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Thread: stuck in the serpent rouge!

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    stuck in the serpent rouge!

    please can someone help me i am stuck at the point where i cannot find the box at the yop of the rigging.i have climbed right to the top in the serpent rouge,opened a box which has nothing in it,and cannot open a door as i am not strong do i find the box?do i have to do something with the levers on the bottom level? many thanks

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    kick down the bridge

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    First, as mcflynn said: kick down the bridge, then you have to opne the door use the left (I think) switch in th econtrol room to change the order of the light, do this twice to get the broken lamp (you can see sparks flying out of it) nearest to the rail, then use the other switch to bring it to the box, then go fetch it, but beware of the guard that appears on the room, kil it, get the keys on the floor, and exit the level through the dorr in that room... Hope I was useful

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    serpent rouge

    thanks mr shadow,i will try that stategy and see if it works,sure it will.just one other thing;is there a shag interaction with lara or do i have to buy the xxx game? xxxx

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