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Thread: does somebody know the music that...?!

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    does somebody know the music that...?!

    is playing in this defiance trailer???!!! sounds very cool, so what is the name of this song. it sounds very familiar to me but i can`t remind what it was, and i can´t get it out of my head....
    thanxxx in advance :-)

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    Smile Music

    The track is called "In The Crossfire" from Connect's "Nu Rock Muthas" library CD. You can check them out on .

    Crystal Dynamics

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    As a previous thread stated, it's not available to buy publically

    It's part of a thingy CD, can't remember the exact name.

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    Thanks a lot 4 answering Chris! Finally i can stop tryin to remember what song that is.......

    ....or maybe i shouldn´t ;-)

    ...i think i heard this song somewhere before.... and it´s not connect who did it. maybe connect sampled this song (i don´t mean they stealed it i mean they used samples from that song)

    the whole song sounds very familiar to me.....aaaah dammit! i can´t remember :-(

    again, i don´t think connect did this song, it sounds a little bit too "perfect" (i´m a musician myself, so i think they maybe just put the "hip hop" in it)....

    hehe.....or maybe i´m completely wrong :-)

    anyway, chris thanks 4 not deleting this thread, as someone suggested, and i wish you guys big, big succes whith your games........because you deserve it - great storytelling! i enjoyed the kain, soul reaver series :-)

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    It's used as the credit music for a videogame-related TV show, that might be where you heard it.

    The music is from a library CD, something that production companies buy to use in their work (like the trailer). They're usually very expensive.

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    nope...... i didn`t hear it on tv, because i almost never watch tv (yes, there are people like that); sometimes i watch the mtv-hitlists.

    i know this song somewhere........i guess i´ll have to wait till my subconcious mind finds the solution (it began working on it) or somebody elses..... ;-)

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