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Thread: How is it pronounced?

How is it pronounced?

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    How is it pronounced?

    Dues Ex.

    Do's Ex?

    Doos Ex?

    Dase Ex?

    Days Ex?


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    Origin of Name = Deus Ex Machina, meaning "God from the Machine". It referes to a situation where the hero of a story is saved though intervention by a previously unmentioned force. In greek theater, this would be a god. The actor playing the god would be lowered by a winch to pluck the hero from the perilous situation. Hence, "God from the machine"

    To anwer your question, its pronounced "day-oos ecks mac-ina" or in the case of Deus Ex, "Day-oos Ecks".

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    I thought it was DAY-us Ex maSHEEna

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    Thats wierd. Ever since I got it I been pronouncing it "Dooce Ex".

    Wich isnt so good when you start talking to fast. Cause then it sounds like Do Sex.

    Say it fast, "Dooce Ex"


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    Ya i know that i was probably pronouncing it wrong. Thanks for making the thread lol. I have always said Doose Ex and i will continue to anyway becuase its more comfortable for me lol.

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    Deus Ex defined on game box

    On the inside cover of my pretty blue and silver game box it says:
    Main Entry: de-us ex ma-chi-na

    Pronunciation: Day-S-Eks Ma-she-Na
    Function: noun
    Etymology: New Latin, a god from a machine, translation of Greek Theos ek mEchanEs
    Date of Origin: 1697

    1: A god introduced by means of a crane in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome.

    2: A person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty.

    How well do you think JC fits those two definitions in the story? Is he anything like the Prophet Jesus Christ appearing unexpectedly on the earth mediating between the mind of god and the strife of men in order to implement a perfected vision of heaven on earth? Is the story well named? How many conflicting visions of perfection (and God) were there that others expected JC to facilitate? Was the story deep enough for you? Was it meaningful enough for you? Was it, in fact, about as meaningful as life gets?

    But most importantly will you have to upgrade your computer to participate in the next adventure in this story and how many are not willing to do so?

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    I don't care what anybody says

    -- Deus Ex = Latin; means EVERY letter is pronounced

    -- DE = day
    -- us = oos = oohs pronounced short uh
    -- EX = eks = X

    -- MA = ma
    -- ch = is pronounced as K ergo = K
    -- i = is pronounced a ee

    ergo chi = Kee

    na = na

    sooo, putting it all together = Day-oohs Eks Ma Kee Na

    now ain't this fun????
    You're speaking Latin and din't even know it

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    LOL, I always said it like the playing card...

    Deuce X.

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    From I read this excerpt from an interesting history of Latin:

    Cicero, Caesar, Vergil, and Tacitus write masterpieces of Latin literature around 100 BC-150 AD -- Classical Latin. Also, Ovid writes a book on how to pick up women at the gladiator shows. The literary language becomes fixed and gradually loses touch with the ever- changing popular language known today as Vulgar Latin.

    The Late (or "Vulgar") Latin (200-550) shows some varieties of literature adhere closely to the classical standard, others are less polished or deliberately closer to the popular speech (e.g., St. Jerome's translation of the Bible into Latin--the Vulgate). The western half of the empire is falling to pieces, but the Greek-speaking east, which is still in good shape, keeps using Latin in official contexts until the end of this period. And around 600-750 Latin has become a dead language.

    In short these periods: Early Latin (from the founding of Rome in 753 B.C. until 81 B.C.); Classical Latin (from 81 B.C., when Caesar and Cicero were writing, until 14 A.D., when Augustus died); Silver Latin (a brilliant literary period), until 130 A.D.); Late (or "Vulgar") Latin; Medieval (or "Christian") Latin; Renaissance (or "Erasmian") Latin; and Modern (or "Neo-") Latin.

    By the beginning of the Middle Ages and the growth of Christianity Latin died out as a spoken language, except for the church which continued to use Late Latin in the liturgy. It's hard to pinpoint one specific reason, except that all language develops and changes, like Old English is no longer spoken.


