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Thread: Monstrum Crime Scene, Journalist, Freezing

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    Unhappy Monstrum Crime Scene, Journalist, Freezing

    After getting the 5th Obscura Engraving, and getting out of the Sewers back to the snowy town square. Whenever i get to the Journalist and speak she asks fo the codes and the game just...

    ...Stops, what do u know it freezes , Just like it ALWAYS does someone please help this is getting ANOYING!

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    I had it too, a few times. Try an earlier savegame, that worked for me! or save just before you talk to him and then try it.


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    Yeah, it only did it to me the first time. Just keep trying at it and it shoudl work...eventually.

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    It happened to me, I approached him from a different angle and it worked

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    Hi Notts Raider, How did you handle it from different angle and if it worked. Could you tell me please what to do so that it could be worked. Actually I am totally confused about it . If you teach me how to do it I will be glad to you. Thanks a lot for that in advance. But please you have to tell me anyhow about this journalist topic.
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