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Thread: Square Enix Account - Login Issues

Square Enix Account - Login Issues

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    Square Enix Account - Login Issues

    Unable to log in to your account? Contact customer support.

    When I try to login, my password doesn't work even though my username and password is spelled correctly.* I have to reset the password in order to login each time and even after the password reset, I still can't log in and have to reset it again.
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    Just to make sure: are you using your Square Enix Account username instead of your forum handle?

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    pretty sure username is accurate since it links back to my email when i use the password reset.

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    Go through the FAQ on our site and see if there are any bits of info that can help you register without having to reset your password each time. It sounds like you signed in with your Square Enix Account and when you try to reset your password, you're doing it on the wrong system so it doesn't actually reset your password.

    If that resolves your issue let me know.

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    I went to the FAQ page and clicked on option 11 to change my password because I was having the same problem. Resetting the password this way worked and I can now login on the main website. Thanks for the help.

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    Great to hear!

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    Heroes of Ruin 3DS

    Any chance my login is ever going to work on Heroes of Ruin . com website? This is getting frustrating being told my account has a bad password and having asked for resets 10 times, changed my password and then gotten the same error.

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    I called support and apparently we are trying to log into the europ site. that feature is only to shair our information so it's not required to play on line. i'm sure they will get this fixed sometime but who knows someone way have fixed this yet.

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    It seems to work for some and not others...we're investigating the problems people are having.

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    Originally Posted by Robert Peeler

    It seems to work for some and not others...we're investigating the problems people are having.

    any chance you can tell us when or if the problem can or will be adressed

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    I created an account to link to my heroes of ruin game from but when I try to link my account from Im told my Email is not valid even though I had recieved a validation Email and im able to login from square enix, even if I click on password reset im told my Email is not valid. Why can I only login from square's site but when the game's site asks me for my square login im told its not valid?

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    Apparently is a totally different login than I dont need this convoluted bull****. How do I permanatly delete this account? Ill do without this headache

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    Square Enix Account Issues

    I keep trying to log on to my account and I have reset my account password 5 times already and yet when I try to log in with my recently reset password I get an invalid password message. This is extremely infurating and frankly I expected more from a company that has been around so long and promises "good" customer service.

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    Same problem as you. Did you just make your account today? Im upset cause square isnt even trying to help.

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    Yes I did, if this isn't solved within the next 30 minutes I am pulling the plug and asking for a refund. This is ridiculously frustrating, first the FF7 download problems and now that it is downloaded I can't even play it because my password on my account is invalid.

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    I can´t even download the game WTF!

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    I am having the same issue. Also frustrated. >.<

    Have logged a support ticket.

    This has been the most punishing online purchasing experience I've had so far. The choice not to use Steam is baffling, unless we're all just their willing guinea pigs shelling out $10 for a game many of us have bought before so they can refine their digital distribution system.

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    Btw--these forums have been super helpful in letting me know that I'm not alone in my frustration.

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    I created a new account by linking my facebook (and didn't allow them to share/post) and I was able to actually use that account to log in to the site and log in to the game. I was having the same problems as everybody, the account I used to buy the game wouldn't let me log in and I couldn't properly reset the password on it (I tried 5 times). This entire experience has been terrible and I should have expected this from a company that made Final Fantasy XIV. You guys won't be able to cash in on games you made 15 years ago forever. If you pay me enough money, I'll come fix your company for you, but I'm firing half your management first.

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    Im having the same problem. I finally got a email to reset password and i just keep using that to loggin. But it still wont let me log into the game so i cant play wish i woulda read some of this befor i bought it....

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    For some reason i have to click the button for Square-Enix NA below the Facebook icon then it lets me sign in and play the game with my account that way

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    I'm having the same issue. I've actually had to RESET my password in order to even log in to the forums here. I can't even change my password to a new one because it says that my password (which I entered after I reset) doesn't match what's on record. I wonder why things are so broken at the moment.

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    SOLVED: Check spam emails i found most of the mail from this site went there along with the account varification emails. Clicked the link in the verification email and account and password works every time now.

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    ALso make sure to log in on the NA version from the launcher or website, not EU (unless you are EU)

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    Thanks for the information; that rectified everything!

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