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Thread: [ AGGREGATE ] Common technical issues for the LoK games

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    Hmm, no, that all looks good. There are two recommendations I have:

    - Try playing with the disc in your other CD drive. Usually this type of crash is because of the copy protection, which some drives have trouble with.

    - Try upgrading to DirectX 9.

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    Thanks for your help blincoln. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it using my other CD drive (which is newer and tends to work better than my internal DVD/CD drive). The game now works. Apparently, when the game enters a new section, it tries to load it from the HD. The original installation must have been corrupt and thus crashed at this same point. So far so good.

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    Only wings?

    i just upgraded my comp - i have Win XP, AMD 2800 Barton, ATI Radeon 9800, and, of course, Soul Reaver 2. However, when i run the game, everything is fine EXCEPT Raziel. I only see his tattered wings and the soul reaver (when activated).

    Anyone know a fix for this?

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    Hi everyone
    I just bought soul reaver 2 for the pc and am having terrible trouble just getting it to start.
    I have had blood omen 2 working great and i understand is a newer game!
    I have installed and uninstalled twice or three times now, also defraged disk and scanned it but it still is jerky.I havent even got in game yet,i have only got to the start screen.It is jerky even then.
    I have p111 850mhz, 512 ram and a g force mx 420 card and also a sound blaster live card.
    I know the graphics card is not up to much but it runs other games great.
    Can anyone help please im itching to play this game

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    Make sure you've patched the game to the latest version. You're going to need to make the registry change in the thread Umah linked to because of your graphics card. Also, be SURE you're running the latest Detonator drivers from Nvidia - there was a batch that caused the framerate on SR2 to be less than it could be.

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    seems i had noproblems with it even without installing a patch ...1800xp...a7v266e running XP.No prob's here

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    Thank you guys.
    It runs great now i went into the registry!!!!
    All the best John.

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    Alternating colours (instead of regular graphics) at menu

    Ok, first of all, i have read the faq, and the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

    Here is my problem:

    As soon as a start soul reaver2, i get alternating colours of blue, brown, and purple. When everything is blue, i can make out some details of the menu, and by doing this (with much strain to my eyes) i managed to change the resolution, and some other graphical options. This did nothing to resolve my problem. Also, everything else seems to work. The sound works, the menu works, etc. I am currently running an AMD 2600 2.1ghz CPU, Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb video card, 512M DDR ram, on WIN XP. Windows XP has a compatibility option that is supposed to resolve known problems with programs that weren't designed for XP. This did nothing. So I ask, no, BEG this forum for help.

    NOTE: I emailed Eidos support, and having since waited more than 52 hours for a response, i've given up on them.

    EDIT: Its now been 75 hours

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    did you have to edit the registry slightly? thats what i had to do when i ran Soul Reaver 2 for the first time with a geforce 4 mmx


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    Edit my registry? I know that for one common bug (called "torn graphics") you have to edit your registry. I don't know of this would solve my probelm, and i'm not getting torn graphics. Also, the cinematic runs fine, but once i get into the actual game, all i get is a dull grey/green screen.

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    Right, I'm no tech-guru (not having the PC version, or a good graphics card really sucks ) but I'll try my best

    1. Make sure DirectX is up-to-date (by that, I mean, make sure you have the version the game requires).

    2. Clicking here will take you to the page with the hack. It's at the top of the page, and is 12.4 Mb. If that doesn't work:

    3. Make sure all your graphics card drivers are up to date. This page should be of help. It's the official site. If it doesn't, you can search again as I may have done something wrong

    Windows XP has a compatibility option that is supposed to resolve known problems with programs that weren't designed for XP.
    This was ment as an attempt to get Soul Reaver 1 working on the PC. It shouldn't really matter in my opinion (I'm probably wrong) as Soul Reaver 2 was just released after XP was.

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    Did you patch it to the 1.02 version??

    That fixed the problem for me.

