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  • Gamepad with two analogue sticks (Dual-shock style)

    35 35.71%
  • Joystick

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Thread: PC Controls

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    Question PC Controls

    Here's an interesting - although still hypothetical - question:

    If a version of Defiance is released for the PC, how would you like to control it?

    I've got a dual-shock style gamepad that I use for all the console ports I play on mine, but there are a lot of different possibilities out there.
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    I liked the fact that BO1, SR, and SR2 all had an option for different control methods. SR2 especially since it had the most options. My Wingman Rumblepad had two analog sticks, but I found with SR2's control scheme, I only needed the gamepad. It might be different for Defiance, depending on how much the control changes. I would have to play the game really to see which method is best, but the keyboard and mouse options are the lesser of my preferences for the other games. They were meant to be controlled differently, so again, it depends on how this new game plays.

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    I left it multiple-selectable so control freaks could check all the boxes =P.

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    I enjoyed keyboard only control most. I have played BO1, SR1 and SR2 with only a keyboard. BO2 have a perfect mouse+keyboard control, but Defiance is more SoulReaver-ish and I think keyboard is my choice. Ofcourse there must be other control options

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    In most games I play on my PC, I prefer keyboard + mouse control. However, I've never used any gamepads or joysticks with my PC so... I don't know, maybe I'd like those better. I do like the Playstation gamepads, after all.

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    since ive been a PC gamer for a long time, i would choose the keyboard setup since im comfortable with it. Keyboard+Mouse is only good(for me) if yer playin an FPS or 3rdPerson Max payne style.

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    AS a PC gammer, I can even use the keyboard to play fighting game as well. Like Tekken, KOF...

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    Big Grin

    I would definitely use a dual shock PlayStation style control pad. I have never been a big fan of playing action oriented games on a pc with a keyboard, and just can't understand how, or why people do it.

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    Yeah, me too. I find it damn near impossible to play FPS's with mouse/keyboard. Although you may be able to aim a little better than with a Dual Shock 2 or whatever, it's still quite a chore to get yourself into position to do something.

    Plus, I think it's truly impossible to play adventure/fighting games like Soul Reaver with a mouse/keyboard (well, for me at least). With a regular controller, it's all right there in a comfortable setup right in your hands.
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    I liked SR2's controls. I opted for the keyboard/mouse combo, but I did play SR1 with my trusty Sidewinder. Hopefully we'll be able to use whatever we want .

    heh, KainSyndrome101. I can't play a FPS without a keyboard and mouse. I have no idea how people can play a FPS on a console.

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    Originally posted by Xyline

    heh, KainSyndrome101. I can't play a FPS without a keyboard and mouse. I have no idea how people can play a FPS on a console.
    Me too

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    To me it really depends on the type of game you are playing ,i would not play games like counter strike ,half life ,medal of honour etc without a mouse and keyboard,and games like LOK i prefer using a controller ,i just got sonic on an emulator and it is crap (to me anyway) without a controller .games require instinctand reflexes suited to the general player .I still havent got to grips with first person games on a keyboard so i'll be dammed if i try to play LOK without my handy PS2( the controller type and settings of the ps2 style to me are the best,why dya think sony did'nt change the shape from ps1 to ps2 ,because if somin aint broke dont fix it!!!)

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    All what I need is only a keyboard.

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    Re: PC Controls

    Originally posted by blincoln
    I've got a dual-shock style gamepad that I use for all the console ports I play on mine, but there are a lot of different possibilities out there.
    Where qould I be able to get one of those. It sounds good.

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    I got mine at EB. It's an Interact AxisPad, and it was about $15.

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    Thanks for the help, I'll try and get one of those.

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    I think a controller would be nice for this type of game, but seeing as I am too cheap (because I am very poor lol) to buy one I am voting for Keyboard + mouse. I think the mouse is smoother than the keyboard could be so thats why I use it.

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    Wink Nice topic, Blinc...

    Seeing that before I ever had my PS2, all I played was PC games (SR2 among them, along with Alice, TR, Thief) and my method of playing can extend to both keyboard/mouse and controller.

    However, I wouldn't play Defiance with a mouse/keyboard combination, because to actually use the mouse while fighting would be... harried while in the midst of a fight. Keyboard/Mouse controlls are best for games like Thief, where you actually have time to plan out your moves. Although with a mouse you can easily change camera view, I don't want to have to switch between changing the view and actually fighting. Alice was a bit hard to navigate at first, but once you get it, it's easy. You use both mouse and keyboard when playing. Perfect integration. And an awesome game, too... My hands may be adept at PC gaming, but I only have 2 hands, not 3.

    Believe me when I say that pinkies will not fall out of my family's evolutionary progress - my hands may be small, but those little suckers can reach the Enter key for 'camera' like nobody's business!

    Only Keyboard? Yes. Joystick? Mine is crap and doesn't work - never used it. Gamepad? If I did get one, I'd use it.

    I'll get Defiance on PS2 first, then get on PC. I wonder if the intro screens are different like in SR2 - on ps2, you've just got Raziel, the three options (start, load, bonus) and Ariel's voice. On PC (and this is what I loved about it), you have the inside of William's chapel, and the camera rotates around, changing between Spectral and Material, while you hear Ariel's voice. I wish they'd do that for the PS2, after all, if you can fit bonus things on the disc, why not a pretty intro?

    This game is gonna ROCK...

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    Which Controller

    Which controller do you use B? I use the Microsoft Sidewinder at the moment although not having 4 trigger switches is a bit of a problem with SR1 so would welcome ideas at getting something much more similar to the PS2 if possible.

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    I have an Interact AxisPad.

    It doesn't seem to be made anymore, unfortunately, but there are three up on eBay for low prices right now:

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    axis pad

    It looks good, but I am not sure they will ship to the UK. Does it have 4 triggers or just the 2?

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    Thumbs Up I agree any type of control

    I agree any type of control as long as the game will be aviable on PC

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    Hei just 40 votes ?

    Where atre you guys?
    Hope they will make a pc version because i don't posess a console and I wanna play thi game .I played all the other games and why not to play the last in the series?

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    I hope they continue the Series, but scince they're gonna be busy working on the TR series....

    I think there should be two groups at Crystal Dynamics

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    There are three groups at Crystal Dynamics.

    The AxisPad has four shoulder buttons. It's just like a PS2 controller, except without the force feedback.

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