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Thread: Site update?

Site update?

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    Question Site update?

    I want to know when the press and trailer info is going to be posted. Every day for the past three months all I have seen is "coming soon". I don't know about everyone else but I think three months is not soon.

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    i'd rather they work on the game, so it can be released sooner, than update a website and make a new trailer.. that's just me

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    Sorry to go a bit OT, but what will the Eidos DVD contain?

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    as soon as they have updated the website, so let's say...about the time JC cleans the statue...
    I'm Back!

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    lol, nice reply les_savieur

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    Yeah, the lack of info on the website is frustrating. Come on Eidos, pull yer finger out!

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    I remember being so amazed when Eidos created the DX:IW website. Uber-cool, uber-wow, etc.

    And it's STAYED that way for too damn long!!!