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Thread: Anybody Playing Astrodelica ???

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    Anybody Playing Astrodelica ???

    Very interesting game - lots of puzzles - alein, a little psiko-ish - BTW what's psiko up to ???

    Anybody heard from him, know how far along he's gotten ??? - hope he's feeling better... I'll write him...

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    I'm playing it now. (Well, not at this very moment)
    I'm not all that far into it yet. Currently in the
    Alien's Earth Gravity practice room in the first level.
    It ain't easy!

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    Hey DEEK !!!

    Some's easy some's hard - I'm a little ahead of you - the good part is that you, being an expert, can make your way thru...

    Watch out for those invisable aliens in the white room with purple spots - LOL - what a freaky game !!!

    This is definately NOT a game for someone with epileptic tendencies

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    I just finished lowering the blocks in the Gravity practice room.
    On my way to the the top again to get to the next area.
    Invisible aliens?!? YIKES! Can they be seen with flares?
    I'll keep an infra-red eye out...

    Goran or John Carter - feel free to move this thread to the Custom Level Corner Forum - I have a feeling we could be discussing this for a while. D.

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    You can see them - they have the same color dots all over that the walls do... but that's all you see - dots moving...

    I'll post some screen shots... just finished riding the "bike" all around this pyramid shaped thing (floating in mid air) to hit a bunch of symbols that opened a gate... very imaginative...

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    Hey DEEK !!!

    Just finished Astro 1&2 - pretty good - starting Astro 3...

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