    Ypsilli, I never studied Latin so I will defer gratefully to your interpretation of Classical Latin pronunciation, but given the great span of time encompassing the evolution of Classical Latin into Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan will you not admit to the possibility of other valid pronunciations of "Deus Ex Machina" in the various evolving Vulgar Latins that exist before the extinction of Latin as anyone's mother tongue? Is there no possibility that those who wrote the story for the game we love and the quotes on the game box have also some valid access to the truth of it?

    BrainPrawn, my wife, who is a fan of computer card games, refers to it a "Acey Deucey"

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    /me eeks

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    My daughter wrote to me recently reminding me of what one of her friends STILL calls Deus Ex, namely "dose x" This may be quite close to the truth.

    To relieve game boredom:
    Take one in the morning and one in the evening.

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    James Warren wrote
    My daughter wrote to me recently reminding me of what one of her friends STILL calls Deus Ex, namely "dose x" This may be quite close to the truth.
    LOL thats a good one.

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    Ok, forget your english, you should know norwegian, cuz then deus, would be prounounst deus, no more, no less, and latin is a luanguage you pronounse as it is written.
    E aind said eee, it is said as in englis says able, the a in able is e pronounst in deus! ex, is pronounst as the same, e is the a in able. and deus ex means from god. Deus means god, and ex means of, but put together it realy means from god.

    I looked in my encyclopedia, and dictionery. But I never looked in my english dictionery, so my english aint perfect, but that cuz I dont care, and are from Norway!

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    I think the continental pronounciation is Day-You-Sex.

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    You can imagine the looks I got when I suggested using Deus Ex as a text in my freshmen writing class (all computer science students).

    No matter how you pronounce it, everyone thinks the game has something to do with sex.

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    in french, déouss ex (hmmm. good luck with this one)

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    Bwa ha ha ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-*cough wheeze*-ha-ha HA. The ted is dead!

    "The I Hate Hamsters & Wooha Rules Conspiracy"

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    The Mashed Potatoes will rule the world... When you're eating dinner, remember - you aren't eating the mashed potatoes, the mashed potatoes are eating YOU!!!

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    Deus ex
    i now its wrong but is just so much more comfortable to say:/

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    Originally posted by Bio Denton

    Bwa ha ha ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-*cough wheeze*-ha-ha HA. The ted is dead!
    Naw, he's just stunned.

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    I'll get you and your little bear, too..

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    Originally posted by Ypsili
    -- Deus Ex = Latin; means EVERY letter is pronounced
    sooo, putting it all together = Day-oohs Eks Ma Kee Na

    now ain't this fun????
    You're speaking Latin and din't even know it
    Well, we've never heard anyone speaking classical Latin. All we've heard is ecclesiastical Latin (that is, what they're using in the Vatican). So we don't know exactly how they pronounced it, but we can guess using current pronunciations from daughter languages, like Italian and Spanish. These are more reliable than ecclesiastical Latin because only a small, spread-out section of the population spoke EL, whereas everyone spoke the Romance languages.

    Another way to guess is to compare loan words (mainly in Greek and from Greek) to get relative pronunciations. For instance, we could say that eta is equivalent to Latin |e|, but we don't know if that was /I/, /e/, or /E/--but we can guess that those are the most likely pronunciations. (Sorry; if you're not familiar with X-SAMPA, the equivalents in English are _i_t, h_ey_, and _e_nter, respectively, depending heavily on dialect.)

    Also, there's a distinction between long and short vowels in Latin. While that meant originally that you pronounce one vowel for half the time that another is pronounced, it changed later, so /' ex/ (DEH-oose eyks) might be the better late pronunciation.

    Oh, and it should be "makhina" rather than "machina", I think; it looks like a Greek loan.


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    Originally posted by Catman

    No matter how you pronounce it, everyone thinks the game has something to do with sex.
    lol, including the censors at school, Its quite frustrating when you want to check some information.

    EDIT: By the way, I pronounce it deuce ex.

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    ahh haha

    anyway, i pronounce it "day-us eks", i heard it before on a TV video game show, namely, "cybernet"

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