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  • Keyboard only

    27 27.55%
  • Keyboard + mouse

    39 39.80%
  • Digital-only gamepad (no analogue sticks)

    11 11.22%
  • Gamepad with one analogue stick

    8 8.16%
  • Gamepad with two analogue sticks (Dual-shock style)

    35 35.71%
  • Joystick

    6 6.12%
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Thread: PC Controls

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    Originally posted by blincoln
    There are three groups at Crystal Dynamics.

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    Big Grin defiance controlers

    I voted for the keyboard only.

    I think that a keyboard only would't be a problem, in the other sr games there weren't any problems with the cameras when raz walked around. So I only used the camera rotation controls when I wanted to look around!

    SR isn't a fps game so I don't need a mouse, and it is not like somekind of a flight simulation games to need a pad!

    I understand that ppl who have consoles may prefer to play with a pad.

    Have anyone played th demo of a game called bloodrayne (I think), it had a keyboard+mouse control system and it sucked!

    But if CD makes all options available on the game I think everyone wold be happy!

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    Me too. In all of the Legacy of Kain games, BO:LoK, LoK:SR, SR2, and BO2 i just used a key bord. If I was to get LoK on the PC (which I may do after I get it for the PS2) I would just use the key bord.
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    Re: defiance controlers

    Originally posted by Apoc_Elipse
    Have anyone played th demo of a game called bloodrayne (I think), it had a keyboard+mouse control system and it sucked!

    I have BloodRayne for PS2 - the controls are much easier. And it's fun.

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    Re: defiance controlers

    Originally posted by Apoc_Elipse

    Have anyone played th demo of a game called bloodrayne (I think), it had a keyboard+mouse control system and it sucked!
    I have the PC version of the Game and the controls were one of the best ever, I wish tomb Raider AOD's controls were like this

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    I always use my gamepad on the PC version of the LoK games. Gravis. One shtick.

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    The Dual Shock 2 is easily the greatest controller I have ever used n_n;. Now, if only I could find an adapter to use it on the PC


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    Originally posted by Sarxis
    I always use my gamepad on the PC version of the LoK games. Gravis. One shtick.
    I have a Gravis BlackHawk joystick. Never worked, is collecting dust on a shelf as we speak.

    Stupid thing...

    (I wish they'd put out a DualShock 2 for PC - it would make things SOOO much easier, and help breach the gap between console and PC gaming - BOTH WAYS.)

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    I BELIEVE there are special adapters to let you use Dual Shock and every other console controllers(including N64 and PSX) on your PC. Lots of the emulation sites I go to have them advertised, so you should do a search on google and ebay for those.

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    Hey, something worthwhile to look up! Thanks!

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    controller ps2 to usb

    I found a converter that works perfectly for me on Windows XP (with SP1). It just automatically detected it without me having to configure it at all. Its here:

    Now I can use my dual shock ps2 controller with my pc if it helps anyone.

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    It looks like Logitech is going to be releasing a Dual Shock 2-style controller as well:

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    Big Grin controls

    I Preffer keyboard only, though some say these controls are frustrating. I have completed all the games with the keyboard, and find them satisfying though

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    Hmm... replaying SR2 on PC, and I notice my hands and wrists straining (my left side, particularly) as I use the controls - more specifically during combat.

    Add this to the fact that I play at 1AM. Wide awake.

    I hadn't played in a while, but the combat on PC is a bit harder to execute than on PS2 - might be the use of analogue sticks, or my wrists aren't up to par like they used to be.


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    Originally posted by DJpick
    It's funny. Even though all my posts were deleted due to events..... ummmm.... beyond my control, it still notified me that a reply had been posted on this thread
    Your subscription to the thread was not affected.

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    My vote is cast.

    I voted for Dual-Analogue sticks, but I don't use the rumble/vibration, and it's not a PS2 style controller. The rumble/vibration feature reminds me of other (unmentionable) things in the dark that scare me. LoL

    (It's an InterAct Hammerhead FX #SV-262)

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    I prefer the keyboard -mouse combination for most games

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    hi,I use a ps2 game pad with ps2 to PC adapter>>>works great.
    also have InterAct Hammerhead FX #SV-262 & a SV-262e & they also work great just that i'am upset they don't have the R3 & L3 button feature that the PSX pads do thats why i use the ps2 pad for these games.
    I also have a MS dual strike for FPS games but this is the most difficult game pad ever made for FPS's,I guess thats why it didn't sell well.
    I have a essential reality P5 glove & WISH that game developers would make this glove fully configurable for games.Even tho i got it recently for a good price i wish Eidos would continue to make games that use it.It's really cool.
    I also have a saitek cyborg 3d gold flight stick & a CH pro throttle.This combo is great for anything flight sim & Can be used for FPS games.
    Also have the mario andretti racing wheel which is WELL built & can take a good beating.I've moddified it a bit & use it inconjunction with a REAL corvette seat from a scrap yard.
    I use the logitech MX 500 & razer boomslang 2000 mice.These 2 mice are the best for PC gaming IMHO & recommend either 1.

    Why am i saying all this? cause i feel i have enuff experience with different hardware when it comes to PC & or console gaming & i say that there's NOTHING wrong playing defiance with any of these devices.The thing that makes me MAD is when developers DON'T ALLOW you to configure the controllers to YOUR liking & give some generic default setups to choice from.
    I WANT the next game for xbox & or PC to ALLOW you to configure your controllers just like the PS sr1 & sr2 did.
    IF there's ANYTHING MORE annoying that annoys me MOST it's NOT being able to configure my devices MY WAY.
    Otherwise the ingame control on PC & console is THE SAME.

    THX for reading & LISTENING to this if you're in charge of making the controls for CD/Eidos games
    Otherwise keep up the great work

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    Thumbs Up Gamers...

    Although I haven't played Legacy of Kain - Defiance yet, I voted on Keyboard + Mouse. However, my gameplay experience on Blood Omen 2 on my Xbox was excellent and still is. Therefore if Microsoft would produce a Xbox type controller "the very first official controller" for the PC, it would be nice.

    I played Soul Reaver 1 and 2 on my PC using my Keyboard and Mouse. I find no problem with Keyboard or Mouse at all for all of the games I currently have and owned or got rid of. I've played Blood Omen 2 on my Xbox and loved the controls. The Xbox controller is sweet. I think Microsoft should make the same controller for the PC as well. I do not like the PlayStation type controllers. It hurts my fingers when using the analog sticks, gives me a hand strain. But then again it's just the fact of getting used to it.

    I believe it is very natural for Console Gamers to find Keyboard + Mouse difficult to play games with. Just like I find the PlayStation 1 & 2 Controllers un-comfortable myself. Oh well! Final word from me is -----It is a matter of getting used to it-----.

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    I was using an Interact Propad 6, but switched to a Saitek P880 Dual Analog. Gameplay feels 100 times better with the P880!!


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