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    Yeah, that really sounds something that the patch will fix.

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    Wow, thanks for all the help everyone! Im sure one of these will be the answer to my problem. Ill try it when i have a minute

    Thanks again!

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    HELP... demo wont work?


    i have heard a lot of good things about this game and i am wondering how it plays so i downloaded the demo and when i start it up, i see nothing but a beige screen with a prison looking bars at the beginning then it goes to a start up menu where i can vaguely see the words? i really wanted to try this game.. i changed all the settings for my computer... here are my specs

    dell dimension 8200
    p4 2.8ghz
    120gb HD
    1gb rd-ram (pc-800)
    64mg geforce4 ti4200
    santa cruz sound card

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    Make sure you've got the latest version of DirectX, and the latest Detonator drivers from Nvidia for your Geforce. If that doesn't work, then you could try making the registry change that's listed in the technical help thread at the top of this forum.

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    hey sorry it took so long.. its the soul reaver 2 demo on WINDOWS XP

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    I'm having a serious PROBLEM, when I'm playing through the game, for maybe half an hour, the sound suddenly, becomes echoy and terrible, and u can't understand anything said, can somone Please Help Me ???

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    Couldn't help you there, but i quit trying to play it after a repeated crash to desktop in the exact same spot (the lake underneath the big winged statue - during the wintery scene, when i go underwater and shift to the spectral realm, as soon as i enter the hole that appears beneath the statue - bang, back to desktop. Sucks too b/c the last save is some distance away.

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    I'm having the Same Problem on WinXP

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    Brinkman and cwalker (*especially* cwalker), you need to update your video drivers. Go to and download the latest Detonator package. They're up to 43.something now. That should give you a framerate boost and get rid of the crackling.

    sbateman and tomb_raiding, are you also running GeForce 4s? What version of the drivers do you have? You can find out by going to your Start menu, choosing Run, entering "dxdiag" in the box and pressing enter, then going to the Display tab and looking under Drivers.
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    Hey thanks for your reply. It's been a while, but in response to your question, I actually have a Radeon 9700 Pro, not a G5 card. I had the newest drivers at the time. I thought this issue was interesting because although everyone who posted on this message seems to have the same problem, the only similarities between our computers is Windows XP (and perhaps Intel Pentium 4 processors?). Eidos, take note! Anyway, my Soundcard is crap and I suspect that it is the problem - a SoundBlaster Live Value (came with the Dell)... Oh well, I finished the game in spite of the terrible sound, but it was pretty sad. It's hard to really get into a game when you hear "SNAP" "CRACKLE" "POP" (and it's not coming from your cereal).

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    Big Grin

    I found a solution to my problem in the my previous post and thought I might share it with u, on WinXP Pro or Home just right click on the shortcut Icon, sitch to the compatblity TAB and "check" Disable Visual Themes,

    There ya go

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    I found a soultion to the Main Problem and i posted it Here

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    Soul Reaver 2 error code

    ok , after looking forward to his game i bought it about a year ago but never got a chance to play it well ( PC then )

    so after upgrading my PC a few months ago and browsing through my CD collection i came across this , whoaa , forgot i had it

    but after installing the game and trying to run it i keep getting an error "unknown error : e3e8e7f6"

    i get this right after the crystal dynamics splash screen and it just crashes with that error

    i tried both the 1.1 and 1.2 updates but yet still crashes at the same spot

    here's my specs , any help greatly recieved , thanks

    Radeon 9700pro (cat drivers 3.6)
    AthlonXP 2400+ 2.0ghz
    256mb DDR400
    KS75A Mobo
    Seagate HD ATA66 20gb
    Samsung DVD-ROM SD-612
    LG CD-RW CED-8083B (4x/4x/32x CD-RW)
    Logitech WingMan RumblePad USB
    Windows ME

    please help me play this great game , just beat SR1 on my DC again to remember the story , thanks

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