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Thread: Wich is the problem with CD???

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    Wich is the problem with CD???

    CORE uses 3 years to make AOD, and they fail!. Fail to make in 3 years a game very well knowed for this company.

    Move the LC/TR rights to CD (or any other company) is a very very good idea.

    I really think that CD will make a great, best TR game ever see!

    Its simple: they known the situation of CORE, the popularity of Lara and the money behind her. They WILL NOT make a mistake with the next TR game. Also they must known waht the players want on a TR game.

    I only wait some thing in the next one: 1 -NO KURTIS (or any extra playable character)
    2- Vehicles must back (with real moves.. some like GTA!!!)
    3- REAL RPG!
    5- Twin guns!!!
    6- Lara must move faster.
    7-Real moves
    ... etc. etc etc..

    CD will make real the dream of the CORE design team: Make a REAL next TR generation!!!!

    .. Remember this... I really know all about that.

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    Nothing is certain. You may indeed be proven right in the future, and there is probably a very good chance that Crystal Dynamic will indeed make a very good entry into the TR series. But without the advantage of hindsight, we cannot truly say for sure. Personally, I hope they succeed. I feel for Core Design group, but I suppose, at the end of the day, hey that's business.

    2- Vehicles must back (with real moves.. some like GTA!!!)
    If you want cars to play like GTA, here's an idea: go play GTA

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    i guess a lot will depend on wether they scrap the AOD game engine and try to build a new one completely, they could end up having similar problems as core??
    They could use AOD engine and find its not upto scratch and able to do the job to make a decent game ??
    They could use an engine they already know like LOK and make a TR game which plays ok but will look a bit dated??
    or, they might make the best TR game ever, or they might not??

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    There have been so many saying that Crystal will break through, and I sincerely hope they do, being the authors of my favourite LoK series. But, as far as I know, while well versed in RPG, their style is more attuned to the dark and gothic, fantastical creatures and involving storylines.

    And in that, I might have just answered my own query. If Lara Croft has truly become the 'Angel of Darkness', oversized hummingbirds and other fantasy creatures aside, Crystal might just have that 'edge'. Core, I applaud for effort, and for the original game. But the real turning point of TR was Lara's fall from the light, and now maybe the creators of the vampire-cult madness in that forum over there will pull some element through for the rabid fan-base.

    For everyone's sake, I hope that proves true, but it's just to early to judge.

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