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Thread: Asteroid!!!

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    If the chances of this hitting the Earth aren't that great (supposedly) why bother telling people about this if it's only going to cause certain individuals to panic?
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    IT'S GONNA KILL US ALL..........AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!... crashes through window

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    If British astronomers are as reliable as British weathermen then............panicking might actually be a gooooood idea!
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    i heard about that several months ago. i highly doubt its going to hit.

    definately NOT something to stress over.

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    Off topic but not really (you'll see as you continue to read).

    Asteroids. Early shoot-em-up computer game -some of the over 20's might remember it. Now being used as a commercial for the HUMMER SUV.

    Commercial opens with the Asteroid screen and the frantic little space ship blasting away. On screen comes the HUMMER, runs right over that poor helpless laser equiped spaceship.

    Cute, sad, and humourous all at the same time.

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    Sorry to burst everyones bubble , but it's not an asteroid...It's the Mothership and it's coming to eat us all !!

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    Originally posted by mulder's not an asteroid...It's the Mothership...
    Rather it slow down and/or land than crash!

    Still, it's pretty goofy the way they give such high odds along with such an exact date.

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    It's March 21, 2014 and today's weather forcast is a 25% chance of asteriod. And a little rain.

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    " some sort of hat might be in order then...?"

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    Originally posted by DaveJ
    " some sort of hat might be in order then...?"
    Yes, a very HARD hat.

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    Originally posted by DaveJ
    " some sort of hat might be in order then...?"
    Whoa! Deja Vu!

    I've heard the Preperation H is helpful for asteroid relief.

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    You sure you're not thinking of assteroids?

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    Maybe it's even worse?

    Maybe it's an asteroid and a muddaship?!

    - Matthew

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    if it's a muddaship, we have nothing to worry about
    you see, earth won't be destroyed
    humanity on the other hand.. u 'people' prob all get eaten


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    Asteroids should be the very reason why we have any Hydrogen or Nuclear Missles at all. Imagine a rock several millions of miles away become deflected at a one degree angle, missing our gravity-well by even more distances and burning up into the sun. It's that easy! That, or you can become a cockroach and survive the long, icy winter ahead of you.

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    Originally posted by Exitium
    It's that easy!

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