Thread: Running into issues!

Running into issues!

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    I just got this game yesterday, and it let me save the first time, but now it just says "unable to save." Is anyone else experiencing this? Please help if possible.

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    I haven't heard of this problem, but I would recommend deleting your file, then deleting the SD card data from the 3DS and see if that solves the problem.

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    I tried deleting the file and it said "unable to delete."

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    Ack, it might be an issue with the actual sd card then. Is it the one that came with the system or one you bought yourself? There might have been compatability issues at some point (though if it works with other games/apps, then it could be a problem with the game D: )

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    Ya check if you can play other games fine. if you can't its a problem with your 3DS. If it plays other games fine, then the SD card may have possibly been corrupted.

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    Other games play fine. I decided to just bring it back to the store and got a new one. Thanks for the suggestions though!

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    Not sure if anyone else if having this problem just recently put into use and it came invalid so not sure if they made multiple codes or if my code is a dud.[img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif[/img]

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    Originally Posted by SamM
    Not sure if anyone else if having this problem just recently put into use and it came invalid so not sure if they made multiple codes or if my code is a dud.

    I have the same problem but with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy . I try many times but it didn't work and said it is invalid. I think you should give up

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    The same thing had happened to me when I first tried entering the code for 3D. Have you tried entering it differently? Like, a 0 instead of an O, or a G instead of a 6? Some of the characters look the same, so try doing that first. I did it and it worked

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    Remember that O looks more like a zero (0) and zeroes have a line through them. My code worked fine and it had one of each, so it was easy to tell the difference.

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    Running into issues!

    I just bought Dream Drop Distance brand new today, and it keeps crashing at seemingly random spots. In some cases, the 3DS will throw me out of the game and say an error forced the game to restart, in other instances, the whole thing freezes up and the only thing I can do is hold the power button in until the 3DS just plain turns off.

    On one occasion it did give me an error code
    Exception Type: VFP
    PC 00292B08 LR 002928F0
    SP 0FFFFD58 CPSR 68000010
    R0 081AF7C0 R1 00000000
    R2 0FFFFD64 R3 0FFFFD60
    R4 081AF738 R5 081EED18
    R6 081AF748 R7 081EED1C
    R8 081EED28 R9 00000001
    R10 00000000 R11 00000000
    R12 0FFFFD5C

    I highly doubt it's the console itself, as we also have Super Mario 3D Land, and that runs perfectly without any issues.

    I also found this on Wikipedia, but apparently it only relates to the Japanese version. "Shortly after its release, Square Enix acknowledged a software bug within the game that would potentially prevent the players' progress. In an effort to solve the issue, they advised gamers to contact them on the nature of the bug and how to avoid it. Nintendo later announced they would release a patch to Dream Drop Distance"

    Goes quite a way to explaining it, and as mentioned, several people have also posted about similar bugs and problems online. How do you download a patch for a game on the 3DS though? New to the handheld. I guess search the eShop?

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    I'm not sure how to download patches. Do you have spotpass enabled? It might just use spotpass to download the patch in the background, but I really don't know. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. My suggestion would be to make sure spotpass is on, search the internet to see if there's a thread about this (either about patches on the 3DS in general, or about this glitch in particular) on the official nintendo site, possibly in the customer help sections or something, and try starting the game up every so often to see if it downloaded a patch, because, like I said, it might just download it via spotpass, but I really can't be sure, and if all else fails, you might be able to take the game back to wherever you got it from, tell them it's not working, possibly show them the error message or something, and get them to give you a new, working version of the game. I really hope that things work out for you. Good luck, Sam.

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