too much money for most likely a small return. This is high risk, low reward.

    And, that's the crux of the issue, in a nutshell. All any of you can promise is that you, personally, will buy the game new. You cannot even begin to promise that KH3 for Wii U would sell even a million new copies. SE knows where its sales figures come from; it is no accident that FFX HD and KH 1.5 HD are Playstation exclusives.

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    Not to nitpick at words, but an API is pretty synonymous to a library. The Wii U doesn't have the DirectX library, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the hardware or an equivalent library to do the job. It also won't be graphically on par with PS4 and X1 versions, but I believe it'd still be possible (though that's not saying much, with my little experience). The question is whether, at this point in time, the tools and information are being provided (which is why I brought up Silicon Studio's middleware in my first post) and whether there is a market for them.

    And as I said, a well designed game and engine (I believe Square Enix has planned out their design of both their games and engines) would abstract the rendering aspect of the game from the actual game, meaning that DirectX is simply a library that could be replaced with an equivalent that provides the same solutions - and these are usually provided by middleware or by the hardware developers themselves. Let's put it this way: if you're designing a program that only works with one type of computer and has to be rewritten for every other type of computer, you're designing a bad program. Of course, the functionality of the machine plays a role, as well as many other factors. I'm not arguing that it won't take some effort, time and money to create a port, but I but I disagree that they would have to completely rewrite their code from scratch. It all comes down to whether the market on the Wii U is big enough for them to offset the cost of the port and gain a profit.

    I don't think it's likely that they will reverse their decision of not developing the game for hardware that doesn't have the DirectX 11 library either, but if the install base is big enough to warrant a profit, there is a possibility. SE knows its sales figures better than I do, but my reasoning is that they've decided to create multiple installments of the franchise on Nintendo platforms because there is an audience for their games on Nintendo platforms. There was a strong install base for the DS and GBA. DDD probably came as an investment in the 3DS platform because of the success of the DS. The same can't be said for the Wii U - they've had time to look at it, and decided it isn't a viable platform to develop for yet. What's interesting to me is that the PS4 and X1 have install bases of 0 right now - yet they're placing their bets on those machines. But that's a whole other story of Nintendo's relationships with third party developers.

    A lot can change in the two or so years (game'll probably come out in 3-4 years, but giving them some time to port) in terms of install base with the Wii U, PS4, X1. So the best we can do is promise that we'll purchase it and keep them considering it as an option. Though to be honest, it'd be more productive to try and get people to buy the Wii U. Hopefully this handful passionate fans will catch the eye of SE, and if it becomes suitable for them to port it to the Wii U, that they will.

    Edit: Thought I'd add a little example. AMD and Intel use different sets of instructions for their CPUs (because of patents and etc), but you're able to run programs and Windows or Mac on either machine; even the way they go about carrying out those instructions varies slightly. The reason is that they provide the same end result, even if the way they go about it is different. I mean, there's a lot more to this that I'm not well versed in myself, but that's the general idea.

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    I agree the ds and psp have been good to us for the last couple kingdom heart games. The ds has had three kingdom heart games. Amazing!! All great games. I'm even replaying dream drop distance right now. But I think wii u could not play Kingdom Heart 3. But think about this for a second you want kingdom hearts 3. But the wii u isn't even getting the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5. I think it could play the hd version of the first game but it is only on the playstation. Why not the wii u?

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    To be honest, I'm gonna be getting KH3 for the PS4, and I'm not gonna bother to get it for any other system, so at least in my case, SE is right not to make it for the Wii U. I still think that it's just as bad an idea for them to release it for the Xbox One (I don't think many people will go for the Xbox version over the PS4 version, and I also think that Nintendo has a much bigger KH fanbase than Microsoft), but since the program they're making it on is pretty much the same for both systems, it makes sense that they could port it over without risking much money on it (low risk with a decent chance at success, plus the chance that Microsoft sweetened the deal for them in exchange for not making it exclusive, and yeah, I took that thought from someone else's post, sorry about that.).

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    I'd love for them to make one for Wii U now that I have one. XD Save me the trouble of buying a PS4. But I don't know if the Wii U could support this title...

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    No, just, no. If they port KH3 over to the Wii or Wii U it would absolutly ruin it.

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