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Thread: ...but forward is pretty good...

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    Smile ...but forward is pretty good...

    Just saw the full moon, with Mars just a couple inches away... what a beautiful sight !!!

    The Great Engineer has lots of miracles for us to experience... let's do it !!!

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    You should've seen the moon here the night before last. Bright orange! So bizarre.. So captivating..
    I spotted when I looked down the valley towards the town center. And it blended in perfectly with the lights of the city. Just as bright, and with the same orange tinge. -Amazing!

    Would've been a perfect picture, had my camera been a whole lot better and about three times as expensive!

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    "....thats no moon....thats a space station!"

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    Too big for a space station.

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    Awwwwww no piccys???
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    "Ohhh.....that's where we put the temple!!"

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    So that was Mars! Pretty awesome.

    Yes, KittenCeleste, I agree - and in central Fl. the clouds surrounding it made it look like an astral highway; a scene hard to forget.

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    Long live NASA

    Explanation: Have you seen Mars lately? As Earth and Mars near their closest approach in nearly 60,000 years on August 27, the red planet has begun to appear dramatically bright and show interesting details through telescopes and binoculars. Although not yet visible at sunset, Mars can be seen rising increasingly earlier in the evening. Once above the horizon, Mars is easy to spot, as it sports a distinct orange-red hue and it is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun, the nearby Moon, and Venus. After Earth overtakes Mars in their respective solar orbits, Mars will be visible right from sunset, although its historic brightness will then begin to fade. Pictured above, Mars was captured rising in the south east next to Poodle Rock in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA.

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    Awesome pic Goran.

    Poodle Rock, indeed!

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    Just gotta love the APOTD. Thanks, Goran!

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    Gorgeous piccy Goran - thanks!!! Its funny the moon over here has been 'sporting' that orangey glow too - now I know why - thanks for the information people!!!

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    That's actually a pic of Earth, taken from Poodle Rock on Mars.

    300 years from now...

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    Great picture Goran!

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