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Thread: Graphics and Caption Challenge Rules, Lists and Links

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    Exclamation Graphics and Caption Challenge Rules, Lists and Links

    The Graphics Challenge Rules
    As agreed in open forum debate
    • Graphics may consist of:
      a) Original digital artwork (Drawn using an art package or 3D rendered)
      b) Scanned original photos or hand-drawn/painted artwork
      c) Existing images that have been graphicly altered by the entrant. (Pasting text onto an original picture does not constitute graphic alteration.)
    • The image, as entered, must be the work of the entrant. Violation of this rule may lead to disqualification.
    • The entrant should qualify the entry by simply stating, in the post subject box, the type of graphic it is: For example: collage, photograph, pencil sketch, digitally enhanced downloaded picture, etc.
    • The graphic must have been created specifically for the challenge.
    • Submitted images may be edited during the entry phase of the challenge but no further editing is allowed during the voting stage.
    • Theme is determined by the winner of the previous Challenge
    • Pictures submitted to the competition will be collected for display in a 'Challenge Archive' to preserve them for posterity. If the author of a picture does not want their picture preserved, They should state this in the entry thread or send a pm to Solange.

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    The Caption Challenge Rule
    As stated in the first challenge thread
    Quote Originally Posted by DEEKMAN
    The rule:
    Each contestant comes up with a pic and a caption either edited straight on to the pic or posted above or below the pic. The caption should be witty, humorous, scary, serious, or whatever.

    [Edit- I'd like to add a notation to the rule - you don't have to just add a caption to a pic. If you want to create your own pic or do further editing to an existing pic (as in the Graphics Challenge) feel free to do so]

    No sigs, please.

    Alter eight entries or so, voting can commence.

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    GO HERE for a list of previous Graphics Challenge topics.

    GO HERE for a list of previous Caption Challenge topics

    Graphics Challenge Archive
    - compiled by Solange

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