Thread: Where is a really good and fast leveling grinding area in Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS

Where is a really good and fast leveling grinding area in Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS

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    Hey Final Fantasy community!

    I'm playing through Final Fantasy III for the second time and I was just wondering were is a good place to level up and fast.

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    Hi there, welcome!

    Fortunately, there are a lot of available side-quest areas in FFIII, making it hard to run out of available places to level before the next area in the storyline. Early game, of course there's not a whole lot you can do beyond simply level in the limited areas you have access to. Mid-game, after you get the submarine, the Sunken Cave is an excellent place to level before the Temple of Time and Cavern of Darkness. Similarly, if you need to level up before Saronia (and more importantly, Gigameth), the forests south of there are pretty effective.

    End-game, an interesting application (although dangerous) is to simply bypass Eureka altogether, ascend to the top of Syrcus Tower, and then head down and do Eureka afterwards. Just going through the tower an extra time yields plenty of experience and of course will eliminate any challenges Eureka can offer (not to mention grant extra gil for Shurikens). Moreover, Syrcus Tower is probably your best bet for leveling in the longrun.

    If you're playing the DS version, you can of course use the Iron Giant's cave, but chances are the dragons will kill you if you're not well above the final dungeon's average standards.

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    Just a personal recommendation from a perfectionist here, but I would advise against level grinding until you get the third (or is it fourth?) set of jobs. The reason? Black Belt! Using the BB while leveling for about 70 levels is the only easy way to insure you hit the HP cap. It has the highest innate vitality stat, which is used to calculate the HP gained upon your next level up, and since HP is the only stat constant throughout the jobs that is (to me at least) a big deal. Other than the forced mini areas, with a proper party setup character leveling is rarely needed. However, job leveling is always nice. In case you don't know all the mechanics in the job leveling system, I'll post a link here to a GameFAQs guide that has every detail imaginable in the job lvling system (as well as HP maxing).

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    Black Belt is part of the third Crystal set on the Famicom, but it was changed to the fourth set in the DS version unfortunately. It's true though, "grinding" isn't really effective until after you get Black Belt due to their incredible HP gains.