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    Exclamation PE Community Round robin story

    Ok, I'm bored, so I decided we could do a round-robin type PE story.


    1. No cussin'
    2. No sigs (to try and cut down load time!)
    3. No one line entries
    4. No double posting (posting twice or more in a row)
    5. No breaking Eidosgames forum rules (duh)

    How it works:

    One person puts in an entry, then somebody else writes a paragraph, then someone else, et cetera. You don't have to write entries in a particular order but you DO have to wait for AT LEAST one other person to post before you add something again.

    Oh, and plot doesn't matter too much either. Try and keep spelling and grammer at least legible, though

    Right, let's go adventuring!


    It was, as it always was, a fine, sunny day, at least above city limits. Minoko Molenski, a twenty-something hacker with serious family issues (her mother was dead, her father was a fugitive, and her younger sister was a criminally insane robot) was just entering the UPA building. She'd been called in that morning in response to an alarm call the UPA had recieved earlier that day. As she made her way into the building, though, she had absolutely no idea what awaited her...

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    I am sure this will be fun, historically I am awful at writing, but I never could remember dates.


    Control swung round in his chair, the screens around him were filling with information as data poured into the agencies server. There were reports of explosions on the lower levels and contact was lost with 2 teams that went to investigate. On top of that anomalous threats were made against surface buildings including the UPA though they had failed to materialise.
    The team was called in hours ago from their leave but so far only Carter had shown up, he was working with some data analysts at the far side of the room shouting out orders to get the vehicle ready for transport. The doors swung open and Minoko entered though no sign of anyone else.

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    Eh, as long as it's in English and vaugely legible I don't think it matters too much


    Minoko glanced around the room, the chaos of the situation had barely filtered into here but it was still visible.

    "This looks like fun," she said, mostly to herself, as she wondered where Amber and Andre had gotten to. Andre was a force unto himself and if he didn't want to be found then he wouldn't be, but Amber was usually quite reliable. If she hadn't shown up, then there must be something wrong. This line of thought, however, was interupted as the door opened and in walked...

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    I was going to let others post but it seams that won’t happen soon.

    Come on people!


    … and in walked another young UPA officer from another team. He ran up to the main desk
    In the middle of a nervous fit he managed to spit out a few words. “Unauthorised entry to building on ground floor sir, security is falling back!”
    Control hit a control and the monitor tuned to the reception security camera to show about 30 people storming the main entrance of the building. “How the hell did they get up here? Carter, Minoko. GO assist the security teams and find Andre and Amber. Report in once the building is secure.”
    Carter ran out the door closely followed by Minoko and into the lift to the reception floor.

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    Urgh. And here was me trying to revitalise the comuunity. Come on, people!


    They never made it down to the ground floor in the lift, however. It stopped halfway between the third and fourth floors, the automated voice informing them that all of the lifts had been immobilised due to a security lockdown. Minoko muttered something very unladylike and immediatly tried to find a way out. Carter muttered something ungentlemanlike and contacted Control.

    "Control?! The lifts just suddenly shut down! What's going on up there?"

    What he got back, though, was mostly static.

    "Urgh!" Frustrated, Carter took his annoyance at the situation out on the lift door, before turning to Minoko. "We need to get out of here."

    At those words, there was a dull explosion from somewhere below them and the lift dropped a few inches...

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    Oh dear oh dear, looks like it's just you and me on this.
    I know, anyone who posts something for this story gets all the money I have in my wallet.


    Carter reached up and opened a hatch in the roof of the lift. After pulling himself up into the dark shaft he help Minoko up then they climbed up the ladder towards the next door. As Minokos feet left the lift another explosion rocked the shaft and the lift jerked and fell down a few meters and smoke could be smelt coming from inside, and it was spreading.
    Carter struggled to override the computer controlling the door tearing out and crossing wires. Flames spread up the shaft, the sides were now on fire. The supports failed and the lift fell tumbling down and as the explosion blew up the shaft the door flew open and Carter and Minoko were pulled up and thrown to the deck.
    Ambers voice echoed in the long hall way. “Sorry for my late arrival, the lifts seam to be malfunctioning”