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Thread: Online - IS it worth it

Online - IS it worth it

  1. #26
    Ok, the system I was working on isnt. I will get the IP in my next post, this is just to let you know th eserver is not currently running. Will replky withing 60 secs hopfuly

  2. #27

    Big Grin

    My bolts are shuddering with anticipated joy!

  3. #28
    Ok, the system I was working on isnt
    Don't you just LOVE modern technology? >.>;;

  4. #29
    Ok, from my records it SHOULD be
    I hope.
    I will rteurn to the forums in another 5 mins if this dosnt work. I am now settigm up the server again

  5. #30
    Who's gonna babysitting Andre? :P

  6. #31
    If no fourth person joins, he'll be his usual bot-controlled self, I should imagine.

  7. #32
    no luck again it seams. Can one of you 2 try setting up a server insted. I am cursed with online games it seams, none seam to work. That and LAN

  8. #33
    oh, one last attempt on mine. Try IP

    back in 5 mins if this fails

  9. #34
    My IP:

  10. #35
    Odd, but my talk command ain't working anymore. I still can 'hear' you though. Don't worry if I'm staying silent :P

  11. #36
    Same here.

    I need the little haxx0rs' room. brb

  12. #37
    Back in a tick.

  13. #38
    Aiie... Eden crashed

    /kills the PC
    Failing, trying again, etc. -.-;

  14. #39
    Ok, I close dit after nothign was happening. Ok from my perepective, amber runnign roudn the place. Andre obviously not controeld and Minoko running into walls all over the place or standing and doing nothing round the steps.
    What was going on?

    oh and differnt names for people

  15. #40
    I will create another new game, if that fails Suzie, you create one. *crosses fingers* off again then

  16. #41
    Carter was in the food serving room trying to climb through the hatch. It was quite amusing to watch ^^;

    I was running about not doing an awful lot (I did open the doors to the loo, btw), and Amber was nowhere to be seen.

    And Andre was being his usual, retarded self.

  17. #42
    Ok, is your IP still the same?

  18. #43
    Eden crashed again. Fecking *(^&&*%^(&*$&"£()*&!!!

  19. #44
    Suzie, if you're running WinXP or Win2K like me, you might want to try the Compatibility mode (set on Win98). It seems much more stable for me now.

  20. #45
    I'm not at the conveyor belt! I'm outside that pipe room, by the slidy floor thing. Everybody is!

    Stupid chat button not working.

    And yeah, I knw it's f1/f2

    *(&*(*(£$(&(&( lag

  21. #46
    Hey, it's a first try after all

    Can you try the Compatibility mode?

  22. #47
    I think your seeing somthign differnty to me atleats, like 2 games or somthing. Because I chected the minoko view and saw you running up walls in the conveyabelt room

  23. #48
    Just as everybody leaves, the chat button starts working again

    /stabs eden

    Will try reloading in compatibility (sp) mode.

  24. #49
    by the way, didnt meant to insult in any commenst I was making, just trying to cover everything I could think of.

  25. #50
    General, what kind of connection do you have?

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